Saturday, January 22, 2022

On abortion and adoption: The goal to end abortion once and for all.

Anyone who is considering to make an abortion must reconsider and instead opt for the better alternativ of adoption. Abortion is in fact the same as murder, and there is no way of justifying killing an innocent life just because 'human rights activists' think this should be lawful.

Abortion should, or rather, must be made illegal. And what about the fact if someone who is pro-abortion was aborted themselves before being born? Then you would not be alive today! And this is only one of the arguments for why abortion is evil.

In order for adoption to be encouraged and abortion denied and made illegal, society must change. Politicians and society have an obligation to make adoption (instead of abortion) as a rewarding and honorable deed, and the state should pay out child support to expecting mothers already when they know they are pregnant, and not only after the birth of the child, since this would encourage more women to keep the child instead of aborting it.

Also, if the society accepted adoption more than abortion and honored women who made this choice instead of abortion, then more women would choose adoption before abortion. Society and politicians have an obligation to make changes in society so that women clearly know how repulsive it is to make abortion, by making them aware of that the child is in fact alive in the womb and that it will be brutally murdered if she chooses to end the life of the child. If this was  the case, many more women would choose adoption before abortion. And laws needs to be changed that outlaws abortion from the moment of conception or even before it, rape no exception, and birth control pills need to be made illegal since many of them are abortifacient.

Just think of a society where pregnant women are honored and looked great upon, and mothers who decided to adopt their child was respected and loved and cheered in addition to receiving counselling, in addition to receiving child care support from the moment it could be known they are pregnant, and where it would be deemed inappropriate for parents to frown upon their daughters' impregnation but on the contrary, if she decided to adopt the child, this would be looked kindly upon since this would help another family receive a child. Would not this attitude benefit society and make abortion seem abhorrent, and adoption the right and good choice? Of course it would. Therefore, politicians and Christians, and the world and governments and laws, have an obligation to change and make laws that criminalize abortion so that society looks abhorrent upon it, such as by educating children already in school with pictures of murdered babies so that no one can be ignorant anymore of what abortion is really all about.

In time, as society changes and parents realize the inappropriateness of frowning upon their daughters' impregnation, and where it would be deemed an honor to keep a child rather then abort it, and with the needed support from the government, society and also the media, then abortion could finally be made illegal as the moral support and public opinion for it may have finally been diminished, and not as today, where it is largely supported not only by government, but also by public opinion.