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Q&A: Is our website hacked? Am I deceived? Am I unjust in condemning God and Hell, or is God the one who is unjust?

As the title says it, this discussion, in which the reader completely refused to answer any of my arguments or questions and then even wanted to physically fight with me on the mat since he could not answer me, is about the justice and injustice of Hell and whether or not I am really who I claim to be.

For those who are interested in seeing me debate with a free thinking Traditionalist (note: he is not an Ibranyi adherent, as I previously wrongly stated), please read this conversation.

What is going on here?

Hi there!
I have followed on and off your website for several years, which has supplied some interesting information on various Catholic topics.

I personally am a Catholic Freethinker, so I am not aligned to just one particular group or way of thinking.
I study topics of interest and absorb what is useful and discard what is not.

The thing that confuses me is that it appears you have done a complete turnaround from Traditional to Liberal minded Catholicism.

What has happened here? Has your website been hijacked?

Please explain.

Many thanks.

Best regards,


Jerome answers: No, I am Ville and I am the same person as before. My brother, however, is just as obstinate as before and he seems to think almost everyone is damned, including everyone who believes or thinks kissing for sensual pleasure is lawful etc. Do you see now why I changed belief? I refused to be brainwashed by him anymore.

And to explain shortly again as to why I have changed position, that is because damnation is evil, and if you where damned, I would fight for all eternity for your release and salvation. Do you know why? That is, again, because damnation is evil, and because no one wants to be actually damned, but we all want to be happy and live in happiness, why then Believe in or follow damnation?

Therefore, I have embraced Vatican II, which also shares my view and also embraces Universal Salvation. The Church has changed view for a reason, and that is because God has changed position himself. Do you know why? That is because he was wrong on damnation.

God tells us to follow the Church and what they teach, and that is what I am doing. What are you doing? Would you just let your mother or father or best friend be damned, only because one God wanted this and forced them to be even though they don't really want this? No, of course not. Please answer honestly.
I hope you understand better my position now.

Ville Hietanen.

Read the blog articles also, since they explain the situation even better.

It is recommended that you pray the following prayers everyday (print them out and pray everyday!) for guidance and light in your daily life. They are very powerful and you may be assured of quickly gaining the help you are looking for. I can attest to this from personal experience: (JESUS, MARY, JOSEPH! (prayer with a seven years indulgence for each recital!))

Hi Ville!

I thank you very much for your prompt reply. I appreciate this very much regardless of whether or not we share any of the same views.

I simply have found it very difficult as of recently to find much charity when I have attempted contacting some Catholic websites. They either do not answer at all, or respond quickly with only a basic response without answering all questions, then to never respond again. Others may take a couple of weeks in responding, which causes great frustration.

As mentioned in my original email to you I am a Catholic Freethinker, and I think this bothers many parties because all they want to do is to scare people into thinking that everyone else is wrong and that they are right, so they can maintain a healthy business of selling their propaganda such as books, dvds etc .

Due to me being a Traditionalist of the Sedevacantist type, I certainly am able to see big problems in the Catholic Church in regards to moral or dogmatic issues. No two Traditionalists can seem to agree on all topics, they simply accuse each other of heresy at every point of the way. This is disgusting.

You mentioned the issue of sensual kissing. I personally cannot believe that after 2000 years this very basic moral issue has not been sorted, causing many couples to have scruples in regards to sex in general. We were all born into this world through sex except Jesus Himself.

In regards to what sexual acts are allowed in marriage the simple answer should be to simply imagine the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saints Anne and Joachim. I am certain they never had any scruples in regards to sex, as they would have regarded it as a holy act, but I am 100 percent sure they did not defile the marriage bed with things such as the unholy acts of oral sex or anal sex. Simple Chastity logic.

As for Universal Salvation, I am not going to argue against any of your beliefs. I simply wish to inspire you with the ability to be a Freethinker. I simply look forward to the Catholic Church being resurrected from the dead according to the many hundreds of prophecies which talk about this happening. There will arise both a Great Catholic Monarch and Angelic Shepherd (True Pope). I encourage you to study these prophecies, as there is mention of a great Vatican Council (Vatican 3) which will once and for all settle all disputes. ” Roma locuta; causa finita est” – Saint Augustine.

Till then as the great martial artist Bruce Lee stated, “Research your own experience. Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add what is essentially your own.”

Best regards,


Jerome answers: Hi Ivan, thanks for your reply. You talk about people not answering questions and being happy about me answering yours (I always try to answer questions, since I am not afraid to know the truth and debating arguments) but while I did answer questions, you did not answer mine.

I asked you specifically this question: "God tells us to follow the Church and what they teach, and that is what I am doing. What are you doing? Would you just let your mother or father or best friend be damned, only because one God wanted this and forced them to be even though they don't really want this? No, of course not. Please answer honestly. I hope you understand better my position now." I also clearly made my point on Vatican II known to you, but you never address what you think of Vatican II clearly, if you reject or accept them.

Also, you seem to have indicated that you agree with Markus on sexual issues, such as that simple kisses or touches damns someone? You did not say this directly, but indicated this. If this is your position, this is dusting [disgusting].

You said the Church has sorted out the issue on sexual morality during the past 2000 years. This is not true if you only adhere to the old Church, because they where wrong on many believes, as we can see on the issue with damnation and eternal separation of loved ones only because one obstinate God wanted this. Also, did you know that St. Alphonsus himself approves of sensual kisses and touches whereas Markus obstinately still condemns them, even damning St. Alphonsus to hell for contradicting him? Yes, that is how unreasonable Markus is.

If the issue of sexuality was clear since the 2000 years, St. Alphonsus would not have spoken as he did, if now all the Fathers was right. No, the truth is that almost no one ever listened to those harsh teachings of the fathers (as can be seen with Alphonsus and all other sources he sites and other theologians of the time and earlier and after), because most people knew they where wrong teachings. Sexuality is not as sinful or bad as they portrayed it, as if sexuality which God gave mankind was such a source of eternal temptation leading to damnation.

With regards to oral sex and anal sex. Yes, Anna and Joachim are the ideal of holy sex, and I too can't imagine them having done such acts. But that really has nothing to do with what others do or do not do in their sex acts. As for my own opinion and that of Vatican II, these acts are not sinful if you have a good conscience about them. That is just how the law of conscience works. You will not commit sin with acts that are not sinful in themselves if you believe they are right to do; and these acts are not evil in themselves, since they are about loving and giving love and pleasure to the other spouse you love. And that is all.

Also, if these acts where sinful and damnable even though there is nothing evil in them except a possible transgression against one God, then it would mean most humanity would be damned, since either most perform these acts or at least, believe they can be performed if people like them [the acts]. So, would most people be damned over these issues that in themselves are not evil or sinful only because one God wants this? or is it more possible, as the Church teaches, they are permitted provided the spouses have a good conscience [and they desire to perform those acts], and that God does not judge them as sinful, since he understands the world is not the same anymore.

Also, the law of cleanliness is also the reason for why these acts have become accepted [by society] in other ways than before. Before in time, it was dirty even to kiss since the hygiene was not the same as today. That is why people do things today that before, would have repulsed most people, due to not being as clean as today.

I simply refuse to believe in the harsh God that damn the whole of humanity for committing acts that in themselves are not sinful [or evil] in themselves, but are even love, only because he felt offended. No, God, change your views instead. And that is also what he has done, not only according to me, but according to the Church, that also changes views or positions, or, if you want to see it that way, interprets them better.

I will await your response.
Good day, and may the Blessed Virgin Mary Bless you.

Ville Hietanen

Hi Ville!

I am a simple man, not a Catholic apologist. I do not have my own Catholic website where I espouse my beliefs, hence, I am not looking at arguing any point of view.

I am merely being polite in answering your questions as a Catholic Freethinker, not as an expert. For this reason, I will be recommending you to study what others have said on various topics of interest as I do not have the brilliant intellect of some individuals.

I am as already mentioned a Catholic Freethinker, who studies what others have to say on various moral or dogmatic issues. From my studies I have seen that no group of those who hold the name Catholic can seem to agree with anything in a unanimous manner.

Your brother Markus falls exactly into the category of having his own Traditional Catholic mini cult, because he is adamant that all of his views are correct. Instead of you yourself absorbing what is wise and true in regards to what he has written and believes on certain topics, you have totally rejected some of his wisdom on for example Why Hell is Eternal. Thus you have created your own Liberal Catholic mini cult.

In regards to sensual kissing, I stated the following in my previous email:

“You mentioned the issue of sensual kissing. I personally cannot believe that after 2000 years this very basic moral issue has not been sorted, causing many couples to have scruples in regards to sex in general. We were all born into this world through sex except Jesus Himself. “

I believe a man who has addressed sexual pleasure in a very level headed manner is Richard Ibranyi. It doesn’t mean that I agree with Mr. Ibranyi on all his other subjects he has written about, but on sexual pleasure, I believe he has done a very good job which explains things such as kissing, touches etc.

See and read his link below. [I advice no one to read his material. You have been warned! Also, see our article:]

Hence, I do not agree with your brother Markus on every issue, as I believe Mr. Ibranyi has done a much better common sense analysis on sexual pleasure.

As for Vatican 2, well if I stated in my previous email that I was a “Traditionalist of the Sedevacantist type”, this should be enough for you to understand that I do not agree with Vatican 2.

When I mentioned that in prophecies of the future, that there will be an Angelic Shepherd and Vatican Council 3 that will resolve “once and for all settle all disputes”; what does this mean to you?

Are you ignoring the hundreds of prophecies by Saints, Blesseds, Venerables and other pious Catholic souls who talk about this occurrence?

When Vatican 3 condemns Vatican 2 as false, are you still going to be obstinate in holding opposing views, or will you accept it that God has changed his mind again to be more Traditional?

Other people will simply declare you a heretic, but I declare you in my manner of speak as a sailor in search of the Promised Land. Keep searching and looking.

You do not know everything, as neither do I, however, learn from what other people have stated in regards to various topics of interest. They may be right on some topics but on others wrong, but do not reject them totally simply because it doesn’t suit your agenda.

Long live freethinking!


Best regards,


Jerome answers: Ivan, even if you don't own a website, you can still answer questions. But I digress.

Concerning what others say, I am well aware of that, and this is also why I have taken another approach of justice, and not merely obedience to a God or person. This is why my position entails justice, rather than obedience to someone.

Yes, my brother Markus have fallen into Cultism, and that is his problem: pride. He thinks he is right above everyone else or most people, even Alphonsus himself, whom he really would consider as damned (he told me this my self) if he really did teach those things on kisses and touches (which Alphonsus did teach), but in his ignorance, Markus denies it, because otherwise, he would have to condemn him.

As you say, I try to be wise and as yourself, being a freethinker or rather, a person of justice who adhere to justice rather than obedience, because if only obedience is followed, then the more important aspect of justice is ignored. And that is the point: i.e., justice, and not merely slaving after a person or a God. Because god certainly has not been just on Hell, just as Hitler was not just on his evil concentration camps [and murder]. Yet Hell is far worse and infinitely so than simply a concentration camp. Why then imagine that god was good or just on this point? He was not.

I reject Hell because it is unjust, and also, because God claims to follow justice, hence, we who reject Hell and advocate forgiveness and salvation, must be right even above god, and God wrong. So who would be right in his judgment, when he [God] want to condemn and we forgive. Hence, I am confident God will humble himself and admit to being wrong [in the day of judgement], and god, in fact, has told me this many times, i.e., that he was wrong and that men in the world, such as his Church, has changed their views. (There is a reason for why God told us to adhere to the Church, and why he himself also adheres to it, because God at least was humble enough to understand men's opinion and justice may differ from his.)

It would be more straightforward if you just admitted to adhering to the Church and Alphonsus on the topic of sexual ethics or not, and not just claiming to adhere to Ibranyi. For Ibranyi is not the Church, but Vatican II, which expands on Alphonsus, is.

You stated: “When I mentioned that in prophecies of the future, that there will be an Angelic Shepherd and Vatican Council 3 that will resolve “once and for all settle all disputes”; what does this mean to you?” This can be interpreted differently, such as that Vatican II is this council. Also, prophecies does not really matter [above justice], only justice matter, because a prophecy does not deny justice [or may not deny justice], or precede it. God may be God or claim to be, but if he is not just, he will fall. This is what everything must be judged after [justice], and not prophecy, or God, or teachings which are evil.

You wrote: “Are you ignoring the hundreds of prophecies by Saints, Blesseds, Venerables and other pious Catholic souls who talk about this occurrence?” No, I am not ignoring everything, but when you ask, I am asking you, why are you ignoring God's own words to follow the Church. That is God's own words. These words you are referring to, are only words of saints that doesn't really change anything, and as Ibranyi loves to stress, they are not infallible.

Besides, what if Vatican II was this council that they where referring to? Otherwise, my own personal opinion may be that a new council in the future may be convened to condemn even harsher and clearer the heresy of Hell and oppression as was taught previously in the Church. This has not been done yet to the full extent as I have done it. Hence, much more is needed to be done by the Church.

Also, even if the saints are right in their words, this does not make it right, because the Saints where merely slaving after God, and tragically, they did not even fight against God for the salvation of every brother and sister that has ever lived, but they only – as blinded slaves (sadly) like with Hitler and his blinded slaves – follow his evil whatever he teaches. No, this is not how true justice works. True justice teaches forgiveness and salvation for everyone, and not evil damnation and nothing can change this fact. No prophecy, no God, no teaching or law can make that which is inherently evil and unjust and unrighteous become good, right or noble or just, simply because it is not.

I also want to point out that even though the saints did not fight against God, they still did not like damnation and they did all in their power in life to help souls escape Hell. Hence they where good souls, although, brainwashed just like the Germans was with Hitler, whom they also followed into evil (not all of them did, but many of them did... but did this make it right, because they obeyed? No, certainly not, because obedience to someone is not justice or goodness if justice and goodness is not followed).

You wrote: “When Vatican 3 condemns Vatican 2 as false, are you still going to be obstinate in holding opposing views, or will you accept it that God has changed his mind again to be more Traditional?” Yes I will if they condemn justice. That is again, because justice is to be followed, and not men or god. If God be not truly just, God will fall, and someone better take his place? Do you believe in this? I certainly do!

Vatican II teaches more justice than any previous version of the Catholic Church, so no one can actually condemn them, unless they be even more just than they. Do you agree with this? And again, slaving after God and his evil Hell is not justice, but in fact, the greatest injustice that has ever existed.

So declare me heretical as much as you like, whoever you are, even a future so-called unjust Catholic council. In heaven, we will see who was right, and who will be rewarded for having actually followed justice, and not only having slaved after god like a man who is afraid to think of something better for others and himself, when better opinions are available. [Like creating a prison with the possibility of parole and forgiveness instead of an evil Hell in which no forgiveness or possibility of betterment ever existed...]

In heaven, I will be the friend and lover of the damned, whereas everyone else will stand with shame for not having wanted to save them! Think about that.

And yes, I do not know everything as you stated, but this I know: Justice. And justice must always be followed, even if a God damns and condemns you for it. [Do you agree with this?] Would you dare to make this move? I have...

Cheers to you too!

Best regards,

Have you read this and subsequent articles? I really advise you to do so, since this would make my position and justice (which fights against god's injustice) more clear to you.

Please read it:

Hi Ville!

It has come time for us to part ways. This will be my final communication, as you believe in the complete opposite of God, thus you are a type of Anti-Christ.

You yourself know that you are an explicit heretic for denying the existence of Hell. I am not saying you will end up in Hell, as I am hopeful that you will eventually convert faithfully to Catholic Tradition.

I am certain that God gives everyone at least one chance to convert to the true Faith, and that he will either send a preacher directly, or deliver what is required in a miraculous way, such as Mary of Agreda bilocating to Indians of North America.

As for sexual ethics Richard Ibranyi has explained it much better than anyone else. He is not heretical in this regard. If you had read his article he explained it in a very logical way, countering the extreme right and extreme left.

In regards to the dispute between your brother Markus and yourself, who is closer to God? I would judge it to be Markus as he at least tries to make sense of this current Church crisis. Markus if you read this, do not condemn everything that other Traditionalists have written, as they may have discovered problems and issues which you have not. If for example, you don’t like Mr. Ibranyi for whatever reason, please remember that in every mad man there is a genius. Ibranyi for example has discovered heretical items in the 1917 Code of Canon Law, thus you cannot dismiss him totally. [I advice no one to read his material. You have been warned! Also, see our article:]

This terrible monster called Vatican 2, did not simply arise all of a sudden and exploded onto the world scene. Rather it was many centuries in the making. The Church has had problems with heresies for a very long time. So once again, I implore you Markus to give Ibranyi a fair go by studying his deep analysis of what has gone wrong in these past 1000 years or so, of the Great Apostasy. [I advice no one to read his material. You have been warned! Also, see our article:]

I only leave one final parting comment by the words of Jesus Christ in John 3:5‐ “Amen, amen, I say to thee, unless a man be born again of water and the Holy Ghost, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God”

Cheers to all!

Best regards,


Jerome answers: Your whole email is shameful, you in reality tells us to follow obedience or dictators above justice, and that it would be justice and righteousness and equivalent to salvation to follow someone like Hitler unto evil, even though we know better! Do you know what your problem is? That is that you are brainwashed, and afraid to stand up to justice. You are thus a follower of man (or God) and not a follower of justice and love.

You believe in and adhere to the damnation of billions and billions of angels, humans and souls, and even children, as something good and salvific, whereas the position to fight against this evil heresy, you judge as heretical and damnable. You are pathetic, and you are blind. You reject justice, and you do not love truly, because you are only a follower of man (or of god) and you do not fight for the salvation of those damned you love, but rather, or so it seems, only if you are saved, you would let all the rest be and remain damned, and you would not care. Do you know what that is called? Selfishness. You are disgusting.

Do you know why I write so severely? That is because I have explained myself to you so clearly, and yet you reject everything and defend God even though he desires and wishes the damnation and ETERNAL torments of those whom he reject! Thus, you are a heretic yourself for denying love, justice, and truth and honesty, and you are a follower of man (or God) and not of justice. You are no different from the Germans that followed Hitler unto evil in World War 2, and no different from all the other blind people who followed evil people into evil, because they too where followers of men and false obedience above true justice, [a justice] which adhere to truth and not a man or a God, if this man or god be unjust; and you continue to adhere to this truth even if this man or God punishes you for it. That is truth, that is nobility, that is honor, and this is what those good people did who resisted Hitler and other evil people [and they where right], and why they are rightly honored by the world, whereas everyone else, will have to stand which shame.

In short, you say I am wrong and a heretic (and unjust and evil according to you too?) because I desire your mother and father's and everyone else's salvation, and that God is right and good and just and faithful because he desires and wills the damnation and ETERNAL torments of billions and billions of angels, humans and souls... Can you not see how blind you are? You call goodness evil and evil goodness, ONLY BECAUSE YOU FEAR TO STAND UP FOR JUSTICE, AND BECAUSE YOU ARE A FOLLOWER OF MAN [or of this God who is a false good because he is unjust] RATHER THAN A FOLLOWER OF JUSTICE [which is the true God, since the true God claims to be inherently just]. Hence, you would rather “save” your own poor soul then stand up to the truth and disobey an evil God, for the sake of the good of all. You are thus a coward, and a fraud against the faith and love you claim to follow.

Think of it, if your mother was damned, you would just allow it according to the current evil faith you hold, and you would not even dare to question God or do anything against it [or about it]. That is the current evil faith you are holding, and is also the reason for why you are blind.

No, instead of being such a coward like you, I will always condemn God and fight for your and everyone's else's salvation, and I will never accept the position that anyone should be damned, but I will always fight against this heresy even if God condemn and damns me for it, because god is wrong and I am right on this point, as is obvious, and as will be seen in the day of judgment, when you will stand with shame for being unjust, and I with happiness, for having made the right choice of justice.

You will remember this conversation in Heaven with shame, that is for sure.

IF you don't reply, I will have nothing more to say to you, but I will post this conversation on my blog, so that people will see the truth and what the so-called “Catholic” faith is all about: SELFISHNESS. IF only I am saved, all is good... [The Catholic faith is not selfish for those who live selfless lives, but for others, it become selfish, since they don't care or do anything about the salvation of the damned, which are in the billions.]

Also, ask yourself this question, how could you be happy in heaven seeing all the damned whom you love be damned? You can't, unless you are inherently selfish.

An this will be my last word: Why is it so hard to believe that Hell was just a test by God too see what men would want to be truly just and who would not, and that this is a great test in order to see who [what people] just don't want to be like blind sheep just following blind [false] obedience rather than [the truth of] justice?

Why can't you see or admit that justice stands above even a God if this God be not truly just? Wake up! Please, answer this question honesty: Does justice stand above God or not? ANSWER!

Hi Ville!

I mentioned I am not going to communicate with you no longer, however, circumstances changed when you mentioned that if I do not reply that you will post our conversation on your blog.

YES please do this posting on your blog . I think this would be a great business idea, as I am willing to do business with anyone, even with heretics like you for the greater glory of God.

In the Economy of Salvation, I totally and wholeheartedly accept you posting all this on your blog, under the condition that you do not change or edit our communications in any manner, shape or form. Leave it as is in its natural form. Post everything both what you yourself had said and what I have said too. It will help people seek the truth by discerning what is a lie and what is truthful.

Let everyone who reads all of this, see who the coward is, as Catholic warriors will through their own experience know that cowards like to act tough behind a computer screen or phone, but in real life people are so much more timid when they have to face someone in person. [Jerome comments: It's shameful how he talks about cowardice, yet become a complete coward himself by completely refusing to answer any of my questions or arguments on the point of justice and damnation... Know this, dear reader, when someone refuses to answer even a single question or argument that was asked, this is an indication that their position is weak and false and they have nothing to stand upon – just as with this person.]

Ville! I am not interested in your bullshit heretical babble, either be a man and post everything per my agreement or fly to Australia in the future once travel is re-instated with a fully paid ticket by me, to face me in person on the martial arts mat for just one lesson. Then we will see who the coward is. Till then shut your lip and get on with the show.

Go ahead make my day!


“What is the good of words if they aren't important enough to quarrel over? Why do we choose one word more than another if there isn't any difference between them? If you called a woman a chimpanzee instead of an angel, wouldn't there be a quarrel about a word? If you're not going to argue about words, what are you going to argue about? Are you going to convey your meaning to me by moving your ears? The Church and the heresies always used to fight about words, because they are the only thing worth fighting about.”
― G.K. Chesterton

Jerome answers: Forgive me Ivan if I offended you, but I do write hard in order to make you see and to gain a proper response, but see you did not, and again you did not address any of my questions, arguments or points at all but rather, you only stated that I could post the conversation on my blog and you also showed that you took offense at what I wrote (hence your invitation to a physical fight with you). Since this is the case, why not be a man and fight with me in words instead and actually take the time to reply to my arguments for once, as my intention was to make you do in the first place?

Do you know why you refuse to respond properly? That is because you fear God or fear offending him, hence you do not dare to question him, even if he would damn your own mother, father or child. Is this the sad truth about you (that you could let a dictator murder those you love and do nothing about it?). This, at least, is the sad indication you gave in your email, since you completely avoided all my arguments to the point of justice, damnation, and of not allowing or allowing God to damn those we love, and actually doing something or nothing about it.

At present you do nothing, and you also avoided to answer my question concerning what you would do. That, again, is because you fear being damned for being a true freethinker. Hence you are not really a true freethinker, but you only are such when it fits you and so long as you do not have to fear being “damned” or “condemned” for endorsing this approach. If you had any courage or sense of justice, as I explained, you would answer my question and even risk being damned if honesty and justice condemns God over the points I took up and excuse us (the so called damned), but so far, you have not been just or even honest at all because you completely refused to answer or even address any of my arguments at all, and all you have done is to defend God like someone would defend Hitler even though God positively damns and wills the damnation of everyone we love (whoever they are that are damned).

Thus, you do not truly care about true justice, and provided you and yours are saved, or even if they are not, but provided you are saved, all is fine with you? Is this your sad belief and faith? And what if you are damned? However, do not worry, I will never let you or anyone else be damned, but I will always fight for all eternity for everyone's salvation because I do know and see the truth that damnation is evil, and that God is evil for damning us rather than forgiving and curing us, as easily could be done in some form of prison in the next life – so God have no excuse in the day of judgment for the evil he did and thought about with this and I will condemn him for it and do all in my power to save all the damned, if there are any. (You see the difference in our faith? Mine is good and endorse goodness, yours is evil and endorse evil.) And in the day of judgment, God I will condemn and deprive of his rule because I know something you refuse to see, that damnation is evil and that God is unjust for damning us. Heck, you even claim I will be damned and burn in Hell for the simple fact of questioning him on eternal damnation; and because I want to save your mother and father and everyone else from Hell, you call me damned and a heretic!

Can't you see how sad your view of justice, love and faith is? God wants to damn us, yet he is good, faithful and just according to you? And I who want to save them from damnation, is declared damned and a heretic according to you. That is the kind of blindness and dishonesty we are talking about here, (good is bad and bad is good) and is also the reason for my harsh words in the previous emails, because when it comes to this, most Catholics or Christians are completely dishonest, such as you have been, and they refuse to see or even answer questions, just like you did, and whatever one says to them they simply refuse to listen, just as you did, and whatever one says to them God will always be defended by them even if he positively wills and allows and permits the damnation of your own child, mother, father, brother or sister, and what is worse, the person who desires to save them or condemns God for this and fights him on this points – rather then praise him or deem him good [or agreeing with him], are condemned as evil, heretical and damned by blind people like you.

In reality, what you do is nothing less than the equivalent of defending someone like Hitler, and instead of condemning Hitler or God as you should be doing (or at least, acknowledge that Hell is evil), you condemn the person who wants to save us as evil, as a heretic and as damned, for the mere “crime” of having condemned and fought against Hitler (or God)!

Think of the stupidness of your position once again: Because I desire that your mother and father be saved even if God damned them, you call me evil, a heretic and damned; and God who damns them you defend even though he positively wills and permits the ETERNAL TORMENT of those we love in the worst torments possible for all eternity (ETERNITY!)...

Hence your position has nothing to do with justice at all, but all your position entails is slaving after one man or one God whatever he teaches or does, and this is not honest, nor is it truth, nor is it justice, but in reality it is cowardice, and injustice, and against love. What a dark and selfish faith you have!

In short, you defend the worst crime possible: the eternal torment and murder of billions of human beings and angels that all could love IF ONLY GIVEN THE CHANCE, and you do not even dare to be a true freethinker in this regard and think of something better. Heck, you do not even have the courage to think [or write] of something better for them to me (not even anything have you mentioned but a Hell with torments), but you only avoid everything and call me damned. And that is all.

I have really nothing more to say to you, and if you choose not to respond, so be it.

Yes, I will post this conversation on my blog as it is, EXCEPT FOR SMALL SPELLING AND GRAMMATICAL FIXES THAT WILL BE NECESSARY IN ORDER TO MAKE MY POINTS MORE CLEAR, for I expressed my self poorly in some parts due to not having proofread it better. I hope you understand.

I will end this email now.


I hope you have a good day and a wonderful life, and then after death, we will meet each other in Heaven.

You wild boar!

I already told you I am not interested in your bull shit heretical babble, hence, just get on with the show.

Recall one of my responses which I will quote again;

“I am a simple man, not a Catholic apologist. I do not have my own Catholic website where I espouse my beliefs, hence, I am not looking at arguing any point of view.

I am merely being polite in answering your questions as a Catholic Freethinker, not as an expert. For this reason, I will be recommending you to study what others have said on various topics of interest as I do not have the brilliant intellect of some individuals.”

Thus you are being aggressive in demanding an argument with someone who has already told you they are not interested.

Either get on with the show of posting everything or start preparing for the martial arts mat. There are no other options.

There is to be no editing of anything when you post our conversations, not even spelling mistakes nor grammar. That is what I agreed to. I want you to post everything, including this email too. Everything!

I have nothing further to say and I am not interested in you replying to me with anything else except for the words: I agree to post everything as is or I agree to a martial arts lesson.


Final thoughts by me, Ville (or Jerome), and this was not posted to him in the email, but posted here:

Ivan, you don't have to be en expert or a theologian to know or understand justice because justice is the reason for why you know and understand that murder, rape and theft is wrong, and so the pitiful excuse that you are no expert is no excuse for ignoring my requests of receiving an answer, because the questions was about justice, and not about some theological matter not pertaining to justice. Hence, to respond to my questions would have been just as obvious and clear as to respond to the question: is it right or wrong to murder? But since you are not honest, you do not want to see clearly, and you are not interested in being just, hence that you do not answer the questions or arguments pertaining to justice, because if you do answer them, what would happen, you think? You would have agreed with me, and hence have condemned God even if you would not have said so in direct words like I do. But you don't want to do this and answer, because you are not a follower of justice but a follower of men and not of truth and justice, hence you adhere to the evil position of respecting other men or God and obeying them whatever they do or teach (even the most evil thing that has even been, i.e., Hell, which is the mass murder – for all eternity – of billions and billions of humans and angels!). Hence, you are not a respecter of justice, but again a respecter of men and their evil wills and that is your downfall in this email discussion.