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The benefit of choosing a free blog (website) over paid domain name - An email to

A short email conversation by Ville Hietanen (Jerome) of this blog and Glenn Dallaire of about the danger of choosing payed alternatives before free and non-paying websites or blogs that always stays active and why your whole website and the material that you have created is in danger of being lost after death with a paying subscription as compared with free alternatives.


Hi I love your website and I too am deeply in love with Gemma. She is a really good girl and she was nice and kind in her life and a great example of love for our fellow human brothers and sisters, and also for the divine and the afterlife!

Now, I was just wondering what would happen to your website if you happened to die? As I understand it, if no one takes over it, it will get lost and all the article will be forgotten and removed from the internet. That would be a terrible loss indeed.

However, if you would upload everything on a blog instead (like then all the articles would endure forever, so long as the blogspot platform is operating (owned by blogspot is owned by Google, so it seems it would endure forever).

It would be a terrible mistake if all the great articles of love would be removed only because you died and no one could renew the website you own, or if no one takes over it properly. But even if someone takes over it, no one can know what this person will do in the future, or even what the person after this will do after him. If the articles was uploaded on a free and enduring blog, they would endure forever! Since the time I understood this argument myself, I have also chosen blogs as my primary forum of posting so that the articles will not disappear after my death.

I hope you understand my concerns for your wonderful and beautiful website.

Thanks, and may the true and just God and the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Gemma bless you abundantly!

Ville Hietanen
of and

Remember to live a good life to its fullest in love and happiness, that you spread love and happiness to everyone but especially those most in need, that you think good thoughts about yourself and others but especially your enemies that can become your beloved friends again, and that you are kind and charitable to the oppressed and poor people and everyone else, for if you do so, you will receive great love and happy eternal rewards from God, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the whole of Heaven in the next life, where we also will meet our beloved dead once again and everyone else that has ever lived! Pray, live your life in goodness and happy thoughts, have faith and hope in love and goodness, and be good, and do not worry about anything!

Are you familiar with Saint Bridget of Sweden and her Revelations, and have you read them? If not, Please visit the link below or search for them with the title: “The Revelations and Prophecies of Saint Bridget (Saint Birgitta) of Sweden” or “St. Bridget Prophecies about the End Times and birth of Antichrist” so that you may read this treasure online and if needed, receive a book for free before you die.


Glenn Dallaire

Hello Ville Hietanen
It is great to hear from you. Thank you for your email! I am very happy to hear of your devotion to St Gemma and that you are enjoying the "St Gemma Galgani" website!

You will be happy to know that actually my St Gemma website (and all of my websites in fact) are all actually running on the platform!--I simply have my own chosen domain name for each--but they are being hosted on, so when I pass from this life they shall remain just the way they are.

And thanks for the info concerning Saint Bridget of Sweden -I have read a bit of her writings over the years and you ae indeed right--her writings are very interesting.

Thanks again for your kind email --I hope that you continue to find the stories in the life of Gemma to be edifying and inspiring, and may St Gemma be very close to you and may she lead you ever closer to Jesus and Mary!

May Jesus bless you and your loved ones and may the Blessed Virgin Mary cover you under Her heavenly mantle.

~St Gemma, pray for us! St Padre Pio, pray for us!
Glenn Dallaire, the creator of:

"Fire! Fire in my heart! This morning it is burning...... Dear Jesus, I love you so much! I shall endeavor always to love You; I shall live to love You; I shall die to love You! ....Give me wings oh Jesus, so I can fly to Your throne! ...."

"Can You see that as soon as the day breaks I think of You? As evening comes, I am near You.....I am near You at every moment....I love You, Jesus....."

"Jesus is the owner of my heart, and belonging to Him I find that I can smile, even in the midst of tears." -Words of St Gemma Galgani
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"Place your heart gently in Our Lord's wounds. Have great confidence in His mercy for He will never abandon you." -Words of St Padre Pio


Ville Hietanen
Thanks, but your domain name is still a paid service you pay for monthly and yearly? But do you mean if you die and you do not pay for your domain name, it will redirect to blogger and a blog has all the same posts already uploaded as well? Or if the website name is not payed for and is deactivated, your blogpost that has the same articles uploaded will take over and be posted online instead? (I am not sure how it works or what you meant, but you can always clarify.) If you don't pay for the website name each year, it will be deactivated and someone else can even buy it you know, which means they will receive those visitors and who knows what they will be uploading?

I just hope everything goes well, because if this site disappeared (and other great sites currently on the internet), it would be a great loss.

Ville Hietanen
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Thanks, and God bless!

Ville Hietanen (Jerome)


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