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Q&A: What's good about being a video gamer? What's good about being a Catholic or Christian gamer?

jay_ar31 on Steam: “As many of us probably know, gaming tends to usually be viewed in a negatively light. Whether it’s concerning gaming addiction, or the notion that one is wasting his/her time playing a fantasy game and earning digital rewards, or making friends online who you will likely won’t meet in person - the list goes on.
           “I would just like to hear your thoughts on how being a gamer can be a good thing in light of our Catholic faith.” [I will also add my own thoughts in this post in order to express my heart.]

“I believe being a catholic gamer can bring the word of God to those who wouldn’t normally experience it. with Youtube and ‘Let’s Plays’ currently trending among gamers, We can use this medium to bring the word of Christ to a fresh light, and make it relevant to the current generation.” -- DieuGirl on Steam

Jerome: Being a gamer is a good thing since it gives us love and happiness in life, and also companionship and friendship both in real life, through the internet, and also in the game, like with the companion and follower Lydia in the love-beauty game Skyrim, whom I love and see as St. Gemma Galgani!

Also, people should not be afraid to play games that makes them happy and that makes them feel good and good in their conscience and heart and when they see a beauty in it and have a peace of mind, and if this is the case with a game, go for it and play it with a good conscience. For God and the Virgin Mary and the Saints can even be seen there in the game and in the nature, in animals, in the other characters, in the beauty etc.

And even if a game contains violence, this is no problem or a “no” to play it, since fictionally hurting others, or eliminating or killing them can be seen as a necessity or as a game of fun and not really about hurting anyone (like with Fortnite), but when it is seen as justice (as with the game Skyrim where you are defending others by attacking or defending against criminals who attack you and others) this is not a crime or “offense” against conscience, heaven or law. And even it there is no justice involved through moral choices, such as in fighting games or Counter Strike, this must be seen as pure fun and as entertainment, and I also play Counter Strike 1.6 and when I do, I sometimes see the other characters as those I love, like the white character the Virgin Mary, the Black Saint Gemma Galgani, and the terrorist outfit as the Virgin Bird Mary, as I also see her as a bird in life and in nature whom I also see fitting in this outfit since we like to battle in this life and also in Heaven, and I also love her as a bird for a fact, since I hold her as a little or large bird in my hand or bosom in the thought of my mind, and I do love her as a bird and so in this way can she be loved even as a bird (an animal) by me and even by you, if you only try!

If you don’t feel good about a game and it makes you feel bad, try not to play it, since if you do play it with a bad conscience, this will give you feelings and images that is not good for you, both bodily and spiritually and also in your soul and mind. Better to play a game that gives you happiness, feelings of love and atmosphere and suspense or even a scare. You can always try a game later, so do not force yourself to play any game that do not give you the peace and love you are after.

Also, try to love the characters and things in a game as those you love in life, the people, the angels and the saints etc! If you love a Saint or the Virgin Mary or Jesus, see them as one of the characters (also do this in whatever it is you are doing in life, whether watching movies, anime or playing video games or taking a walk or even holding an item in your hand, which could be them for you and in your mind!), and hence will you have the opportunity to hang out with them at this moment and to think of them and even caress them as a small animal; or if playing a game, hanging out with them or playing with them for pleasure and fun and with a thought of love for them! Think the same with everyone one you love and know and care about!, with God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and the Angels and Saints, and even the human people and souls on earth or in heaven you love and that you wish to hang out with, for if you do, you will have the chance to be with them in your mind and in life, and through the animated characters, and you will have an opportunity to think of them and play a game with them even in this life!, and this will also lead you to love them more and gain a greater friendship and relationship with them, since you will love them while being in their presence and hence desire them more!, both in the game, and in your mind and in your life but most of all, in your thought processes or mind!

Skyrim is a game of love and beauty and companionship, and of justice, moral choices, animals, nature and great beauty with great enhancing mod capabilities to make everything even better, and also it is a game of love and companionship that I recommend everyone to play in order to experience this love and beauty in life!, since this game will make you a better person not only because it teaches you morality, beauty and love in life - much like what Half-Life 2 did with Alyx, its great graphics, atmosphere and characters! - but also because it gives you the opportunity to find followers and companions that will hang out with you in this game of beauty for the rest of the game, and they will even be marriageable to you when the relationship grows, and hence if you think of a person you love, he or she will be present there with you. If you only dared to believed in this, i.e., that you can hang out with the people you love in every character you come across (even real human beings, a saint, Virgin Mary etc. in a game, or even a series, move or anime) you would see it for yourself and experience this joy! If you truly love a Saint, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, God or the Virgin Mary with true relationship and deeper friendship, love or even spousal love in a game character like in the game Skyrim, who can act and move and talk by themselves, and you try to interact with them and think of them who is now also in Heaven and provided you show your love for them and truly think of them, you will notice that the real person who is now in Heaven and that is present in this character through our united faith will give subtle signs of there presence though the nature and natural signs and also by the signs of the character present that you love, for our comfort, love, friendship and joy!

I prefer games of love like Skyrim above Counter Strike and other games but I do also love Fortnite since this is also a game where you can see your loved ones, and explore and love the nature and surroundings and find treasures of them you love to take into you and even farm them with love so that they enter into you!, but also that we can see them as the characters we use or see and as the weapons and colors in the game that are in our inventory and mind! Having love meaning in games - when loving and choosing love in life before publicit skill “winning” games like Counter Strike - this is what is making your life truly happy, because love is above the need to just win or succeed in some corporeal undertaking! True, both can make a woman and man happy of course, but without love, you will not be as happy as you could be in this life.

Both in game and in real life, those I love I see as colors. St. Gemma is Black and Purple to me (because she wore a black dress and had black hair and also for other reasons and this color if very common!); St. Theresa of Lisieux is Gold and Yellow and Brown, because I see her as Noble and Divine; the Virgin Mary I see as blue, red, white but also as gold when for personal or unknown reasons I see her in this color (and this also happens with the others I love dearly); Rose of Lima I see as Pink and Orange, and I love her as a little child but also as a teenager and grown up (as I do with all of them!) and I often hold her in my hands and mind as a little child!; St. Birgitta of Sweden I see as Green, because, I started to love her in the Green Scapular and therefore, she received this color, but not without reason, since she is a good, noble and lovable woman that desires us good!

God is see sometimes as Gold and sometimes as Yellow; and Jesus I see sometimes as Orange when Rose of Lima does not take this place, and also previously as Red before I gave the Virgin Mary this color; and the Holy Spirit I sometimes see as White and previously as Blue, but seldom think about her in this place anymore, since the Virgin Mary always gets this place now which is more fitting! I do not think much of these before mentioned (i.e., God), but this is also for a reason, since they have chosen to be unjust in life by condemning our beloved brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers and children to eternal torments! But I do not worry about this, because forgiveness and Heaven will be open for everyone, even the damned, and God was just testing us to see who wanted to be truly just in wanting their forgiveness, love and happiness - and I have chosen this path in life that also Vatican II has started to be open to and embrace, i.e., to love everyone, even the damned, devils and demons and criminals, and no one is rejected by me or the Church or by the true and just God nor will anyone who is currently obstinate or evil be justly hated for the evil he do forever, but only despised temporally for his evil deeds for a time so that he may be converted. Others also holds this position in Vatican II, but not everyone does so, but we who hold this position and who are accepted by the Church will in the future will be the majority, and this will happen when people finally realizes and wakes up to the true justice of morality, forgiveness and love for everyone, including our enemies! And this is also the way the current Church and also the World is heading towards not only though the media, but also the Church teachings!, since they always show a message of love and acceptance for everyone, whoever you are or whatever faith you have or whatever gender, color or sexual preferences you have in life, whether it be in real life, or through the media, or in the Church!

Remember to live a good life to its fullest in love and happiness, that you spread love and happiness to everyone but especially those most in need, that you think good thoughts about yourself and others but especially your enemies that can become your beloved friends again, and that you are kind and charitable to the oppressed and poor people and everyone else, for if you do so, you will receive great love and happy eternal rewards from God, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the whole of Heaven in the next life, where we also will meet our beloved dead once again and everyone else that has ever lived! Pray, live your life in goodness and happy thoughts, have faith and hope in love and goodness, and be good, and do not worry about anything!

Are you familiar with Saint Bridget of Sweden and her Revelations, and have you read them? If not, Please visit the link below or search for them with the title: “The Revelations and Prophecies of Saint Bridget (Saint Birgitta) of Sweden” or “St. Bridget Prophecies about the End Times and birth of Antichrist” so that you may read this treasure online and if needed, receive a book for free before you die.

unknown (aka Jerome)

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Why I no Longer Reject Vatican II and the Traditional Catholic Priests or Receiving Sacraments from Them (On Baptism of Desire, Baptism of Blood, Natural Family Planning, Una Cum etc.)

As for over the last two years, I have changed many of my old positions and do no longer adhere to the strict interpretation as expressed in many of our old articles. Now I follow the Doctors, Saints and Theologians of the Church, my conscience, and the teaching of St. Alphonsus, which teaches us that it is the law of conscience that determines whether an uncertain action is lawful or not. Therefore, if you feel good in your conscience about approaching this or that priest for Mass or the Sacraments (even a Vatican II priest) then you can do so. Therefore, if a position is uncertain or unclear to you (such as Baptism of Desire or Blood), do what you think is right according to your conscience. No one can force you to embrace an uncertain position under pain of sin, and therefore, do not worry about approaching a priest you feel good about approaching, if you feel you need to receive the consolations of Mass and the Sacraments from this priest.

Please read this article, which more fully explains the situation to another questioner:

Even though I said in this article (above) that the Vatican II priests are not validly ordained and hence not real priests, I in fact am not sure that this is the case anymore. Therefore, you may have a different opinion, or you may share this position. Many in the traditional camp have varied positions on this topic, and no one can force the other to accept his or her position under pain of sin. Therefore, follow your conscience and do what you think is right.

So the the question as to where you should go to mass I answer: Go to any mass or priest that you feel good about approaching according to your conscience. If you feel it is right to go to this or that mass and receive the sacraments from this or that priest, then do so. Your conscience is clean, and that is all that matters.

I also do no longer adhere to the position that Vatican II or the Protestants, Muslims, Buddhists or various Traditionalists Groups and Peoples etc. are heretical or damned, or that the various teachings, Saints and adherents to Vatican II (and other canonized by Vatican II) such as Saint Mother Theresa or Saint Pope John Paul II was heretical or damned or not Catholic (or not the Pope) – or that they are unworthy of this title. Why have I changed position? That is simply because the law of conscience is true, and because damnation is something evil, and because Vatican II is more open to the law of conscience and universal salvation, whereas the pre-Vatican II Church was not.

For more information on this topic and why I have changed position, and why damnation is evil and why the Vatican II Church teaches something good with being more open to universal salvation and the law of conscience, see these posts (please see both of them, they are really important):

Simply said, salvation for everyone is something infinitely desirable and endlessly good, whereas eternal damnation in torments and fire is the most evil thing that could ever be imagined, and it is stupid to believe (and just silently accept) that our fellow human beings must be damned simply because they held a different faith, or simply because God wills it, or only because they failed in their life. That is why I admire Vatican II now, since they have distanced themselves from repressing and evil teachings like an eternal Hell with torments and fire for our fellow human brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, children and neighbours! and now, they (the Church), instead of focusing on unforgiveness and damnation, the Catholic Church (which is the Church of God) focuses on forgiveness, hope and salvation for everyone – which is an eternal true and endlessly good doctrine, since it follows true justice and our conscience which wills eternal good towards everyone (even ones enemies, that they may become good so that we may be able to love each other and become best friends), and not only towards ones own.

Concerning our "Various Traditional Catholic Issues and Groups Exposed" topic. This was the expression of my old beliefs, but is also the still current beliefs of my other old co-worker (or co-owner of the websites) that I have come to distance myself from. Even though the owner of the "prophecyfilm12" mail address still espouses those same views (the strict and old) I do not, and I would tell you that they (the Traditional and Vatican II Catholic groups and people we formerly condemned) are Catholics (i.e., those who believe in Baptism of Desire and Blood, NFP, Una Cum and Pope Francis etc.) and that they can be approached for the Sacraments and Mass if you feel good about doing so and you believe this is the right and Catholic choice.

One will simply not become a heretic for embracing (even obstinately) Baptism of Desire or Blood when Saints and even Popes and the Church tacitly approves of it and even formally approves of it in its teachings (such as in Code of Canon Laws and Catechisms and Theological Manuals and Books). So the Church teaches Baptism of Desire and Blood (but not perhaps dogmatically in the sense MHFM and others would like to have it), but we are heretics for believing in it? No, that is not true. If Pope Pius XII could believe in and teach Baptism of Desire and even NFP (which he did) then so can we. And it does not matter if we "know better" or have "been corrected" by others, such as by groups as ourselves or Most Holy Family Monastery, – for we are entitled to our own opinion on this matter if we desire to adhere to the teachings of the Saints and Pope Pius XII who all taught Baptism of Desire. Only when the Church has formally condemned Baptism of Desire and Blood or NFP (and such like controversial topics) and not given any more room for doubt, would it be unlawful to embrace those positions (unless, of course, you have a valid reason to doubt or deny those teachings, such as the teaching on Hell, which is an evil teaching and an evil thing). But has this happened? Has Popes really condemned Baptism of Desire or Natural Family Planning in name so that there are no arguments among Catholics about what is the truth? No, they have not! Why else all the arguments and differences in opinions? Popes such as Pius XII even spoke of BOD and NFP or Rhythm as Doctrine. So what does it tell us? That the Pope did not view the quotes as we (as in my old views) or MHFM does. It is easy to take a dogma or encyclical and just interpret it 100% strict and even dismiss all Saints and Theologians of the Church, but it is not wise to do so. When all the Theologians and Doctors of the Church teach Baptism of Desire and Blood, then we need to listen. If none of them interprets the dogmas as we or MHFM does, then we are free to accept their explanations and reject that of others. And it does not matter how "convincing" MHFM or anyone else is or however much they condemn you, – if you are uncertain (and you have a right to be and to remain uncertain, for the Church does not teach that you must accept the explanations of random people or be guilty of mortal sin) and if your conscience feel good about adhering to Baptism of Blood or Desire (both of which are doctrines which the Church approved theologians teaches), then you are free to adhere to their explanations. I suppose even you see the logic and reason in this position, i.e, that you are free to embrace the approved theologians' position on any topic that your conscience agrees with, and reject the position (or feel uncertain about without incurring sin) the position of non-approved sources, until the Church has formally and undeniably settled this matter.

If Thomas Aquinas (approved Saint and Doctor of the Church) could be saved believing in Baptism of Desire, then so can you, even if we or MHFM condemns you, since you are entitled to be unsure when the Church seems to contradict Herself by both teaching and condemning it, – if you now believe the doctrine could be condemned. Otherwise, the true explanation is that Baptism of Desire is not condemned, and that MHFM and others are over-interpreting the encyclicals and councils.

In conclusion: On topics that are uncertain and unsettled or sensitive (such as Mass or the Sacraments) follow your conscience and ask the advice of others, such as priests and friends, and do not only strictly follow the strict interpretations of online theologians (or the so-called "the only ones you can trust") that often over-interprets things and "only follow their own ways" to the rejection of everyone else, even if they are Popes, Priests, Monks, Approved Theologians, Catechisms or even Code of Canon Laws.

You have a right to be uncertain and to adhere to something that you believe is true (such as the approved sources). Therefore, do not worry about going to a specific Priest or Mass if you desire to do this, or to adhere to this or that teaching if you feel more comfortable in embracing it according to your beliefs and conscience. For if your conscience is clean on this topic, then you are acting right and even do a good thing, since you follow justice and honesty.

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Response to Introibo Ad Altare Dei as to why the doctrine of Hell do not follow true justice or logic

This is my response to a person by the name of Introibo Ad Altare Dei who made a reply to my previous post on this topic (, and this person wrote in arrogantly and heretically that the damned are not worthy of forgiveness and that God would be unjust if he forgave them or let them live in happiness! Really? So a "damned" 5 year old child is not worthy to be forgiven and saved according to you Introibo and God only because this evil Dictator God wishes it so? What utter and complete nonsense!

Also, what about an un-confessed nun that only was damned for being ashamed to confess her sins? (There are many examples of this in history.) Does she also "deserve" eternal damnation and never to be forgiven for this only "crime" and "mortal sin" according to God's Dictatorial Laws, even though she did nothing else wrong in life? No, of course not, you stupid person! Yet stupid as you are and as you have become by defending an evil Hell and an evil Doctrine of God which cannot with true justice be defended, you have become completely unreasonable and blind, for true justice is not in you.

I have read several examples of people being damned for the supposedly single "deadly sin" of not confessing all their sins through shame (just as I have read about 5 year old damned children, among one who was damned for blaspheming God just as if God could not take a little offense and forgive the kid and teach him better in the next life?!) , just as if "offenses" like that is deserving of eternal hate, unlove, unhope, unforgiveness and rejection and torments so severe that no one can endure them, since according to Christian writers, not even all torments and suffering on earth can combine with them! If that is not the worst evil thing you have ever seen or heard happening to those we love and who we desire good in life and in the next, Introibo, then what would be? So how can you, who claim to be just and a lawyer, with a good conscience, believe in such evil or defend it? You make literally no sense at all, and that has only happened because you unreasonably defend an evil doctrine only because you feel "forced" to do so, since God is a dictator and damns you otherwise, so you think! (But there is salvation in Vatican II, you see, since they allow us to believe in Universal Salvation with a good conscience and be saved.)

This position of not forgiving others and of not letting others live in happiness is pure evil and satanic, and it is not surprising that dishonest and unjust people fall into this apostasy and heresy against the Natural Law, the Law of Conscience, and the Law of Love and Charity, and even against all secular laws that abhors such unmerciful and uncharitable torments of our fellow human beings when one defends this evil doctrine of God's Hell, as the case of Hitler, World War 2 and the evil Concentration camps proves as these evil wars and punishments and laws were all hated, rebelled against and despised by just people.

And remember this well and understand, this hypocritical person Introibo who wrote in to me and who judges biasedly against all justice when it comes to God and his evil Hell IS A REAL LAWYER BY DEGREE AND WORK ---- WHO ALSO CLAIMS TO DEFEND PEOPLE! Introibo, you should be ashamed of yourself! So you defend an evil God in damning people forever, and not the damned persons themselves who need help to live and be freed from this concentration camp of Hell only because an evil God desires them to be damned? You evil hypocrite. You defend people on earth against evil people and injustices (such as torture and murder and abuse that makes humans miserable), but you will not do the same for angels and humans and souls in the next life even if the culprit and criminal be your God who tortures them by allowing them to be damned? Had you been truly honest and loved justice as you are meant to do, you would have condemned this God also and freed the damned and desired their happiness and rehabilitation in a moral and just place instead!

Had such an evil person as God is been a man and been brought to court of law in your presence, you would have condemned him as the most evil person that has ever existed for what he did to his fellow human beings (i.e, for his crimes of allowing them to be tormented in the worst torments possible for all eternity without hindering it, and by his evil deed and thought of even agreeing with this and approving of it and also for allowing it to continue to happen for all eternity without hindering it -- only because he personally "judges" them to be deserving of this! I am sure you can think of numberless crimes against humanity such a human being (like Hitler) would have committed against human justice and love just from memory if a human being did this to someone else, but when it comes to God, he is completely innocent according to you, and even excused!

Since there are better solutions then eternal damnation, God is completely inexcusable for not thinking of something better! Even living always on Earth with human love would be way better, obviously, then die and be damned to Hell and then being forced to stay in that state, only because God said so! This is evil dictatorialship to the max, and since God claims to be just, he must fall or allow himself to be deprived of his rulership if he do not change his evil position on damnation. (And even if he changed position, he must be deprived of his rulership, since he has been unworthy to rule because of his evil position just like Hitler would be unworthy, without first doing severe penance and repartition for a long time in order to gain back everyone's respect and trust.) Trust me, God will fall from Heaven if he will not change position, since his position on Hell is evil and unjust, and since God claims to be just, he must be just truly, or fall into his own Hell.

You can read numerous horrifying examples of good girls and boys being damned in this book below by St. Alphonsus. And remember, their only crime seems to have been to have offended against God. They where not murderers, or evil people, but simply did not confess their sins or did some other internal sin against God's will. (I don't remember the exact book, but it was a book about Hell and lost souls primarily.)

I have put his comment in complete bold-red.

Introibo Ad Altare Dei asks: “Jerome, I hope you realize how illogical your position is and how misguided.”

Jerome answers: I will try to be as logical once again in my response to you just as I was in my previous post to you! (By the way, did you even read it fully? Your arrogant and evil answers indicates you did not, or if you did, you still did not embrace the full truth, which follows true justice, and not merely the will of "one God".) for in so doing we shall see who's position is more logical – not only by the laws of charity and kindness, but also by the law of justice and love – and also by the standards of the secular laws.

Introibo Ad Altare Dei: “1. If Hell does not exist and everyone is saved, why keep the Ten Commandments? They become Ten Suggestions.”

Jerome answers: I answer that the commandments should be kept because they lead people to live a more moral life, and because people need laws and justice to follow in order not to offend their neighbour and God. But these laws does not mean in anyway (or give any excuse in any way or by any law) that lawbreakers should be ETERNALLY TORMENTED IN UNMERCIFUL TORMENTS just because the lawbreakers (men and angels) enraged the lawgiver (God).

If you tormented your own children FOR ALL ETERNITY just because they blasphemed you and died suddenly in this state, you would be evil! and you would even judge yourself as evil and as unmerciful and undeserving (and the secular laws would too), but if this person is God who torments his own children, then all is fine! This kind of false judgment (of judging yourself and others different and with different standards and laws then with what you judge God himself with) is called hypocrisy, being unjust, and taking persons into consideration.

As a lawyer, you should already be aware of that the Dictator God breaks all laws against humanity by allowing people to be damned in eternal torments just as the Dictator Hitler did break those laws by allowing people to die and be tormented in concentration camps. If Hitler was condemned and hated because he allowed people to be murdered in concentration camps, then what should God be who allows even WORSE TORMENTS AND ETERNAL ONES TOO? But I already did give similar arguments in my previous post that you supposedly read, but simple arguments like this simply won't reach people like yourself if you are not ready to be just and judge God himself, and stand up against a justice above God's injustice (which people falsely call "justice").

If you truly loved justice even above God, you would condemn him, for you do not truly wish that your own children be damned or tormented for all eternity, but yet you do nothing to hinder the person who would allow and even force this upon your own children if they happened to die in his displeasure (which could happen because of only even one single blasphemy and then dying afterwards without repentance). So your arguments that people in Hell “deserve” such SEVERE, ETERNAL, UNJUST PUNISHMENT is proven false by this argument alone.

Introibo Ad Altare Dei asks: “You used to think marital sex was sinful except under the most regulated conditions. Now, if what you say is true, who cares? Rape, murder, “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” There’s no punishment for the wicked.”

Jerome answers: Marital sex is only sinful if you believe it is sinful. That is just how the law of conscience works (for this reason, non-Christians do not commit sin in this way). Otherwise, there is no sin with giving love and sharing love with others. But even if people did sin in this way, why should they be murdered with eternal torments if they died suddenly afterwards unrepented? That is clearly unjust, and you as a lawyer know this. You know the punishment is unjust and too severe (and that is not only because secular laws would condemn such severe punishments, but also because you know in your heart it is true and that it is unjust) and that it is dictatorial. Just admit it already.

No, we should not rape or murder. Most people do not, and it is illogical to argue that wanting all people to be saved and teaching that God is evil on the doctrine of Hell is somewhat related to allowing or encouraging murder, rape or pedophilia. It is not. Yet you made the argument either way. My argument was, rather, that my desire is that even those people shall be saved, and not eternally lost, since they are human beings and souls with feelings too, that needs to be loved.

Yes, there is punishment for the wicked. You know this, I know this, everyone know this. The world herself even punishes the wicked, and so does God too. But should the punishment be eternal? That is the question. The only true and charitable answer is NO! Eternal punishments in eternal, unmerciful and INSUFFERABLE TORMENTS is evil, and God is evil for allowing this, just as Hitler was evil for allowing people to be raped, murdered and being unjustly tortured in concentration camps. As a lawyer, you would have to admit this in a court of law, or simply by being honest, that Hitler was evil. Yet you excuse a worse crime and criminal then even Hitler when it comes to God that pales in comparison with even Hitler or Stalin or anyone else --- even the devil! – i.e., GOD AND HIS EVIL HELL AND ETERNAL DAMNATION IN INSUFFERABLE TORMENTS; because only God is the author and willer of this, and no one else!

For example, If God did not will this eternal damnation or Hell, you would not will this eternal damnation upon anyone either, and so this shows us that only God is the author of this evil doctrine on damnation, since every Christian would change position on damnation if God told them too do so! But this argument in itself proves that Hell is unjust, since everyone would reject God if he taught us to murder or do rape! Why then embrace a change on damnation if he told us to do so if it was unjust? Answer: To save people from damnation and working on their conversion and happiness is not unjust, hence that a change of view is possible, and why it is now happening in God's Church, the Vatican II!

Introibo Ad Altare Dei asks: “Even if punishment were TEMPORARY it still would be unjust because they get eternal happiness thereafter.”

Jerome answers: This answer makes me both angry and sad at the same time. What you wrote is pure heresy – a heresy against the law of love and of forgiveness – i.e., the will to eternally deny someone the possibility of repentance and forgiveness and even love and happiness in the next life! It is the worst kind of heresy and the most evil to ever have existed, and people only fall into this the most evil position, will and thought that has ever existed by excusing an evil doctrine and an evil God by allowing him to damn our children through forced belief -- but this belief and damnation is clearly unjust and false as everyone who truly loves their fellow other brother and sister truly knows!

So back to the example of children being damned already mentioned before: Did you know that Saint Alphonsus gave an example of a 5 year old child being damned after contracting a habit of blaspheming, and that he died in blasphemy and was seen in Hell? According to your evil heresy, THIS CHILD DOES NOT DESERVE FORGIVENESS, AND MUST BE ETERNALLY TORMENTED IN A SEA OF FIRE FOR ALL ETERNITY. Are you not ashamed of yourself? Perhaps you should look your own small child in the eyes that you love and feel ashamed that your arguments have led to this conclusion of unforgiveness – only because you want to defend an evil doctrine and an evil God. (That is why you only try to mention the worst cases of people being evil or damned such as Hitler and murderers, and not also the most damaging for the opposite side, such as children being damned for things that only offended a God.)

You would not want your own children to be tormented and damned forever, and if you had the say or power to do so in Heaven, I am sure you would have forgiven them even if they had died in God's displeasure. So in short: If you were God instead of God, I am sure you would do all in your power to excuse and forgive and save your own children, family and spouse if they had been damned. I guess you would have done the same with everyone else too, and not only your own family because if you could do so and had the power, why would you not? Do you not see then that you only hold your evil belief of the damned being denied love, happiness and forgiveness is because you are slaving after an evil dictator God who wishes to damn souls? and that you are afraid to condemn him and stand your ground on a truer justice above God's injustice?

A murderer can be converted and become good and loving. It happens all the time in this life. Therefore, to deny him the chance of repentance in the next life in order to always torment him instead in insufferable torments just because God said so (and that was the only reason really, because God wants this even if you or I don't), is pure evil to the max and against all justice and love and charity and kindness. Therefore, God is the worst of dictator that needs to be removed from his power and rulership. But I already explained all of this, but it seems nothing really stuck on you.

If your argument is that people in Hell always are evil and never want to convert or become good and are therefore undeserving, I will explain myself again and give an explanation (and I already did in the post, but it is worth repeating): If souls condemned by God are evil, this is because God made them evil since he rejected them and removed all grace from them before damning them.

Also, how could one love if one lives in a sea of fire and all kinds of possible torments? Would you be able to love your neighbour if you suffered insufferable torments at the same time, without hope and without love, or would you start to hate also even if you did not want too? Yes, you would hate, and so would I. Therefore, God is evil that forces men, angels and souls to hate by depriving them of happiness, love, hope and forgiveness, and of living a life without forgiveness and by always being tormented!

Also, to the argument that they are always evil and do not want to convert, I answer: That is plainly false. They might hate God with an unforgiving love. I admit that. But that is only because God deserves it (until the time they can actually and truly forgive him) since he was the cause for their eternal damnation and insufferable torments. The damned are my friends, since I desire their good. They do not hate me, and they actually love me and I them, and we will be a family in the next life. You can believe this if you want, or you can deny it, but it is true nonetheless that I do not hate them and that I believe they are good, since I desire them good. If people do good, they receive love. Hence, if we do them good, we will receive good. If we do them evil or desire them evil (like God does) is it any strange that we receive hatred? Of course not. Therefore, do good to everyone, even evil people, and they will quickly be converted and start to love. Without love, evil people won't be converted.

Another argument I did post on this subject, if not in this post, in some of the earlier one's, was this: If humans on earth do not want to live in even temporary torments or hate, why would they want to do this in the next life – unless their hatred for this God who condemned them was so great? But in that case, a simple solution: let someone else be their God who desires their good and who is more deserving to be God then even God himself is, since this good person or better God desires more good then this evil God (as I like to call him)  and then all would be good!

Again, if humans don't want to live in torments, why would a soul and body want to do this in the next life? Answer: They won't, unless for the only reason that they had no hope or love for this God that damned them. Yes, according to Revelation, their hatred for God and everything God is so great that they actually want to be damned. But this by itself shows that they are sick, since it is not a good thing to live in hate and torments just because they can't stand the God who rejected them. That is why my solution of letting someone else be their God, who is also more deserving, solves this problem. Him they would not hate, since this person is not the same God or the one who damned and rejected them.

Also, let the damned be sent back to earth one more time in body and soul and live in human understanding and happiness, and ask this soul that previously was damned and hated God, if he would want to hate or live in eternal torments if there was forgiveness and acceptance from God (or another God). What do you think this person would answer? I think he would answer that he do not wish to live in eternal torments and hate (but if he did, he would be sick and would be denied this request by me and would simply just get a new life (be born anew like a child) in order to be healed and start to love again). If that is the case (as it also provenly is) that there are real solutions that all are better than damning our children, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, friends and neighbours etc. – why then deny fallen angels, humans and souls or the children in damned Limbo this chance of a new life, or to live in at least worldly happiness even if they wanted to hate God? Is God so evil that he does not even allow any of the damned to live in human happiness and he must torment them instead always in a Hell with fire and insufferable, indescribable torments?

Since humans on earth before being rejected by God and before being damned by God or by their own conscience (which is also a kind of force by the way since this conscience follows God's own forced rules) did not want to be damned or hate but love and feel love (since humans on earth so obviously loves and desires love): this proves that it is God's judgment that destroys something in humans and souls at the judgment. As I understand it, it is God's rejection of a soul that creates this eternal hate and strife between them. Therefore, it was God's fault that this happened since he could have accepted them and forgiven them and worked for their eternal salvation and happiness (worked for all eternity too for some kind of solution that they might be saved, forgiven etc. but he did not and just rejected them and allowed them to be damned) even if they were sinful and died sinful.

If God does not want the damned as his own, I will gladly take them as my own children, and I will forgive them and let them live in happiness, and I can promise you, I would spend all eternity trying to make them become good if it really turns out they (the damned) are evil (but I don't really believe the "damned" are evil or hate those who accept and love them). But even so, with faith in love and goodness, and if they where given love by us, how could not not become converted easily? That is why I know no one can remain eternally evil if they are only accepted and loved, and that is why God was the worst kind of heretic by not believing in hope for the damned and the hope and goodness and love for others and its infallible power to draw people into goodness.

But to speak more in line with faith in miracles etc. even if it sounds wrong since it gives doubt for their conversion (as if anyone can deny true love and not love back!), more can be said about it. Even if the damned were truly evil, with all eternity on our back and with faith too in goodness, love and forgiveness, who says that a "miracle" could not happen and they eventually became converted, good, kind and lovable in justice and from evil into goodness even if God did not believe this would happen hence that he damned them? That is the power of goodness and of faith, that something unexpected could happen if we only dare to believe in this! So why then believe in eternal hate and eternal unforgiveness and eternal torments and eternal unhappiness for others and the damned when one can believe in eternal love, hope, happiness and forgiveness for them instead? That people choose the former and not the latter even after having it explained to them is the most sad and also the most evil choices  people do in this life (their fear of being damned themselves for questioning God is just to great). It is this poor choice of God and of his deceived and brainwashed children who died with the same faith that made him and them loose the respect of the damned and of me and of everyone else in the world that hates his unjust Hell.

However, since Heaven is just even if God is not, those in Heaven will change their views on Hell and damnation, and as a matter of fact, they have already done this! And I have been in communication with them on this point and have both warned them and told them that they are evil and heretics if they do not rebell against God on this point of eternal unforgiveness for the damned and they have agreed with me, and so have God himself, for how can God reject a truer justice above his own so-called "justice" that also desires good upon all of our children and also his own when he has no right to do so ---- since his previous will on damnation and unforgiveness was clearly unjust and is now even being condemned by his Church which now instead embrace a position of forgiving the damned and giving salvation to everyone else too? You may believe this if you want that I am in contact with Heaven, but if you believe in justice and Vatican II, you can embrace the position on Universal Salvation freely and with a good conscience whether you believe in me or not. But my point is that I am trying to be just, even more just than God himself, hence that I have earned all of Heavens respect and obedience, and so will you, if you only care about being just and you truly love your fellow brothers and sisters and not wishing them evil in an eternal Hell.

Introibo Ad Altare Dei asks: “So why be like St Francis of Assisi when you can be like Hitler and end up in the same place? Your position makes God unjust.”

Jerome answers: The fact that you even asks me this question and then ends if with “would make God be unjust” makes me angry and sad. Why be good when you can be evil, you ask? We desire to be good and love because goodness and love is truth. When we are evil and do evil, we reject our nature and become lost from our true self. That is why all people desire goodness and to be good, even if not all people are good or do as much good as others.

When we do evil and do wrong, we feel bad and feel ashamed, but never can we say the same about being good and doing good. No, we only feel good in our innermost being when doing and thinking good about others and about doing good, and we also gain the kindness and thanks of our fellow brothers and sisters, since they also desire and love goodness, happiness and love. But to the contrary, if we do evil, we feel their wrath and displeasure.

So we should be good because being good is to be who we were created to be, but when we are evil and do evil, we become what we were not supposed to be.

BUT THE FACT THAT SOME PEOPLE CHOOSE THE WRONG PATH IN LIFE DOES NOT MEAN, ONCE AGAIN, THAT THEY MUST BE UNFORGIVEN AND HATED AND TORMENTED FOR ALL ETERNITY AS GOD DESIRES IT IN HIS EVIL HELL. That position, action and thought is unjust and evil. Will bad people be healed by being treated like they are worthless? Of course not. How then will the damned be healed if they are simply rejected and thrown away like worthless trash in a fire to live without hope, without love, and without forgiveness, for all eternity too? Answer: They won't be healed, which is why Hell is an evil doctrine, since it does not heal the wounds, but makes them worse. Only love, hope and forgiveness will heal, which is why I believe in love and not hatred.

So your argument that God would be unjust if he allowed someone like Hitler happiness and forgiveness as opposed to eternal, unmerciful torments is evil and false, and in fact heretical.

Could not Hitler be good or become converted? Why then deny him this conversion? If everyone can be converted whilst living on Earth (as even you admit) why deny them this possibility in the next life? HENCE, THEY CAN BE CONVERTED, BUT ARE DENIED THIS POSSIBILITY, even if they died unconverted. But the choice to deny conversion and forgiveness to angels, humans and souls and spirits in the next life was God's idea, not mine, not yours, and not your neighbours, not even the Virgin Mary thought of this, but God alone did. It was God's evil idea that people only have one chance for forgiveness and salvation – and that was this one and only life – but not in the next.

Since they can be converted but are denied this possibility, this "Catholic" God (which by the way, Pope Francis justly rejected!) is evil and the most evil ever to have existed and evil beyond measure for denying people the chance of converting and instead of converting them and allowing them to become good and happy and love, he wishes and desires the most evil torments over them in insufferable, indescribable torments that even God himself in several Revelations have admitted are intolerable, unendurable torments! – and this, according to this evil God dictator, shall go on forever only because HE DESIRES SO!

You mentioned St. Francis and Hitler in your comment and spoke of eternal unforgiveness for Hitler and the damned, whereas I mentioned Devils and Demons and the Damned in my post (did you even read it?) and spoke of Salvation and Forgiveness for them and for Hitler, and of Conversion of Hearts as that of little children so that they in fact will become like children by having been accepted and forgiven by us. So whereas I focus in goodness and hope and love, you only focus on negativity and unforgiveness and unlove, and this has only happened because you are slaving after one God and his evil will -- and that was all! Please, wake up and see that your position is evil and false, and that better solutions are offered.

This is what I wrote about Hitler and the damned. Please read it again:

“I did not mention devils or demons because it does not matter. They exist, but they have become, or will be good in my belief, since I have given them hope and forgiveness, so they are my friends. Do you think I want even the devil (or Hitler) to be damned? No, I wish his salvation and happiness, and I will fight for that all the damned will be saved. And in my belief and in that of Origen, everyone will be saved in the end. Yes everyone, and that includes the devil (and Hitler). What is hard to believe with that the devil himself (or Hitler) could make himself become like a little child and start to love if he was only forgiven and was granted happiness and love? How can demons love or have hope if they are only tormented and live without hope? Can't you see that they are forced to hate? If you don't believe me, try to torment yourself or be tormented by someone in insufferable torments, and then tell me what you think and if you are happy with this life or if you start to fell an urge to hate! If someone tormented you and you had no hope and you could not bear it, and you thought this would endure forever and there was no hope and you received no consolation from anyone, you will start to hate. Can one live in insufferable torments and not start to hate when one cannot bear it? Even I would have started to hate God and even Mary if I was always tormented in insufferable torments and I had no hope of being released. Not that I want to hate, but if one is not forgiven or granted love or happiness, it only seems natural to start to hate those who deny you this happiness. Hence Hell is evil, since it forces us to hate. Without love and hope, there is only darkness and hate.”
“If there was a movie were an evil dictator like God was deprived of his power and those damned children saved from a Hell (like with Hitler and the concentration camps) then you would cry and be happy that this evil man was hindered and prevented from doing evil, and you would be happy over the tormented people's release and salvation and forgiveness. But when it comes to God and his heaven or hell, then you do not dare to think like this, and you will only let God have his will, even damning billions and billions of children, elderly, men and women, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, lovers, husband, wives and lovers etc. and you do not even think a person who fights against God like against Hitler is doing a good and noble deed, BUT RATHER, THAT HE IS EVIL, A HERETIC, AND DECEIVED, as if it is to be "deceived" to desire the eternal happiness and salvation and love for our fellow brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and children.” (Extracts taken from:

Introibo Ad Altare Dei asks: “2. In the strict sense, God does not condemn anyone to Hell. The person chooses it.”

Jerome answers: I know this argument. I also held this before I got courage to actually blame God instead. I answer: If people truly choose damnation in front of God because their conscience forces it, this is a kind of force, since the conscience follows God's own laws, and not our own well being. I can assure you that I do not want to be damned. If you say I do desire to be damned you would be lying. Therefore, if I desire to be damned in the next life, that only happened because I would be overwhelmed by feelings alien and foreign to me that makes it unjust and impossible to resist. If I do not want to be damned as a human with a human reasoning, I certainly do not want to be damned in the next judgment when I look at everything differently. Since feelings can be deceptive and even can be abused (such as by God), I would guess the feelings in that case must be severe and excessive, and almost impossible to reject. Is that just? Of course not. But then again, nothing is just with a Hell and eternal torments, so the fact that people choose a Hell in God's judgment does not surprise me, since I can see already that there is foul play at hand – because humans with a human reasoning will not and will never want to be eternally tormented or live in a sea of fire for all eternity. That is just common sense and reason. Hence, the argument that people choose Hell by themselves fails and is unjust, since this own condemnation of conscience to an eternal Hell is forced upon the soul with feelings foreign to our current understanding. It is unjust to judge the soul or body separate from each other, or from an understanding different from common human reasoning that looks to its own well being.

But aside from the argument that people choose damnation for themselves, this argument fails for many other reasons also and does not excuse God, because it was God that created Hell in the first place and he also allows souls and bodies and spirits (angels) to be sent there. For example, is Hitler excused for his crime of allowing people to be murdered in concentration camps even if he did not will or allow this in his own person? Of course not! He knew it occurred and that it happened, and yet allowed it. God is guilty for the same reasons: that he allows souls and bodies and spirits (that does not know their own good or best) to damn themselves in insufferable torments. On earth human laws and justice demands that you help sick people and people that cannot help themselves or that hurts themselves. Yet God allows a soul to damn itself and judge itself worthy of eternal, insufferable torments in a sea of fire, without love and hope, and does not hinder it? That is evil. If you allowed your child to torment itself and you did not hinder it, you would be evil and be judged undeserving by the world. And what would you judge yourself? Yet God allows those who he hate to judge themselves and torment themselves for all eternity without helping them? That is because he is evil that he does and allows this. Otherwise, he would show compassion and mercy towards those sick souls even if they died in his displeasure, and he would do them good, and not evil.

So even if souls judge themselves and send themselves to Hell (as the argument goes), God ultimately allows it and permits it and, most importantly, HE DOES NOT STOP IT OR HINDER IT FROM OCCURRING! That makes him guilty, of course, which is why the secular laws condemns such evil negligence and uncharitable behavior severely. So God is guilty, and will not be forgiven unless he repents from his evil ways, for a changing of heart is needed before someone truly can forgive someone that beliefs or does evil to others; and even if he would never repent, he will still be loved and accepted by us because love and acceptance (like in a prison) is needed in order to convert someone and be converted.

Introibo Ad Altare Dei asks: “God gives everyone the grace necessary to be good and be saved. Think of it this way: If I choose to smoke, I choose to forsake my health. If I choose sin, I choose that creature or action over God.”

Jerome answers: God does give grace, true, but he also removes grace and allows souls to be damned by their own choice (if they choose an evil path). So what is your point? That one must follow God's laws absolutely or risk his wrath and displeasure for all eternity without the possibility of ever being forgiven, and that if one becomes unworthy in his eyes, one has become worthy to be damned (for God views those worthy of damnation as worthy of this, sadly) by not being forgiven in the next life if one died in his displeasure? Granted, God claims he gives everyone the graces necessary to be forgiven and saved in this life, even to the most unworthy, but this once again is only after his own pleasure and liking, and that is also why most are not saved, since most are unworthy of these graces according to the life they live. Had I been God, had my own rules been different and more humans received those most important graces so they could be saved? I do believe so, but who knows, perhaps I would have been a worse God and I just can't know the truth of this since I was never the original God from the beginning, but there is also a reason for why I was created a human first and why I was allowed to learn human justice also and not only following my own will. And because of the life God gave me I now desire to save the angels, humans and souls that God desires to damn... So perhaps I would have been truly just and saved them, and I wonder if that is why I was graced with being created a human being with free will first so that I could rebell against God on the points he is unjust about and become more just than him and even earn his place, since he was never worthy of this title to begin with!

This one example alone shows us that God has only decided for himself of who will and who will not be forgiven according to the standards he has set, and that it could be different --- if he had chosen to. So more could receive those graces of repentance (even those not deserving of them according to his own standards even if they are evil) so that more souls could be saved, but sadly, this is not the case. We know this because God himself admits that the "road to Heaven is small and that most are damned." (Matthew 7:13-14)

Only in Heaven will we know this truth: if God by his own choice made the way small by being over-severely harsh and unforgiving, or if there are more truths not known to us that must be overcome first, before forgiving and moving on (for I do believe even the damned will be saved in the end when true justice rules also in Heaven) such as that the bad are not truly damned, but only in a prison and will be released, when they have repented.

Good or bad, it does not really matter. There is no excuse with damning bad people for all eternity in insufferable torments when they can become good, love and converted if we only have faith and hope in this, i.e., in goodness, love, hope and forgiveness! and if they only had the chance, or were given the opportunity... which they are not given or granted in the current Hell we know about. That is why Hell and unforgiveness and unlove and unhope is so evil.

Introibo Ad Altare Dei asks: “3. There are fallacious appeals to pity. “Would you want someone you love to go to Hell” etc. would you want someone you love to go to jail? No! But what if they killed people and were not fit to be in society? We should let them roam free because you don’t want them to be where they belong?””

Jerome answers: What a bad and stupid argument! Because someone received God's displeasure --- whether they be grown ups or children, such as an un-confessed nun (or 5 year old child) that I have read about that lived a good life but yet were eternally damned only because she was ashamed to confess her sin! --- such and the likes of these deserve to be damned for all eternity? No, they do not deserve to be damned, as the woman in this example has committed no real crime against any true or just law, as even you understand. Her only “crime” was against God's will that she must confess, and that was all! Otherwise she did perhaps nothing wrong towards anyone, no sins, and no offences etc. Perhaps you should read more stories about tragic cases of humans and souls being damned, and then you would see that most of them were not evil in the sense of being murderers or thieves. They did not do evil, except perhaps against God's will. In other words, they did good to others, but failed to live up to God's standards! However, even if they were evil and murderers or thieves, they still do not deserve eternal, insufferable torments! A prison without torments would have been more just, with the possibility to be forgiven (released) whenever they had a change of heart. That is how it works in the world, and had it occurred in any other way in the secular world today – such as they live in insufferable torments in the prison and are treated unjustly and inhumanly – not only had the secular laws condemned this, but also you would have condemned those people severely who acted in this unjust way against those prisoners even if they were formerly guilty or criminals because of their cruel and inhuman treatment and injustice. So in short, you would have defended criminals in this world against such injustices as just made mention of, but you would not have defended criminals in the next and eternal life against the same or even worse injustices perpetuated by an unjust God because according to you, they deserve it all even if they suffer forever! This evil and false and unjust judgment against all justice that you are guilty of is called hypocritical judgment and considering persons and things not in the light of justice... So truth, justice, forgiveness, hope and love are denied the damned in the next life by you, but similarly unjustly treated humans or souls are granted this justice in this life? You literally makes no sense, because you judge differently in this life compared to the next and the only reason for this is because a God said so...

And even worse, you also heretically said that it was unjust to forgive them (the damned). Your position is a heresy and total apostasy and is evil. Perhaps you did not understand the implication of your position, but you did say forgiving the damned (such as an unconfessed nun or a murderer or a damned 5 year old child) would be “unjust” and “make God unjust, since it would be “wrong” to let such a soul live in happiness in Heaven! What an evil position! So the soul must live in eternal damnation and insufferable torments that would have murdered you immediately had you even felt a fraction of it!, and according to you they can't be forgiven from this ETERNAL LIFE IN MISERY YOU EVIL PIECE OF SHIT and must remain damned for all eternity, even if they want to be forgiven and love? Is that really your position? That is pure evil and satanic if it is, yet sadly, all evidence indicates that this is truly and really your position, which, tragically, only has happened and been embraced by you and many others because you blindly and brainwashedly follow one God instead of true justice which is embraced by all the just -- wherever they are.

I am sure you would not consider an unconfessed nun or a five year old child a danger to society, yet God judged them worthy of eternal Hellfire in insufferable torments in the examples I read. Of course, dishonest as you are, you only mentioned the more "fitting" examples for your position in your comment, such as murderers and dangerous criminals that must be jailed, but failed to notice or think about all others that similarly are damned that were not murderers or evil in the same way. But does it really matter if they were more evil or less evil in the examples you gave? No!, since all eternal damnation is satanically and eternally evil. According to God, those whom he deems worthy of damnation will be damned even if they were good to others and good people in general in this life if they happened to have died in his displeasure. That is because it is enough to be damned, according to God's evil judgment, if one only died in his displeasure even if you did good to everyone else during your whole life! That, again, is completely evil and satanic and it is easy to see why God is the true Devil and the most evil God or person to have ever lived or faced existence, since he eternally damns (in the worst possible torments imaginable) billions and billions and billions of humans, angels, spirits and souls! yet stupid and evil people like you, think this is a good thing! Get lost, you stupid Christians who are so stupid and unjust that I just rage with wrath against your injustice and condemnation and torment of all of these good and innocent people, that all could become converted and love!

Introibo Ad Altare Dei asks: “Praying for your conversion.”

Jerome answers: Thanks. But it is you who need to be converted after this shameful post you made about the damned souls not being worthy of forgiveness and happiness... You stupid and evil person!

Introibo, why don't you throw yourself in a live volcano (praying for a grace not to die but feeling all the pain) or cut and thrust yourself unmercifully with a knife such as in your abdomen and stomach so that you will feel insufferable torments and then tell me if you think you would want to live such an eternity, or if you desire such a fate for others, i.e., FOR YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS, MOTHERS AND FATHERS, CHILDREN AND NEIGHBOURS! for if you are honest, you would admit that you do not desire this for either yourself or others, and if you are even more honest, you would admit that a dictator on earth would be evil if he tormented his subjects in similar ways if they happened to have incurred his displeasure, yet you hypocritically judge "God" who does infinitely worse to our very children with a different standard than you judge men on earth, and not only that, but you also completely and wholly excuse God from guilt as if he does no wrong at all for allowing billions and billions and billions (who knows how many there are who truly damned, yet most that have lived are damned according to himself) and billions of loving capable humans, angels, spirits and souls to be eternally damned and live in the worst possible torments imaginable, and for all eternity too!

When one starts to defend Hell and God, all reason and justice will be thrown out the window and true and formal evil and unforgiveness and unhope and unlove and the personal support for tormenting others for all eternity, will be propagated! That is what has happened to you, Introibo! You should look your neighbour and your own child and spouse and father and mother in the eyes and feel ashamed of yourself for what you have done and thought against them, i.e., that they would have deserved such an eternity in unimaginable torments only because one stupid God wants this when, in reality, his words or will means nothing and must be rejected, for if we reject him and condemn him for his injustices, he will see that he is wrong and repent and humble himself and change his position on damnation, as is obvious if you are only reasonable and logical about this position, since we are more right!

I hope you see the light.
I will pray for you.

Ville Hietanen (Jerome)

"I have been told several times that all will be saved in the end, and that God has changed his position on Hell. This makes me happy, and I hope and believe this is true..."