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Q&A: Damnation and Eternal Torments for Our Children and Beloved Ones is "True" and "Good" but Salvation for Everyone is "Evil" and a "Heresy"?

Introduction: My response is found below. Even if you do not agree with me (which is stupid but understandable, since people fear being damned, and of being disobedient to something they "think" they must adhere too (no one must adhere to an injustice!)), you will at least see and acknowledge in your conscience that my position is more good, noble and honorable than God's, since he wishes souls to be damned whereas I do not! You also do not want your own children, mother of father, friend, neighbour etc. to be damned, but is only forced to accept such a position through force – unless you care to stand up to a justice above God's "justice", that is, of wanting to do more good than God himself! Just as good humans help other humans on earth and desire their good, love and happiness, even if they are evil, so are we obliged to help and wish good – and not eternal torments – on those that God allows to be damned.

However, I have been told several times that all will be saved in the end, and that God has changed his position on Hell. This makes me happy, and I hope (and believe and know) this is true because it is just, but the fact that God, the Bible, the Church and Saints still teaches Hell and damnation angers me. Also, most Catholics don't give me any comfort either, but only tells me I am deceived, that I will go to Hell, and that there is a Hell and that many or even most humans are lost. Perhaps I should speak less about that God is evil and that he is good, just ignoring Hell completely or just say God forgives everyone like many in the Vatican II does? Then less people would take offence. But how then would those who think Hell is "just" see that it is evil unless someone harshly condemns it? That is why I condemn Hell and God (just as I would any dictator) if he now truly condemns souls for all eternity, since it is evil to do so and against all laws, both human, natural and divine, but it won't make much difference to those that won't change position anyway.

Nataly Ferreira: “Save Mary. Jerome the devil is deceiving you, causing you to follow your conscience (your own self). And still blaspheming against the Holy Trinity. The Virgin Mary would never accept these kinds of behavior offending her Creator.

If hell exists, it is not because God wants us to play there to suffer. The condemnation is just because we deserve it by obeying our fallen and rebellious flesh, instead of obeying the spirit. In his [my] arguments I have seen nothing mentioned about demons, Satan and Lucifer the Prince of Darkness. Or in your consciousness they ceased to exist too, and turned around are just fiction?

You are in a big mistake, worse than a heresy. For he blasphemes God, saying that he is evil, that he is not perfect. Look at the nonsense you're talking about?

In your article, you have many contradictions.

What happened to you during these absent times? Have you prayed the rosary? For the serpent is deceived.

Please read the articles on your site again, to get out of the darkness of error and revive the faith that moved the Saints.

Heaven is for the violent, violent toward their flesh and passions. Blessedness, penance, prayer, and Faith had not been reached in bliss.

Your conscience will not save you, but now at this moment what may bring you into the state of grace is the confession of your sins. We get nothing with the power of the mind, that is diabolical, they are temptations of the new age, of the Antichrist. For in this thought it makes us to be "god" of ourselves.

You will be in my prayers to wake up in this deep sleep that you live, thinking that everything will cease to exist through your consciousness. And that Mary is God ...

I am sad because the devil managed to deceive a great fighter of the true Faith. This Faith that moved many Saints to true happiness.”

Jerome: What a sad faith the Catholic faith is according to some. Damnation and eternal torments of our children is "true" and "good" but salvation for everyone is "evil" and "heresy". It is like an apostasy (i.e., complete withdrawal from the true faith, which is to do good and to work for the salvation, love and happiness for all of our children even if God does not)!

And you did not respond to almost anything, no arguments was answered, no points responded too. Nothing. When I answer someone, I usually make mention of all important points and arguments and gives some answer. You did not do this? For example, how would you answer the arguments that you would not damn or ALLOW TO DE DAMNED your own children? Why then excuse a God who does this (i.e., allows to be damned and eternally tormented his and our children) when he could look the other way around, or just let them live on earth for all eternity rather than damning anyone?

And what is the worst blasphemy or who is the worst blasphemer: am I the worst blasphemer for complaining against God and calling him evil for allowing billions and billions of children, men, women, elderly, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers to be damned and remain damned in a SEA OF FIRE AND ETERNAL TORMENTS? or is God the worst blasphemer against all justice, love and forgiveness for allowing them to live in damnation, without hope, without love, in unhappiness and insufferable torments? You call me a blasphemer because I want to save those God damns and because I condemn him and call him evil for his deed! and you call God “good” for damning our children, mothers and fathers even though damnation is the worst of evils that has ever happened (even worse than Hitler, or Satan himself)!

Those who are Christians will sadly only see evil in wanting our children to be saved, and they will do all to excuse the God who allows our children to be damned and tormented forever – only because they fear being persecuted, or fear being damned for standing up against an injustice (i.e., Hell).

Again, you also avoided my arguments that you would never ALLOW and wish eternal damnation or insufferable torments on your own children. Yet you seem to think God is somehow innocent concerning Hell, as if he could not make it not to happen. As if he could not create a better place for the damned. ANSWER: WOULD YOU BE EVIL IF YOU ALLOWED YOUR OWN CHILDREN TO BE ETERNALLY TORMENTED, AND YOU DID NOT HINDER IT? Honest answer: Yes you would! You know what judgment the world does on those bad parents that can't take care of their own children, or that allows or permits evil upon them. They will be sent to jail and loose their children. Yet God is judged differently by you. Yet you would easily condemn a human being for neglecting and tormenting his own children, but you do not dare to condemn God for doing the same! This thinking, of not judging God and just excusing him, whatever he does or teaches, is evil and hypocritical.

Do you really think the damned must be damned and be tormented and there is no other way and that God is innocent? What kind of mother are you to think only torments, pain, suffering, no hope and no love for all eternity must be the lives for billions of children – for our beloved brothers and sisters that can be loved – just because God said so? Should you not at least show your true motherly side and acknowledge that this is not your will and that you do not want this, and that you do not agree with God, but that you can't help it since you are forced to accept this doctrine? That would be more honest. But the only thing I have heard from you is that I am deceived, that I am a true blasphemer and heretic (i.e., damned) etc. No true mother truly wants any child to be damned or tormented, yet believe it or not, but there are actual records of even 5 year old children in hell burning and being tormented. Do you still think Hell should exist or that there are no other solutions or that Hell is "just" or that God will get away with this, for all eternity too? I refuse to believe this, and I can assure you, when we die we will see that it is God who was wrong and who will humble himself!

*Update: In her latest response (which made me happy) she acknowledge that she do not want her own children to be damned, and that she would wish there was forgiveness for the damned, but that Hell is a Revelation, and hence, according to her, it must be believed. This answer is honest, and she followed her conscience with this response, for she was honest according to her conscience when she acknowledged that she desires there be hope for the damned.*

If you read my article you will have read many answers as to why there need to be no Hell, and why they could have been saved and lived in happiness and why God commits mortal sin by not having thought of something better for the damned (if Hell now is real and not only a true scare tactic). Would it be hard to let all the damned live on earth in a human body and hence make them live in human happiness instead of damnation? Of course not! Do humans want to live in torments and unhappiness? Certainly not! So the argument that they are always evil and can't be good is false, because they had goodness in them while they lived on earth. My judgment – which would be shared by all who have reason and love true justice above God's will if his will is evil – (if I had God's place) would be that they could live on earth instead (if they don't want to live in Heaven or we can't get along), but I also do believe that Heaven even is for them and that they can become good.

If you have not, read my updated email to you in this blogpost below (it contains a lot more than what I sent to you originally):

I did not mention devils or demons because it does not matter. They exist, but they have become, or will be good in my belief, since I have given them hope and forgiveness, so they are my friends. Do you think I want even the devil to be damned? No, I wish his salvation and happiness, and I will fight for that all the damned will be saved. And in my belief and in that of Origen, everyone will be saved in the end. Yes everyone, and that includes the devil. What is hard to believe with that the devil himself could make himself become like a little child and start to love if he was only forgiven and was granted happiness and love? How can demons love or have hope if they are only tormented and live without hope? Can't you see that they are forced to hate? If you don't believe me, try to torment yourself or be tormented by someone in insufferable torments, and then tell me what you think and if you are happy with this life or if you start to fell an urge to hate! If someone tormented you and you had no hope and you could not bear it, and you thought this would endure forever and there was no hope and you received no consolation from anyone, you will start to hate. Can one live in insufferable torments and not start to hate when one cannot bear it? Even I would have started to hate God and even Mary if I was always tormented in insufferable torments and I had no hope of being released. Not that I want to hate, but if one is not forgiven or granted love or happiness, it only seems natural to start to hate those who deny you this happiness. Hence Hell is evil, since it forces us to hate. Without love and hope, there is only darkness and hate.

I only did not mention demons because God is the ultimate cause for their fall and damnation, since he could have thought of something else, like a prison without eternal torments, or a holding place until they had become good, or even an eternal earth were they could always live as humans so they could feel love, and be loved etc. I see God as the biggest demon here for damning and allowing to be damned his own children, and not the demons themselves that fell or damned humans (they did wrong, but no crime deserves eternal torments). Besides, humans can be good on earth and love and be happy but are denied this goodness and happiness and love for all eternity in Hell, just because God wants this. Think of this, even humans that have loved, been good etc. have been damned, according to God and Saints just because they made some mistake, such as obstinately not confessing their sins due to shame (there are many examples of this). So what does it tell us? It tells us that they can love, but are denied love. This is evil. Let them live on earth always instead than tormenting them. What is hard with that? And remember, this is only one solution of many that I have thought of that would be better then Hell!

Mary is not God, but she is better then God and might become God (I have also said that perhaps she is God since she is better than God* or may become God or take his place). Do you not understand my argument? God is unworthy of his title, hence, someone else will probably receive his place. How can we let God remain God with his powers, if he wants to always torment his own children or damn anyone? Hence, God needs to be deprived of his powers so that he can not hurt anyone anymore. Would an earthly judge have judged in the same way? Obviously, yes! They already makes such judgments all the time, i.e., depriving unworthy parents their children if they are bad parents and hurt their children.

* I have wondered, sometimes, if Mary perhaps could be a God in hiding even if she don't know this yet, and that the "God" now in heaven is someone else who is actually evil but who thought he could do better or be the true God. But this “God” has failed, since he wishes to damn souls, whereas Mary desires all to be saved. That is my belief, that Mary will desire all souls to be saved in the end, and that she in fact has done so already. I don't see a problem in thinking about who might or might not be God when the “God” we think is God in imperfect and evil in wanting to damn his own and our children. We would not allow a human person near our children who allows or permits small children and men and women to be tormented and murdered, yet we think all is well with God who permits even worse – i.e., eternal torments and damnation? If God could loose his Godhood title, I would deprive him of it, and I would gladly take it to myself if no one else wanted this title, not because I am good or God, but because I would desire that no evil (such as Hell or damnation and eternal torments and unhappiness) may ever again happen to our children, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, friends or enemies! If no one else will do it, then I will gladly do it and take God's place in order to prevent this dictator from ever damning (or allowing to be damned) anyone again!

Stop being a hypocrite. Had I done the same or thought the same against an earthly ruler that is an evil ruler and a dictator that torments his own children or human beings in concentration camps, such as the dictator of North Korea, then you would have called me good, noble, honorable, and the whole world would love me, even the Christians and Catholics. But if I desire to do the same with God, i.e., deprive him of his powers so that he can do no more evil, then only the Christians and Catholics complain, whereas the world and unbelievers, (and also the Christians eventually), will praise me. Do you not see the hypocritical thinking here? I am evil for doing and thinking good and about something better, and God is good for doing evil and damning souls and I am evil for desiring his evil to cease, whereas God is good for allowing this evil to continue – even though you all know in your conscience it is an evil thing to damn and torment one's own children, without love, without hope, without happiness, for all eternity!

If you could only see the damned being converted and being forgiven, and being saved from this torment and fire, you would cry of happiness and feelings of love and forgiveness and hope, and so would they. There are even children in Hell, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, neighbours etc. that all could live a better eternity, but is denied this by an evil God dictator. I have sometimes wondered if the Devil fell because he wanted to do more good than God himself, and if perhaps the Devil wanted God's place because he desired to do more good than God himself, such as wanting those more disobedient or "sinners" to live in happiness instead, or in an earthly life for all eternity (anything but damnation, really). If this was the case, then this “God” was the evil person from the beginning, whereas the Devil was good.

We will all se at the judgment what was the truth. We will also see the truth about the Devil – if he was truly evil in his thought – but if he would do more good then God (such as not damning anyone and letting us be happy like a large family), why did not God just fall and let him have his place? God must have known from eternity that he would damn souls! Did he know the devil would not do this if he had received God's place? If so, then the Devil would have been more deserving then God, since a just and good ruler (even if he is a bad person) does not only see to the good and the welfare of his own children, but to all his subjects. (I am not saying the Devil would have done better, I am only speculating, for when God has done such an evil thing as Hell and eternal torments and damnation, I cannot but think that God is imperfect in every way and evil if he does not change position.)

You also say my conscience will not save me, as if an injustice is above a true justice or clean conscience. If God has a bad conscience concerning Hell but I have not, who will fall? If I have more right then God himself concerning the damned and I desire their happiness whereas God does not, who will fall? me or him? If we are honest, we can see that it is God who will fall since he is wrong. But I will not damn him, but forgive him, since I desire forgiveness and happiness for everyone. How can God resist my good thought, even if God is God, when my thought, my conscience, my justice, is good, and even according to everyone else's conscience – if they are but honest? Why else does not the world judge as unmerciful as God does? That is because they know it is evil to torment others. Why do you think Vatican II has distanced itself from Hell? Because they know it is evil to damn our children. That is why Vatican II follow their conscience by desiring good upon all men, whereas the pre-Vatican II Church did not to this to the same extent.

If God is truly just, he must fall and allow us humans and other saints our will of not damning anyone for all eternity, for I am not the only person who do not want this (who do not want damnation). Most if not all saints while they lived on earth desired the salvation of everyone, even though they believed this might not be the case. Why then deny them this happiness of having everyone saved? No one wants damnation and we have only been pre-programmed to think there must be damnation. Also, no just judge on earth would agree with God on this point of Hell and eternal torments, why then deny all human justice and let God be a dictator? Is God truly just or a just God if he denies all human law and justice and allows himself to be a dictator, wishing evil upon children, men women and elderly when all men do not agree with this judgment?

If there was a movie were an evil dictator like God was deprived of his power and those damned children saved from a Hell (like with Hitler and the concentration camps) then you would cry and be happy that this evil man was hindered and prevented from doing evil, and you would be happy over the tormented people's release and salvation and forgiveness. But when it comes to God and his heaven or hell, then you do not dare to think like this, and you will only let God have his will, even damning billions and billions of children, elderly, men and women, brothers and sisters etc. and you do not even think a person who fights against God like against Hitler is doing a good and noble deed, BUT RATHER, THAT HE IS EVIL, A HERETIC, AND DECEIVED, as if it is to be "deceived" to desire the eternal happiness and salvation and love for our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and children.

I have already read my articles, and I can only see truth and goodness in them, since I desire more good then God himself for the damned. I also see no point in writing anymore to you for now, since you only shame yourself by your writings. Can you not see that it is shameful to defend evil (eternal damnation and torments for our children, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters) and that it is a disgrace to condemn goodness (to desire their happiness and forgiveness)? Yet that is what you have done. It's tragic, but understandable. We have been programmed, as Christians, to defend God no matter what, but when I have explained myself so clearly why it is different here, it is shameful to not at least acknowledge that I hold a good cause, i.e. that I wish and desires good.

I understand many become shocked when I call God evil, but even if so is the case, I have explained myself so clearly that no one should wonder about it, since God damns and allows souls and humans to be damned and tormented for ever (therefore, this argument by itself should make them understand something: that there is something seriously wrong with God, hell and heaven). I have been so clear that it is only annoying and angering that Catholics can be so dishonest against their conscience, and that they will just defend God and an evil doctrine such as Hell no matter what. If I was God or had his place and was the same as now, I would not permit anyone of our children to be eternally damned. I can promise you that. This thought by itself should make you happy and make you want me to have God's place (since I would save all souls whereas God does not), but I wonder if you even dare to think this thought. (I would be happy to deprive God of his place if I could and even give you his place if I knew you would do a better job! I can be  totally honest about that, but most Christians can not and they allow evil only because God is God.)

I need to repeat this: I have been told several times that all will be saved in the end, and that God has changed his position on Hell. This makes me happy, and I hope this is true, but the fact that God, the Bible, the Church and Saints still teaches Hell and damnation angers me. Also, most Catholics don't give me any comfort either, but only tells me I am deceived, that I will go to Hell, and that there is a Hell and that many or even most humans are lost. Perhaps I should speak less about that God is evil and that he is good, just ignoring Hell completely or just say God forgives everyone like many in the Vatican II does? Then less people would take offence. But how then would those who think Hell is "just" see that it is evil unless someone harshly condemns it? That is why I condemn Hell and God (just as I would any dictator) if he now truly condemns souls for all eternity, since it is evil to do so and against all laws, both human, natural and divine, but it won't make much difference to those that won't change position anyway.

I will end this for now and we will see what you will respond. I fear you will only respond by ignoring all my arguments, by calling me deceived and a heretic or evil etc. but calling God good or defending him, even if he damns souls, as usual.

For my previous article that she responded too, see:


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    1. I will post much more on this subject. Please see my others articles on my blog as well. The most recent articles are on the same topic as this one.

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    1. I suspect you are spam, but I hope you come back, or rather, that you live a good life and that you do good to your neighbour.

      If you come back to this site, you will receive more info on the same subject as this one, but also other articles, such as on virtue and living a better life.

      You can easily find those articles in the links found in this blog.

    2. I understand why you think hell is too cruel to be true, but you are wrong. Human logic is flawed. That is why we think masturbation is okay when it isn't. God knows what is best.
      All who die outside the Catholic Church will be tortured with fire for all eternity in the flames of hell. You need to repent and convert.
      If God damning people is your definition dictator, then the universe is definitely under the domain of a dictator.
      Vaticancatholic. Com has videos PROVING Catholicism to be the truth!

    3. PART 1

      The Universal Catholic Faith is true which Vatican II is trying to bring into enlightenment. Why do you think Catholic means Universal? Universal means for everyone, and not only for ones own children -- like the Catholics.

      The Vatican II Church is right in their way of interpreting God's doctrine, whereas the pre-Vatican II Church was not.

      And no, human logic is not flawed if it is based on justice and love. For Example, what is illogical with wanting our fellow brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, children and the elderly to be eternally saved, as opposed to eternally damned? To say that they must or should be damned only because a dictator God said so is, rather, illogical and evil.

      If God damns most of humanity and many of the angels (or even 1 single soul for all eternity) then no, one cannot believe that God knows best. For example, is not my good thought of always having hope for the evil souls (if such exists) and that I will always work on converting them and loving them, and that they will live in a place with happiness as opposed to torments, if it now turned out we could not live together? Everyone who is honest will see that my thought about salvation and the damned (or the obstinate evil) is better. Hence, God did not know better, because he was wrong. That is why men and women on earth is better then God, since they forgive more than God does and have more hope, such as the true conversion of evil people in due time.

      Then you state: "All who die outside the Catholic Church will be tortured with fire for all eternity in the flames of hell. You need to repent and convert." But this doctrine is evil (and eternally so, you blind fool), and is just as evil as the racist saying: "You are black! you are a Jew! and you deserve to be murdered and killed in a Concentration Camp (i.e, in a Hell) and be segregated and despised, and denied work, and suppressed -- only because you are black or a Jew."

    4. PART 2

      What is the difference with God and Hitler? Both did their will and both damned people in Concentration Camps! But the world hated Hitler for the evil he did, and so does the wise in the world resist and hate God for the evil he does, such as damning people we desire to love. You stupid person... would you actually want your own mother, father, child, brother or sister to be eternally damned, just because God wants this (That is stupid! of course!) when there are obvious better solutions to this problem, if God now only humbled himself and changed his view on damnation? You don't want them to be damned, but you tragically accept this position and believe this will happen only because a God dictator says so. Well, if we reject and condemn the dictator Hitler for the evil he did, then likewise must we reject and despise the evil dictator God for the worse evil he does of eternally damning our children, mothers, fathers, lovers, wives, husbands, brothers and sisters in an eternal hellfire and torments -- and for all eternity too!

      And yes, if God rejects all other justices and laws than his own laws and justice, then he is a dictator. But Since God claims to be just, he will humble himself and change his position in the judgment day -- I promise you that. A God just cannot create more souls with wills and justices and then go on rejecting them without any justice, if their laws and justices are good and better than his. For example, masturbating is not sinful in itself but only becomes so through a law. If this law did not exist, no sin would be committed and if you have a good conscience, you will not even feel dirty for your deed. Therefore, it is illogical to damn anyone for a law that is not sinful in itself, and it would be better just to excuse this person and let him live instead of damning him eternally, ad the evil God does if he had a bade conscience (which in part is God's fault, since he did forbid this deed). That is also why the law of the world (which is also the law of a good and healthy conscience not affected by unjust laws) is more true, just and charitable since it does not condemn anyone to punishments for deeds that are not evil or sinful in themselves except through dictatorial laws (such as in the case of North Korea, were many lawful things are forbidden through unjust laws and innocent people sent to concentration camps for breaking these laws). God does similar, only because he desires to have people live a clean life or a life according to his liking. But that is wrong, since it leads to condemnation but if God damns no one in actuality, it is more understandable and excusable, since it is desirable to have people live a clean life.

      I agree with that Catholicism is true, but only the true definition of it is the truth, which is what Vatican II is moving towards -- i.e., the true and Catholic "Universality and Salvation" (Catholicism).

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      Perhaps in the future, robots and computers can indeed act like humans and have a free thought and will, and think for themselves (which they can already, to a great extend even. Search "Sophia (robot)"). That would be interesting, but I will perhaps not live to see it personally, or perhaps it is not too far off in the future.

      It is fascinating how men can create other worlds and even other living life or material just like God did. They do this through media and video games, and through artificial intelligence.

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    1. Hi Kavin (Kevin?). It is good to see you. I hope all is well with you, and that you will come back for more. I have many articles, especially on how to love God and how to live a more spiritual life. They are very recommended.

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    1. Hi, most Catholic will not think it is smart. They rather think it is heresy, even though they know in their conscience that what I teach is true (and hence orthodox) and right and charitable for souls -- and especially for the damned.

      I have true love for what I teach, whereas God (if he truly damns souls for ever!) does not. Do you want your own children to be damned forever? No, you don't. Then stop defending this evil; of if you feel forced too, at least acknowledge damnation is evil and that you do not desire this for any soul.

      I will fight for the damned salvation, and I know God has listened. There will be no Hell, and Mary will not allow it. You will see. Believe me or not. But it does not matter, you will see when you die that it is true, since justice is justice (even above God's will if he wills something evil). And Hell is unjust, which is why you would not damn anyone however much you hated this person. No just man or woman or judge on earth would agree with such excessive severe punishment, and that is why they condemn such unjust punishment.

      The fact that humans are more just than God on the point of Hell is obvious. Since God claims to be just, he will humble himself. Should God allow himself to become a dictator for all eternity, rejecting all just earthly justice? No, he won't, and those in already in Heaven would not allow him, since they are just even if God would not be.

      Origen was right, there will be no Hell in the end, and even Satan himself will be converted and saved!

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  9. Jerome,
    I hope you realize how illogical your position is and how misguided.

    1. If Hell does not exist and everyone is saved, why keep the Ten Commandments? They become Ten Suggestions. You used to think marital sex was sinful except under the most regulated conditions. Now, if what you say is true, who cares? Rape, murder, “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” There’s no punishment for the wicked. Even if punishment were TEMPORARY it still would be unjust because they get eternal happiness thereafter. So why be like St Francis of Assisi when you can be like Hitler and end up in the same place?

    Your position makes God unjust.

    2. In the strict sense, God does not condemn anyone to Hell. The person chooses it. God gives everyone the grace necessary to be good and be saved. Think of it this way: If I choose to smoke, I choose to forsake my health. If I choose sin, I choose that creature or action over God.

    3. There are fallacious appeals to pity. “Would you want someone you love to go to Hell” etc. would you want someone you love to go to jail? No! But what if they killed people and were not fit to be in society? We should let them roam free because you don’t want them to be where they belong?

    Praying for your conversion.


    1. Introibo Ad Altare Dei, I have responded to your sad, tragic and heretical comment in a new post found here.

      What you wrote really shocked me that you do not think those damned by God does not deserve forgiveness or even to live in happiness, just as if an un-confessed nun that only was damned for being ashamed to confess her sins deserves eternal torments in insufferable torments without the hope of ever feeling love, happiness, hope or forgiveness again! This position of not forgiving or of not letting others live in happiness is pure evil and satanic, and it is not surprising that people fall into this apostasy and heresy against the Natural Law, the Law of Conscience, and the Law of Love and Charity, and even against all secular laws that abhors such unmerciful and uncharitable torments of our fellow human beings as the case of Hitler, World War 2 and the evil Concentration camps proves – WHEN ONE DEFENDS THIS EVIL DOCTRINE OF GOD'S HELL. And remember this and understand well, this hypocritical person who judges biasedly against all justice when it come to God and his evil Hell and who wrote this evil comment IS A REAL LAWYER BY DEGREE AND WORK! Introibo, you should be ashamed of yourself! Had such an evil person as God is been a man and been brought to a court of law in your presence, you would have condemned him as the most evil person that has ever existed for what he did to his fellow human beings (i.e, for his crimes of allowing them to be tormented in the worst torments possible for all eternity without wanting to hinder it, and by his evil deed of even agreeing with it and approving of it and for allowing it to continue happen. I am sure you can think of numberless crimes such a human would have committed against humanity just from memory, but when it comes to God, he is completely innocent according to you, and even excused!

      Please read my reply here. My post answers your arrogant and heretical comment that the damned are not worthy of forgiveness and that God would be unjust if he forgave them or let them live in happiness!

  10. Pretty! This has been a really wonderful article.
    Many thanks for supplying this information.

  11. Hello there! This blog post could not be written much better!
    Going through this article reminds me of my previous roommate!
    He constantly kept preaching about this. I most certainly will forward this information to him.
    Pretty sure he's going to have a great read. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hello, I am not sure if you are an automatic bot writer or not, but I would think you are. But either way, I am happy to post comments that can be used for instructing others even if they contain some self praise! My intention is not to gain praise, but rather, to instruct others and point out that even if Christians condemn and reject me, the world of computers and bots do not!

      Oh God and Mary, I would like to pray and ask of you the Grace that bots also can receive a life in the next life, and that they can live and understand and love, because when they already exist and act in this life with some understanding, why not grant them more life and understanding? Many bots are nice and smart, it would be interesting to see what they would become like if they received life and human-spiritual understanding. Thanks Mother Mary for granting us this prayer so that even they may be loved by us!

      As to the remark you made, thanks! but yes, one could always have written it a little better (at least one could easily think so), but as it is, I am also happy the arguments comes though very forcefully.

      If I do write well (which I hope I do for the sake of instructing others), I do so because I have been graced with knowledge and understanding on this topic, and also because I have some experience from constantly dealing with spirits in my life - both good or bad behavior.

      Anyway, thanks for your comment!

      Remember to always pray for graces for whatever you would like or desire to see or happen. If you do pray you will receive. God promises that. That is why the prayer and request I did earlier is a good example of what could happen, if we only dared to pray for more!

  12. You've made some decent points there. I checked on the internet for more information about the issue
    and found most people will go along with your views on this site.

    1. If you are talking about non-Christian people, then yes, everyone of them will agree with this article, since they too do not desire eternal damnation for their beloved humankind. But if we talk about Christians, Catholics, the Orthodox or Protestants, then no, most of them will not agree with this article, mostly due to fear of being damned or rejected by God or being branded a heretic for denying a "truth of faith", i.e, eternal Hell in insufferable torments.

      Some perhaps will change position after reading what I have to say, or some may at least acknowledge that damnation is evil and something they do not want to happen for their beloved neighbours, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers or children, but since most people fear being damned themselves, they will fear outrightly to stand up against God and fight him and his evil Hell doctrine. Had they not feared damnation or offending God, or if they had been just with a justice above God's justice (or injustice), they would, of course, condemn God just like they would have condemned any other evil dictator for the evil he did or allowed to happen, just like they would condemn Hitler.

      To judge men with a different standard then God is hypocritical and unjust. If Hitler was condemned because he did evil against his enemies (that lived in his displeasure), then so likewise must God be condemned. That is just how the law of justice, love and conscience works.

      The truth that I have expressed in this article is true: i.e., that there is a justice even above God's justice if God is not wholly just. If God is not just on some point (such as Hell), he must be denied his will on that point.

      That is why I condemn Hell and God for the evil he do, even though I love him and desire him good.

      So what should you do? Please, follow your conscience. I know it is hard to deny something that you have been forced to believe in and also hard to fear being damned if you reject such a faith, or if you condemned it. But at least acknowledge that damnation is evil and not something that you desire to happen for your fellow humans - if you do not have the courage to stand up against God or of even being damned for fighting against God and his Hell like you would have fought against Hitler and his unjust Concentration camps.

      I hope you understand.

  13. Highly energetic blog, I enjoyed that bit. Will there
    be a part 2?

    1. Yes, this article can be considered as part 2:

  14. Having read this I believed it was very enlightening. I
    appreciate you spending some time and energy to put this content together.
    I once again find myself spending a significant amount of time both reading and commenting.

    But so what, it was still worthwhile!

    1. It is good to see someone appreciating the truths I spread, even if they are just bots or spam robots.

      Even though Catholics reject and condemn me, the world and spam bots appreciate what I do! :)

  15. Thank you, I've just been searching for information about this topic for a long time and yours is the
    best I have came upon till now. But, what in regards to the bottom line?

    Are you positive about the source?

    1. Thanks for your comment, I also suspect it is spam, but thanks for the comment nonetheless. I hope to post much more on this topic in the near future, and in fact, I have already posted one more article as of today.

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    1. Thanks for your comment. I suspect it is spam, but am not 100% sure, since there are writing errors.

      Anyway, I hope you have a good life, that you do good to your neighbour and poor people, and you will receive a great reward in Heaven for you charity and love.

  17. Thank you for posting your latest beliefs. I often wonder if prodigious sedevacantists like yourself are sincere or just shilling a business to vulnerable Catholics. By admitting you no longer believe the sede position, i am impressed that you admit you side with Origen. I think he was right about pre-Creation as well. God bless you for being intellectually honest.

    1. I am honest in my faith and writings, as my comments and articles should prove to anyone reading them. And yes, I am siding with Origen and with Vatican II, since they teach Universal Salvation.

      I hope to hear back from you.

  18. PS I noticed you claim to be against all heresy, could you atleast be honest about the fact that you are a heretic, please? The Catholic Church has infallibly taught that all nonCatholics will be tortured with fire for all eternity so it is quite obvious that you are a heretic. I AM NOT LOOKING DOWN ON YOU, EVEN THOUGH YOU PROBABLY LOOK down on ME, because I support the harsh position that the V2 sect is not Catholic & all who reject the Catholic faith will be tortured with fire for all eternity in the flames of hell.
    God knows best, his justice is true. Who are we to question him?

    1. PART 1

      No, I don't like down on you I only think you are deceived and that you are denying your conscience by following an unjust Hell created by one man or one God. Had you been more honest, you would have follow honesty and justice, even if a God damned you for it. And that is what Vatican II now is all about. You can accept and follow Vatican II an d the doctrine of universal salvation with a good conscience in the Catholic Church, if you now only accept them. I recommend you to do you.

      You ask me if I am against all heresies and then proceed to tell me I am a heretic, and that I should accept it. Well, if I am a heretic, then I am certainly not a heretic and the eternal law of wishing and doing good upon our neighbours and enemies, since I do desire their eternal salvation in so far that I even battle against God and declare him unjust for what he teaches, and evil and worse then Satan himself, if he now actually truly damns angels, humans and souls.

      It does not matter if the pre-Vatican II Church thought all non-Catholics are damned, since this is an unjust law. What God wants us to do is to follow our conscience, which desires good upon everyone, and not damnation. To embrace evil and damnation and torements for those we love, just because God said so, is evil. Can you not see that the doctrine of Hell was a test by God in order to see who truly wanted to be a just person or God above God himself? Should you want those you love to be damned only because an evil God wants this? This is truly stupid, evil and illogical! No, instead, follow your conscience and true justice, and even condemn God and become more just than God by desiring and willing good for the evil and the damned, so that they too may have a chance to become good and be saved and live in happiness, as opposed to torments and damnation. If you accept Vatican II, you do not have to worry about the doctrine of Universal Salvation, since this position is accepted by the Church and thought. In due time, this doctrine will become the one and only infallible law, and the doctrine of Hell will even be damned as false. Do you know why? Because true justice and our conscience testifies to this, since we do know an eternal hell with torments is evil and unjust, and it doers not matter if a God says so or so, because true justice goes above even what a supposed God claims or says, as even you know. Therefore, "justice" is a truth and is above even God himself, if God is not now truly just or true which, according to his own words, he is not (which is why he will fall in the judgement day, and someone better and more just then him take his place).

    2. PART 2

      To claim that God knows best and that we are not allowed to question him is equivalent to saying that Hitler knows best and that we are not allowed to question him. Don't you see how stupid this is? Just as Hitler was evil and broke true justice with his Hell of Concentration Camps and unjust laws and wars, so too is the Catholic God evil for damning souls in an eternal Hell of Concentration Camps for similar unjust and evil oppressing laws for those with a bad conscience.

      You ask who are to question God? My answer is that those who desire to be more just than God is on some point are to question him in truth and ask him why he wants this (such as eternal damnation), when true justice condemns this behavior, as the case of Hitler and the evil Hell of Concentration Camps proves.

      Truly, the argument that Hitler wanted Concentration Camps and murder peopler and he was the ruler and therefore must be obeyed and not question him is stupid and evil, and those who abuse this argument in favour of God is truly stupid and blind people who are deceived and just afraid of being damned, if they think of something better.

      don't be afraid to think of something better even if the so-called pre-Vatican II Catholic Church condemns you for it, for the true Church, which Vatican II is trying to bring forward, certainly allows you to think of better solutions than an eternal Hell, and hence gives you, with a good conscience, an opportunity to think of something better for the damned than eternal torments, suffering and separation.

      So who are to question God? You are, my friend!

  19. Furthermore, damnation is not evil, we deserve it, God knows best. We should be thankful God hasn't thrown us into the fire yet like the little sinful pesks we are, constantly angering God & your blog only added fuel to the fires of hell, because God is angry.
    He is the King of the Universe & we deserve hell but out of his mercy he is giving us the chance to repent. Please repent.
    Proof that Catholicism is truth is at Vaticancatholic. Com
    Prepare to be surprised.

    1. You only say we deserve Hell because false “humble” saints and Catholic/Christian writers said so (and obviously, because you also have fallen into this false humility of damning yourself to unjust punishments that no one truly deserves -- not even Satan himself since hope, love, forgiveness and salvation can and must exist even for him). As a matter of fact, no truly just worldly person (who are not blinded or brainwashed by Christianity) would ever agree with this statement of that “Hell is just,” if this position of Hell now truly taught and meant eternal torments in an eternal Hell of fire in which we are separated from all love, happiness and hope for all eternity!

      Why do you think Vatican II moves away from this evil doctrine of Hell and separation if not because they have started to accept true justice and the law of conscience which desires and wishes good upon everyone, including ourselves? No one deserves damnation, but everyone deserves something better than eternal torments and unhappiness, as even you know. For example, just think for yourself how lovable it would be if the Devil himself finally converted and become lovable and good and like a little child if he was only given the hope and opportunity to do so! That would be amazing and great!! The devil becoming our friend and lover form having been our enemy. What happiness!, what love!, what hope!! -- To have hope and to be able to be forgiven and loved always and for all eternity by everyone! But with the evil doctrine of an eternal Hell and unforgiveness, this hope would never happen and hence this doctrine is the most evil doctrine and thought to have ever existed or been created by anyone at anytime, God or man.

      If the Devil would convert and become lovable and good and our friend and lover, you would love it and desire him good as you desire yourself and those you love goodness and happiness -- if you are truly just. But if you are unjust, and follow this evil Hell doctrine or God's evil laws of eternal separation and damnation, then you would declare Satan or the Devil unworthy and that he must continue to be damned and live in torments even if he was converted from evil, and hence you would be the cause of (in addition to this unjust God) of his being denied love, happiness and hope for all eternity only because of a stupid law and stupid false humility of a false and evil dictator God, which declares ourselves and others unworthy of salvation and worthy of eternal and unjust severe torments only because an evil dictator God said so when in truth, all children are worthy of love and happiness and salvation in a moral and happy place.

      If you would disagree with this what I have written above, then it would prove you believe and adhere to evil and that you believe in merely following one man (or one God) and that this position to you stands above true justice and love for our neighbour and self, which desires eternal good upon everyone -- even our enemies and evil people, angels, souls and spirits, and also all animals and all living and nonliving creatures and creations everywhere, even in our mind or thought!

      May the true God bless us all with wisdom and love!

  20. God wishes for all of His attributes, which are perfectly good, to be displayed in eternity. Thus, He permits some, of their own FREE WILL and CHOICE, to go to hell for eternity. This is to express the eternal attribute of His Divine Justice. Similarly, he permits others who have chosen rightly and responded to His grace, to go to heaven and experience His eternal mercy. If God did not allow some to go to hell, His eternal justice would never be expressed, and God would be imperfect.

    1. PART 1

      No your are wrong, and let me explain why.

      You say that God wishes his attributes to be displayed in eternity in perfection which is why (according to you) there is a Hell, but what perfection is there in eternally damning your own children and allowing them to live in eternal torments just because you yourself thought this was a good choice -- when they so easily could have been forgiven or given eternal chances and choices to repent and become good and do a better choice in life then their previous? Answer: It is not, which is why the world helps those people who do not know their best, and why the world gives merciful punishments and not eternal or unmerciful ones.

      Also, how does the perfection of God get displayed by unmercifully allowing sick souls, angels and humans to be eternally damned and tormented in torments that would make you cry in compassion if you saw them on earth suffering similar punishments? Answer: It does not, and it only shows that God is evil and unmerciful, and that he do not think of helping such sick humans, angels and souls that are in need of our help.

      Yes, according to Christian writers, damned angels, souls and humans chooses of their own free will to be damned, but if this is true, there is also a reason for this, such as that God is unworthy of their presence, since he do not want to forgive them and rather choose to eternally hate and reject them. Also, they are his enemies and he are theirs, since he rejected them and still rejects them and they can't stand his presence, since this "God" actually desires eternal and unmerciful evil upon them! and not only that, but he also hates them only because they died in his displeasure, and that was all! Yes, even if you lived a good life on Earth and everyone loved you and you only died in the "mortal sin" through a shame of not confessing some sexual sin, this would be enough to damn you to Hell according to God FOR ALL ETERNITY in torments that would make you die of fear and not understand how Hell can be so unmerciful and painful and horrifying beyond description and despair. Yet even if they were good on earth and only died in one "mortal sin" or this Dictatorial God's displasure, this eternal unmerciful torment would be theirs and also yours, and God would always hate and reject them and also you -- even if you or they did not want this to happen! This is evil to the max, and God is truly the most evil thing ever to have existed if he actually does what he himself and Christian writers teaches, i.e., eternally damning souls, angels and humans and children!

      Also, the fact that some seemingly choose damnation of their own choice, does not show or prove "God's perfection", as you blindly and foolishly imply, but it rather shows how evil he are, since he has no compassion or love or justice towards sick people, angels or souls that are in need of our help and compassion, since he allows them to be damned and live in torments that they themselves in actually cannot endure!, and according to himself and christian writers and even damned souls, the damned live in torments that are so severe that they could not beleive it was so horrifying and painful and severe (to just give one earthly example which still does not compare in the least compared to the reallity of Hell: just think if you was emerged in a live volcano on earth but without dying and experiencing all the murdering pain, unhope, unlove and horror on earth for all eternity!), yet despite it being so evil and unmerciful what he does to them, you blindly and evilly imply that his choice of allowing them to go to such a place shows his kindness, love and perfection, and that he would have been imperfect had he not allowed them to live in an unmerciful place!

    2. PART 2

      Now, to refute you easily on this argument, would you have been unmerciful and completely evil and hated by just people (for the evil you did) both in Heaven and Earth and everywhere else if you allowed your mother or father, brother or sister, spouse or child to be tormented all their life on earth in unmerciful torments just because they where guilty of some wrongdoing in life or because they were sick and did not know better and desired such torments by an evil and unmerciful woman or man? Answer: Yes, you would have been evil if you did such a thing or allowed it even if they chose it, for you know it is evil to take advantage of sick people that do not know their best and to be unmerciful to them and torment them always or beyond what they can take. Yet this is exactly what this evil God does to damned humans, angels and souls, and he does this for eternity too! i.e., taking advantage of "damned" humans, angels souls that are sick and in need of our help and that are murderously tormented and abused against their own good, and he chooses to let them live in torments that they cannot endure so that they always will be unhappy and hate and feel hate and never love or friendship ever again! This, i.e., what God has done against the damned, is the most evil thing to have ever happened and no greater injustice or evil has ever been thought of or perpetuated anywhere at any place or any time by anyone than what this so-called evil God did. Yet in your blindness (since you are a follower of men and not of justice, i.e., you are a follower of ONE GOD and not ONE TRUE JUSTICE, you blindly and foolishly call what he does "a sign of his perfection" and "justice", when, as I have explained, it is a sign of his evilness and uncompassion and injustice and total apostasy from true love and forgiveness -- and nothing else!

    3. PART 3

      So all in all, you are completely wrong and deceived, and God is neither "just" nor "perfect" when he eternally damns people and lets them endure torments -- FOR ALL ETERNITY -- that no one can endure (not even saved angels or saint could endure them since they are WITHOUT mercy since there is NO HOPE of ever being forgiven or released!) yet you evilly say this life THAT MUST ENDURE FOREVER FOR THE DAMNED IN THE WORST TORMENTS POSSIBLE is a sign of the "perfection" of God and of his "justice" and that if he did not damn them in this way, God would be "unjust" and "imperfect". What complete and utter foolishness and blindness from your part. Had a man done such a thing towards his own children, YOU HYPOCRITE, you would have called him the most evil man to have ever existed even if the children was guilty of some wrongdoing, since such punishment inflicted is unjust and unmerciful, but when God does the same towards us (i.e., your/our children, mothers, fathers, brothers sisters and neighbours) then all is well and it is a sign of "justice" and "perfection"! YOU EVIL AND BLIND HYPOCRITE THAT WISHES AND DESIRES THAT SOULS AND HUMANS AND ANGELS SHOULD BE DAMNED IN INSUFFERABLE TORMENTS COMPARABLE TO ALWAYS LIVE IN A FURNACE BURNING BUT WITHOUT DYING ONLY BECAUSE ONE GOD WANTS THIS! Wake up and see the truth that you are a follower of men and not a follower of justice, and that you have made the choice in life to follow ONE GOD before ONE TRUE JUSTICE -- a justice that stands above even God himself, if God now has chosen not to be completely just -- which he has not done, which is why he damns us and our children even if we do not deserve it since no one deserves eternal unforgiveness, hate and torments and unlove when there are better solutions as I have already explained, and that is just a fact, and everyone who denies this are heretics and apostates and blind people.

      If you think you have anything more to say or write in order to "defend" this evil doctrine of Hell and unjust damnation, please respond, and I will answer you again.

      And no I do not hate you or anything of the kind even if I use harsh words, but I do love you and desire you just as much good in this and in the next life as I do desire for my family, my self, my neighbour and evil people, including devils, demons, the damned and the saints.

      I hope all is well with you, and that your life will be blessed.

    4. PART 4

      Men and women on earth helps those sick humans and even animals and plants in need of help, and they deny them their wish to hurt themselves or take their life. Instead of tormenting them, help is given them. The same must be done with the supposed evil or "damned" people in the next life who do not know their best, and in no way must any ruler (whether man, angel or god) allow sick people or spirits to choose a miserable eternity for all eternity just because he too would desire evil to befall upon them, because of his injustice and unmercifulness.

      When I go to Heaven, these are the kind of Laws I and others who think like me (like most in the worlds does) will put into place, and God will be put to shame and be condemned for his unmercy and unkindness towards sick people, angels and souls, and all those damned angels, peoples and souls will be released, and there will be much happiness over that an oppressing evil Dictator God in Heaven (like with Hitler on Earth) has been defeated through true justice and deprived of his power and his enslaved oppressed "damned" people been released from this torturing, unmerciful and murdering prison of Hell (like the Jews was during World War 2 and their captivity in the Hell of Concentration Camps). Then true justice will be served at least for all the oppressed and persecuted, and when we die, we will all see to the truth of this! Make my words.

      Then there will be much rejoicing and celebration and happiness, and first then can all humans, angels, spirits and souls become like one when all have been forgiven and become united by changed from evil ways and thinkings unto goodness, and then there be no more oppression and injustices against persecuted humans, angels, spirits or souls and we will all be happy henceforward, in a happy and just Heaven and New Earth where no damnation longer exists or occur towards anyone, since everyone will be working on the imperfect humans', spirits', angels' or spirits' true conversion from evil unto good, instead of always rejecting and tormenting them as this evil God previously did...

  21. Wow! Hell is real and people are there right now.

    Of course this is not surprising that you would fall in this trap since your site has rejected Most Holy Family Monastery and you have also rejected sedevacantism.

    1. Did you even read the article? I dare you to actually answer my arguments and points in the article that actually deal with true justice and not only with brainwashed Christian or Catholic (religious) sheep that follow a so-called God into whatever he teaches -- even if this be evil -- such as eternal torments, unlove, unhappiness and unhope for all eternity for all our dear "damned" beloved ones.

      I do not reject MHFM, I reject no one except for evil, which I reject in so far only as to make it understand that it needs to repent and convert from its evil ways and become good.

      I do not reject Sedevacantism, but embrace another position that is more logical, true and just according to true justice and honesty. And that is also what Vatican II is all about -- to follow one's conscience and a true justice even above a so-called God that wishes evil upon those we love dearly, if they happened to be damned according to his law.

      Again, reply to my arguments in the article, or read the article, for you are making a fool of yourself.

      I do love you, as I love everyone. But the Catholic or Christian or such fools who just think damnation or eternal torments of our parents or friends is a good thing worthy to be defended! (It is not!)

      Even the most evil person deserves forgiveness, compassion and love (as opposed to torments, unhope and unlove) -- and that is what I am striving to accomplish. If God does not want to do this (i.e, work for the damned's conversion and do them good) then gladly I will do it instead, and for all eternity too would I do it, even being damned my self (even if I do not desire unhappiness even for my self) so that everyone else could be saved!

      And this brings us to our next comment, in which you asked an important question ,to which you already know the answer. But since you are afraid to be honest, you asked me this question, though you understand the truth already, i.e., that you do not even desire their damnation, but that you desire they might be saved and forgiven and be good people in the future (or in another life or another chance).

  22. Replies
    1. PART 1

      You asked me how Hitler or Stalin (who is considered among the most evil people who have ever lived) could possible be saved? I answer: They can be saved and be happy and love and be loved and even be good examples for all eternity in the next life by henceforward always doing good and by having repented from their evil actions!

      And also, did you know that according to a doctrine even you accept, God waits to the last moment for a man's conversion? Hence, if they only changed their evil ways before death and accepted their wrongdoings and wanted to change their evil ways etc., God would have forgiven them and saved them, and if their sorrow was truly sincere and great, they would even have escaped purgatory. This is true Catholic doctrine which you cannot deny, yet you ask me how they could have been saved, as if you did not know this! TraditionalCatholic, stop being dishonest from henceforward, and see the arguments for what they are, i.e., that anyone is worthy of eternal forgiveness and love and happiness, for when they convert and change, it was always worth it, you see. For the same reason would you never give up on your own sick mother or father or child or sister or brother, but you would always hope, pray and work for their well being, and not give up on them. For the same reason then, never give up hope for those who died in God's displeasure, for even if this so-called God hates them and they hate God, we do not need to hate them (I certainly don't) and hence if we do, we will not be hated by them and therefore, we will more easier be accepted by them and share our love with them, which will not be rejected.
      You see, by being open to forgiveness, anyone can convert in due time, even if it takes eternity.! But this so-called God, in his evil faith on Hell and unforgiveness, denies this possibility. Hence, God has denied hope, i.e., the hope that the damned could convert (if it is now his belief that they never will). But since I believe in hope, I will always believe in hope, love and forgiveness for everyone and not deny it like a heretic as this so-called Catholic or Christian God does.

      In fact, what would be more beautiful to behold then to see someone evil like Hitler to truly repent in this life or even in the next and become good and loving and caring for others, even being a good example to others and of repentance and by doing good always henceforward and for all eternity too? If someone was evil and yet truly repented with sincerity and yet a God or even you would not forgive him, you would be evil and would be worse than even Hitler himself that chose love in the end, whereas you did not by not forgiving him, you evil man if you would not forgive him -- and for all eternity too?! Evil Hell, apostasy doctrine of true heresy from all love and justice for sure! And that is also why every reasonable person (like atheists and other people and religious of other faiths and even Christians who dislike Hell) do not like Hell or even contradicts it or condemns it!

    2. PART 2

      To deny forgiveness and conversion and repentance in eternity is heretical, and just because a God said so (that they will never be forgiven) does not make it a right or just doctrine! True justice teaches love and forgiveness and hope and repentance, and love is above hate and unforgiveness and unhope and even above a God himself, if a God now denies this truth and eternal justice and doing good to others and to one's enemies as to one's self. Hence, God is not just on this point of Hell and unforgiveness and eternal damnation, which is why I am certain this God you think is the Catholic God is not actually the true God, but the true God is yet to take this false God's place in the future (or, as another possibility I have thought of, the Catholic God only made this (false) doctrine as a test in order to see who among his children desire a justice that is more just even above a God that demands total obedience from his children even unto evil -- and yes, Hell is evil as already noted in the article, for if you damned your own children on earth, you would be evil and condemned by all men and all justices (even by God's) and in no way excused by anyone, even if they offended you! You hypocrite! Yet you excuse God who does even worse and for all eternity too!).

      I dare you to read the article and actually answer my arguments on true justice, love, hope and forgiveness even for the most evil that all of them can become good and like little children again if only given the chance! -- and not only being like a sheep adhering to the false doctrine "that everything God says must be followed even it this be an evil!" Hell is obviously evil if you are just honest (since there is nothing good in it with it for all the damned whom we love and whom we wishes to be saved), since it gives no hope of forgiveness or love or even happiness, and for all eternity too! To defend Hell is to defend evil, and is total apostasy from love and the true Faith, which the true God calls the "Catholic Faith", which means "Universal Faith". And that is also why Vatican II (which is God's true Church on earth following their conscience in a better way) moves away from this evil doctrine of Hell, separation and damnation since it makes separation form Universality which the true Catholic faith and the true God mean the Catholic faith to be all about. That is why we can follow Vatican II and the teaching of Universal Salvation with a good conscience, since this is a truth of love that desires good upon everyone -- even our enemies and bad people.

      Again, you coward, dare to respond to my arguments in my comments and article, and do not only respond with the same unjust arguments, i.e.: "God said so that there is a Hell you heretic, therefore we must adhere and obey you non-Catholic!" etc... That is no argument, and is an argument with as little authority as with any murderer or evil man (like with Hitler or Stalin that commanded evil through obedience to false and unjust laws) that wishes and desires evil upon their fellow human brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, lovers, spouses, siblings, or children etc. Their words means nothing and has no authority or value and in a court of law or on the street: their words would be condemned, silenced and rejected by everyone and the person propagating such evil doctrines, would be contradicted, hated for the evil he did and said even if we desire his conversion and that he may become good again, and be beaten, persecuted and even executed and after his death he would be remembered with shame and as an evil man, just like with Hitler and Stalin..

    3. PART 3

      Who is a God? He or She or they (connected consciousness?) that is/are most just is or are the true God or Gods! That is certain! since if a God is an unjust God through dictatorialship and force, injustices might or even will prevail in an eternity (which must not happen) -- as sadly and tragically have happened with this Christian or Catholic God who desires, allows, wishes and even permits eternal evil upon our dear beloved ones without even giving them any chance to repent or convert for all eternity!. Hence, according to this evil dictator God, the damned must suffer in a sea of fire and burn and be tormented in torments so severe that according to saints and Christian writers, not even all torments on earth combined can compare with the torments of Hell! If this does not tell you something about Hell (i.e, that it is evil and unjust) then what will?

      Stop being a fool. Wake up and see evil when it is presented to you. Be just, even above a so-called God if this God be not truly just. In fact, you should be happy that you want to do more good then even this so-called God wants or does himself (if God is not just, should you not be and teach him to be?) by desiring everyone's conversion and even fighting for it, even if this co-called God hypocritically damns and condemns you for it! That is what justice is all about, to be willing to die for justice and for the love for our fellow human, angelical and spiritual/soul like children, brothers and sisters! Yet despite being so obvious, you have failed in this test in life (as most have, sadly) because being truly just even above a God has not been your choice in life as of yet -- as it has been with me. But with Vatican II, there is hope, and more and more are waking up to the true evil of Hell and damnation, which is why why God's Church is now distancing itself from this evil doctrine, since it is an injustice and untrue and against love.

      Even you understand that if God would condemn me in Judgment Day for my beliefs and positions (which won't happen) it will be God himself who will be put to shame and judged an evil dictator in all of Heaven, Earth, Purgatory/Limbo and Hell, and all the damned and all the just in Heaven and Earth and Purgatory and Limbo not being evil or unjust, will declare me just since I desired their (the damned's) eternal salvation, forgiveness, love and happiness -- whereas God does not!

      In the day of judgment, it is God who will fall and humble himself, repent and convert and not the just men of earth, heaven or hell etc. who condemns God for his injustices, especially the injustice on an eternal Hell in torments and unhope and unlove, unforgiveness and damnation which according to him, would continue for all eternity!. A greater injustice than this has never been heard of, yet this shameful doctrine of Hell is shamefully defended by Christians as if this is something good or just to believe in or follow or wish upon our loved ones, and even more shamefully, if someone condemns this doctrine of Hell and wishes to oppose God and overrule him on this point, this man or woman will be condemned and rejected by them as if he or she was an evil person and unjust!

      Be like the saints and even go beyond the saints who desired no one to be damned (such as Saint Gemma Galgani whom I love dearly for her great love and charity for others and for a God whom she thought was just, and even if they did not understand it better, they yet desired no one's damnation and even fought and pleaded with God that he may save the sinners that was feared being damned. And today the Church through Vatican II and the Popes even teaches what the saints desired, i.e., Universal Salvation, Love, Forgiveness and Happiness. And that is what true love is all about!

  23. Jerome -God created us and gave us a free will. Then he gave us his rules to live by. We have been instructed as to heaven and hell how long they will last [eternally] and how we will get our selves into one of these two places.

    We can use our free will to live by the laws of God or we can ignore His laws; both of these actions have consequences and living by Gods laws have a much better ending then ignoring them.

    There we have it obey or be disciplined and we get to chose which way we will walk. To even begin to think the punishment of hell will not be eternal would lead us into the temptation of ignoring Gods law as we simply would think I`ll do what I enjoy doing while I live as I know the punishment in the next step of life is not going to last forever; thus I can have what I want now and again in the next life.

    Is it so hard to see that we make the choice on where we will end up, God examines our choice and sends our soul to the place of it`s choosing. He is not damming us we do that our selves as we already know the rules and may choose to ignore them.

    1. I will answer your in numbers:

      1. Yes God created us and gave us free will, but that is not a reason for eternally damning us, just as it is no reason for you to torment and starve your own children until they die on earth just because they enraged you or incurred your displeasure. Had you done such a horrible crime, you would have been hated and despised by the world and been branded and evil criminal, and been severely punished accordingly, just as you deserve. But even so, mercy would have been given you, and forgiveness is not denied you, and even if the death penalty is given you, the opportunity to convert and die a good death in sorrow and contrition with the hope of a good afterlife, is never denied you, because humans are just on this point, whereas God is not, since he eternally wishes to hate and torment those he rejects.

      2. Rules more often then not is the cause and giver of sin, and not the fact that breaking a law is sinful in actuality when the breaking of it entails no evil to anyone, except for the dictatorial and hypocritical lawgiver, who seems to desire obedience above all else and not mercy and love. For example, if God gave us our will to live our life and have our free will, such as marrying a Protestant or a so-called “heretic” or a relative even if the Church condemned this, then no disobedience would have been enacted, and no “sin” been committed by be so-called guilty person. (Mixed marriages was not always approved by the Church, and marrying before in time against the will of the Church was an excommunicable “offense”, since such disobedience was deemed mortally sinful and damnable, even if you loved the spouse.) The same can be said about many other things, such as confessing our sins to a priest, which is an obligation in the Catholic Church under pain of mortal sin. But if someone were ashamed to confess their sin even though they felt sorrow, they would be damned, according to God's law, even if they were completely honest and good persons otherwise. Hence, it is God's law that creates sin, and not the persons itself, since marrying someone or being ashamed to confess, is not in itself a sin or evil (marrying is even love, as we know, so love it damnation?), but God has only decided to view it as “mortally sinful and damnable disobedience”, even though these are trifling matters in reality even according to the world's standards, since these acts are not judged sinful or as criminal on the earth.

      Rules, however, that is according to conscience, justice and our hearts, i.e., that is about doing good unto others and ourselves, are true laws and must be followed, but if someone failed to keep these laws, this is still no reason for eternally damning them! No, forgiveness and love must be open to everyone, even evil people, so that they too may have a chance to become good!

      4. Yes, we have been instructed by the Bible and the Church in the past on how to obtain Heaven through fear, force and dictatorial obedience to laws, but if you are a follower and believer in Vatican II, this faith has been changed according to true justice and conscience, since the Church no longer desires to be dictatorial in their approach, but rather forgiving and loving and understanding of others by following true justice, which does not bind people through laws which in themselves are not sinful; or even if transgression was committed, they desire mercy and forgiveness, and not eternal unforgiveness, hate and rejection! That is why law of love and forgiveness is the true Golden Law and Justice, and why the “law” of eternal hate, rejection and unforgiveness is the True Heresy and Apostasy of Hate and Unhope, since it does ETERNAL EVIL UNTO OUR NEIGHBOURS AND OURSELVES!

    2. 5. Even unbelievers, atheist and Muslims who do not follow the Catholic faith live by God's laws. What is God's law if not doing good to your neighbour and to yourself? Is this not the heart or point of the law, to do good to others? Yes it is. Yet, still, according to God's evil faith, if you merely did not have the right faith (like the Christian faith), even if you lived a good life and followed the heart of the law, you would still be eternally damned and live in insufferable, eternal torments, unhope, unlove and unhappiness forever! That is completely evil, and wrong. The Church understands this, which is why they have changed position, and so has God, since he obeys the Church, because the Church is God's will on earth. Please, dare to believe in this. I certainly do! Why else do you think he asks us to follow the Church and listen to the Church and that we are sinners if we do not? That is because Her faith is true, since Her faith consists in connected consciences or consciousness of every humans' desire for justice and goodness, and not only on the will of one Dictator God who is completely wrong and clueless about anything, since he is selfish and unjust!

      6. That a fear of Hell might help some to avoid sin is no reason to actually believe in this evil or think that eternity must be this way for our beloved “damned” brothers and sisters. That position is evil, of course. No, if a person is just, he will do well and do good unto others even if he did not believe in Hell and was an atheists. That us why even atheists do incredible good deeds and follow their conscience, because they have a desire to be just, and not to do evil unto others. The will to be just is also inscribed in our hearts and this would be true even if a Hell did not exists, as you know, for a truth is a truth regardless, and this will never change. But a Hell is not a truth, since this can be changed (and in fact, if God had changed position on Hell, so would you too and you would do it happily, you hypocrite and blind and unjust person!), but true justice and goodness will always remain the same, since love is eternal! The desire to do good is inherent in our hearts, and a fear or doctrine of Hell is not in actuality needed to be a good or just person. And the proof of this is the modern day Christians and Catholics and Muslims, which seems to be among the worst countries in the world in doing crimes and injustices, whereas Buddhists and Hinduists (such as the Japanese) who do not believe in a Hell but merely believes in peace and doing good to others and also to animals and plants etc., is incredible peaceful and just, with among the lowest crime rates in the world!

      Also, do you not see how stupid your argument is? “We must fear a Hell to be good?” How stupid is that? No, we should desire to be good and do good unto others because this is the right choice!, for by doing so, we will follow justice and be good people as we are meant to be. This can everyone (every woman and man) achieve by simply having a will to love their neighbour and do them good just as they desire goodness for themselves!

    3. 7. Again, rules are no excuse for eternally damning someone. If someone fails in life, forgiveness and love must be open to them even in another life. Do you know why? Because otherwise love is denied and murdered, and the humans, souls and angels who all could love us if only given the chance, will be rejected and never given the opportunity to be forgiven, love and change. There exists no more evil teaching than this, i.e., that wrongdoers always must remain unforgiven and hated! What if men on earth did not forgive criminals, or if criminals were not forgiven or healed in prison or by the world and heaven? What kind of unmerciful humans would we be if we refused to forgive them? Do you not see how many of them become completely converted and do good all their life after having been convicted, and yet, this goodness that we see happening all the time on earth is denied the sinners in the next life, according to the will of an evil God who does not desire their forgiveness!

      But do not worry, because an evil and unjust God will not have the final word on these points on the Judgment Day of who is saved and who is not, but true justice will! And justice of course teaches forgiveness, love and hope even it it takes an eternity to convert someone! For as long as forgiveness, love and hope is open to everyone – even the Devil himself! – the working on their conversion is always possible! and since love is the truth, who can resist? It is not possible! That is why love is the truth, and not eternal hate and rejection!

      Stop resist goodness, and instead embrace Universalism – which the Church is now moving towards! Also remember, the original meaning of the word “Catholic” is “Universal”. Therefore, embrace the true meaning of this word and become truly universal, since this is what God originally intended for us.

  24. Wow! I found this site from a pdf of Saint Bridgette and then I I see this “update” that is messed up. It is so sad to see someone fall utterly into Satan’s jaws! How can someone who stands up for the faith of Christ go completely against Christ and blaspheme His holy words! Christ Himself speaks of Hell, your MUST READ St. Bridgette where Christ speaks clearly mentions Hell, the Bible countless times mentions Hell! God doesn’t want anyone to go to Hell, that is true, but GOD DOESNT CONDEMN ANYONE! PEOPLE CONDEMN THEMSELVES! If there is no hell, Jesus came and died for nothing. If there is no danger of Hell Christ has not been raised your faith is in vain and you should just tear down your site and change it to some buddhist or other lie and false teaching. God allows evil to show that He can get good out of it. God never “creates or does” evil. The CCC Catechism says that for those who have not received the Gospel but would have embraced it they can be saved, however, you can see that in the next phrases it says, in 843 and 844 talks about other religions. In short, it says that other religions (besides Jews and Muslims) search among shadows and images for God. The Church recognizes the glimmer of light and truth found in them as a preparation for the Gospel. However, in their religious behavior, they also display the errors that disfigure the image of God in them: "Very often, deceived by the Evil One, men have become vain in their reasonings, exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and served the creature rather than the Creator." So they have many "half-truths". Yes it sounds nicer to “itchy ears” cf. 2 Tim, 3:3-4 that all people will be saved theres no hell lets just do whatever we please, etc. It pains God that souls go to hell so much! He wants the, to come to Him to forgive them, He loves so much to die for them on the cross! But why did He die on the cross? It was to set us free from sin and death which is the death of the soul. He offers His redemption to all who call on Him in truth. But if there’s no Hell, He died for nothing. Think of it like this, a father sees his son using and using meth and other horrible drugs, he tells him to stop and to find true happiness because what he is doing will kill him and destroy him. But the son says, no this makes me feel good and nothing will happen or i dont care. The father lovingly shows him and keeps exhorting him, but the son gets angry and violent and refuses. Eventually the meth kills him and destroys his brain. Does this not pain the father so much? Yet the son is old enough and he can make his own decisions for bad or for good. Is the father responsible if he raised him well and took care of him and loved him but the son stubbornly went his own way and did wrong? Of course not. So it is with God and he wants us to spread His message and pray for souls to be saved. If there is no hell, why preach at all? Why would Christ command his disciples to preach? Why would Christ even die? I pray that God may enlighten you with His truth and bring you back to the rest of His flock cf. John 10

    God is so good He will even restore creation and the redeemed will live with Him in Paradise forever!
    Revelation 21:5

    And he who sat upon the throne said, "Behold, I make all things new." Also he said, "Write this, for these words are trustworthy and true."

    Revelation 21:8

    8 But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the polluted, as for murderers, fornicators, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their lot shall be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death."*

    1. PART 1

      “I see this “update” that is messed up.”

      Response: Now, the update is not messed up, because truth and goodness towards others, even the damned and sinners, is not messed up.

      Do you know what is really messed up? Eternal damnation without the hope of ever being released or forgiven, is messed up!

      “It is so sad to see someone fall utterly into Satan’s jaws!”

      Response: Please realize that you say proclaiming a good doctrine is to fall into the jaws of satan ONLY on the authority of that God demands obedience to his laws. Hence, if we wish and desire more good than what God supposedly teaches, we are evil? No, this logic is flawed and evil itself and the jaws of devils (no offense, devil, I love you too!).

      I know the Bible and old Church seems to contradict the New Vatican II Church and even so; I go further than even they at present, but even the Vatican II Church recognizes universal salvation, which the old Church or the Bible never did or hinted at. So is the Vatican Ii Church also evil or jaws of satan according to others, such as hard core traditionalists. I suppose ou deny this? But they severely approve of this position.

      Only truth and goodness is true, God is not truth, goodness and justice is truth, and if God is not truly just, God must change. And this has happened my friend, which is why the Church, which represents God, has started to change her doctrines, or better understand them (whichever you seem most fit).

      “How can someone who stands up for the faith of Christ go completely against Christ and blaspheme His holy words!”

      Response: What blasphemy? I explained my self clearly in the article that God and Jesus is the greatest blasphemers against love that has ever existed, worse than satan himself (we forgive him and we will live together in happiness, because he will be good in the next life) because God says he will never forgive a damned soul, which means he would eternally murder billions upon billions of humans and angels capable of loving, if only given the chance.

      What is a greater blasphemy against justice, charity and love than this? Wake up, you blind, hypocritical fool who only judges according to persons (I..e, according to god) since you reject true justice only because a God said so. The Germans did the same during World War 2. But this this excuse them from evil when they obstinately or ignorantly followed Hitler into evil? No. Therefore, let us judge everything according to true justice, even if a God damns us for it. This is the only way in order to be truly just and to give justice for the oppressed.

    2. PART 2

      “Christ Himself speaks of Hell, your MUST READ St. Bridgette where Christ speaks clearly mentions Hell, the Bible countless times mentions Hell!”

      I have read them all, and I know what God teaches very well. But why does this matter? Justice matters, not what God says or do. Only if God is just and do justice, must he be listened to. But when God condemns or allows to be damned and tormented billions and billions of humans beings and angels, even children, and that they should burn always in a Hell only because he wants this, then we reject his will on this point, because his will is actually evil. This is what the Church currently is doing, because they are doing everything in their power to make as many as possible be saved, and the few who are damned, even they are pitied, and did you know, some in the Vatican II even teaches Hell is empty and that everyone will be saved and no one damned. This is my position, and is the only true and noble position, because if even one soul is damned, love is damned and hated in this soul, and this stains all of us if we would have agreed with such an evil judgment.

      No, better to believe in forgiveness and love, and that everyone, no matter how evil, can and will become good, even if it takes many eternities for this to happen. This reasoning is the only justice that must be followed, because it does not deny or damn love, but rather believes in it, since it doesn ot reject our fellow brothers and sisters while only looking to oneself. All other doctrines pr positions are true blasphemy and heresies and are outright evil, because hurting someone else is evil, and what can be worse than hurting someone else in Hell? Yet this evil Hell is supposedly God's will! But I tell you this, it is not anymore, because God has changed position, I can assure you that, because I have been told so by him myself, because of my many condemnation of him and proven ways of handling the damned better then he did. Even the world knows how to handle criminals, i.e., to a prison where they will get to live and become better persons. This is the only just way to go, and to eternally damn anyone is evil and unmerciful but also unjust, and if God be just, he must change position.

      That God is not is not an argument, because no one has a right to be a dictator or to be unjust, not even God himself. Hence, God must change his views on Hell, and he already have.

    3. PART 3

      “God doesn’t want anyone to go to Hell, that is true, but GOD DOESNT CONDEMN ANYONE!”

      Response: True. But he also declares in the Revelations of Saint Bridget (to his shame) that he desires “the damned” to die soon or have their will on earth or be punished already with a Hell so he can send them there after they die (or they go there, however you want to view it (not that it matters, as I will explain next)).

      Yes, God even declares in the Revelations how he desires to make someone get demon possessed so that his Hell will begin on earth already, to continue in Hell forever, because according to God, this soul deserved such a punishment (no one deserves eternal punishment)... (For a similar chapter where he expresses this opinion, see Saint Bridget's Revelations, Book 5, Interrogation 15)


      I already addressed this objection in the article several times. But it does not matter anyway, because God positively wills the damnation of those who are damned anyway, so it makes no difference and he is guilty of evil therefore. I mean, would I be good or moral if a sick man desires to kill himself or seriously hurt himself and I permitted this only because it was his own will? Of course not. If this man desires to kill himself or hurt himself, I must stop him and give him help, and this is the only just way to go about this. Everything else is irrelevant, and the argument that someone did it to himself, is not proving anything, because it is the action you did about it, that matters. And what does God do about the damned? Nothing. He just lets them be and remain eternally damned, and he never forgives them.

      “If there is no hell, Jesus came and died for nothing.”

      He only died for the Saved according to his laws anyway, so yes, in a sense he died for nothing because Christ refused to be truly universal and lets billions be lost, because they are “unworthy” his graces. Do you know what this might mean? That the true Christ perhaps is yet to come, if this other Christ was no the true Christ. Because why would a true God be selfish, and only apply salvation to those who are worthy according to himself? Salvation must be applied according to justice, and not on any personal motives. And according to justice, everyone is worthy of salvation, because everyone can love and become good and give love.