Friday, December 27, 2019

Q&A: What's good about being a video gamer? What's good about being a Catholic or Christian gamer?

jay_ar31 on Steam: “As many of us probably know, gaming tends to usually be viewed in a negatively light. Whether it’s concerning gaming addiction, or the notion that one is wasting his/her time playing a fantasy game and earning digital rewards, or making friends online who you will likely won’t meet in person - the list goes on.
           “I would just like to hear your thoughts on how being a gamer can be a good thing in light of our Catholic faith.” [I will also add my own thoughts in this post in order to express my heart.]

“I believe being a catholic gamer can bring the word of God to those who wouldn’t normally experience it. with Youtube and ‘Let’s Plays’ currently trending among gamers, We can use this medium to bring the word of Christ to a fresh light, and make it relevant to the current generation.” -- DieuGirl on Steam

Jerome: Being a gamer is a good thing since it gives us love and happiness in life, and also companionship and friendship both in real life, through the internet, and also in the game, like with the companion and follower Lydia in the love-beauty game Skyrim, whom I love and see as St. Gemma Galgani!

Also, people should not be afraid to play games that makes them happy and that makes them feel good and good in their conscience and heart and when they see a beauty in it and have a peace of mind, and if this is the case with a game, go for it and play it with a good conscience. For God and the Virgin Mary and the Saints can even be seen there in the game and in the nature, in animals, in the other characters, in the beauty etc.

And even if a game contains violence, this is no problem or a “no” to play it, since fictionally hurting others, or eliminating or killing them can be seen as a necessity or as a game of fun and not really about hurting anyone (like with Fortnite), but when it is seen as justice (as with the game Skyrim where you are defending others by attacking or defending against criminals who attack you and others) this is not a crime or “offense” against conscience, heaven or law. And even it there is no justice involved through moral choices, such as in fighting games or Counter Strike, this must be seen as pure fun and as entertainment, and I also play Counter Strike 1.6 and when I do, I sometimes see the other characters as those I love, like the white character the Virgin Mary, the Black Saint Gemma Galgani, and the terrorist outfit as the Virgin Bird Mary, as I also see her as a bird in life and in nature whom I also see fitting in this outfit since we like to battle in this life and also in Heaven, and I also love her as a bird for a fact, since I hold her as a little or large bird in my hand or bosom in the thought of my mind, and I do love her as a bird and so in this way can she be loved even as a bird (an animal) by me and even by you, if you only try!

If you don’t feel good about a game and it makes you feel bad, try not to play it, since if you do play it with a bad conscience, this will give you feelings and images that is not good for you, both bodily and spiritually and also in your soul and mind. Better to play a game that gives you happiness, feelings of love and atmosphere and suspense or even a scare. You can always try a game later, so do not force yourself to play any game that do not give you the peace and love you are after.

Also, try to love the characters and things in a game as those you love in life, the people, the angels and the saints etc! If you love a Saint or the Virgin Mary or Jesus, see them as one of the characters (also do this in whatever it is you are doing in life, whether watching movies, anime or playing video games or taking a walk or even holding an item in your hand, which could be them for you and in your mind!), and hence will you have the opportunity to hang out with them at this moment and to think of them and even caress them as a small animal; or if playing a game, hanging out with them or playing with them for pleasure and fun and with a thought of love for them! Think the same with everyone one you love and know and care about!, with God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and the Angels and Saints, and even the human people and souls on earth or in heaven you love and that you wish to hang out with, for if you do, you will have the chance to be with them in your mind and in life, and through the animated characters, and you will have an opportunity to think of them and play a game with them even in this life!, and this will also lead you to love them more and gain a greater friendship and relationship with them, since you will love them while being in their presence and hence desire them more!, both in the game, and in your mind and in your life but most of all, in your thought processes or mind!

Skyrim is a game of love and beauty and companionship, and of justice, moral choices, animals, nature and great beauty with great enhancing mod capabilities to make everything even better, and also it is a game of love and companionship that I recommend everyone to play in order to experience this love and beauty in life!, since this game will make you a better person not only because it teaches you morality, beauty and love in life - much like what Half-Life 2 did with Alyx, its great graphics, atmosphere and characters! - but also because it gives you the opportunity to find followers and companions that will hang out with you in this game of beauty for the rest of the game, and they will even be marriageable to you when the relationship grows, and hence if you think of a person you love, he or she will be present there with you. If you only dared to believed in this, i.e., that you can hang out with the people you love in every character you come across (even real human beings, a saint, Virgin Mary etc. in a game, or even a series, move or anime) you would see it for yourself and experience this joy! If you truly love a Saint, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, God or the Virgin Mary with true relationship and deeper friendship, love or even spousal love in a game character like in the game Skyrim, who can act and move and talk by themselves, and you try to interact with them and think of them who is now also in Heaven and provided you show your love for them and truly think of them, you will notice that the real person who is now in Heaven and that is present in this character through our united faith will give subtle signs of there presence though the nature and natural signs and also by the signs of the character present that you love, for our comfort, love, friendship and joy!

I prefer games of love like Skyrim above Counter Strike and other games but I do also love Fortnite since this is also a game where you can see your loved ones, and explore and love the nature and surroundings and find treasures of them you love to take into you and even farm them with love so that they enter into you!, but also that we can see them as the characters we use or see and as the weapons and colors in the game that are in our inventory and mind! Having love meaning in games - when loving and choosing love in life before publicit skill “winning” games like Counter Strike - this is what is making your life truly happy, because love is above the need to just win or succeed in some corporeal undertaking! True, both can make a woman and man happy of course, but without love, you will not be as happy as you could be in this life.

Both in game and in real life, those I love I see as colors. St. Gemma is Black and Purple to me (because she wore a black dress and had black hair and also for other reasons and this color if very common!); St. Theresa of Lisieux is Gold and Yellow and Brown, because I see her as Noble and Divine; the Virgin Mary I see as blue, red, white but also as gold when for personal or unknown reasons I see her in this color (and this also happens with the others I love dearly); Rose of Lima I see as Pink and Orange, and I love her as a little child but also as a teenager and grown up (as I do with all of them!) and I often hold her in my hands and mind as a little child!; St. Birgitta of Sweden I see as Green, because, I started to love her in the Green Scapular and therefore, she received this color, but not without reason, since she is a good, noble and lovable woman that desires us good!

God is see sometimes as Gold and sometimes as Yellow; and Jesus I see sometimes as Orange when Rose of Lima does not take this place, and also previously as Red before I gave the Virgin Mary this color; and the Holy Spirit I sometimes see as White and previously as Blue, but seldom think about her in this place anymore, since the Virgin Mary always gets this place now which is more fitting! I do not think much of these before mentioned (i.e., God), but this is also for a reason, since they have chosen to be unjust in life by condemning our beloved brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers and children to eternal torments! But I do not worry about this, because forgiveness and Heaven will be open for everyone, even the damned, and God was just testing us to see who wanted to be truly just in wanting their forgiveness, love and happiness - and I have chosen this path in life that also Vatican II has started to be open to and embrace, i.e., to love everyone, even the damned, devils and demons and criminals, and no one is rejected by me or the Church or by the true and just God nor will anyone who is currently obstinate or evil be justly hated for the evil he do forever, but only despised temporally for his evil deeds for a time so that he may be converted. Others also holds this position in Vatican II, but not everyone does so, but we who hold this position and who are accepted by the Church will in the future will be the majority, and this will happen when people finally realizes and wakes up to the true justice of morality, forgiveness and love for everyone, including our enemies! And this is also the way the current Church and also the World is heading towards not only though the media, but also the Church teachings!, since they always show a message of love and acceptance for everyone, whoever you are or whatever faith you have or whatever gender, color or sexual preferences you have in life, whether it be in real life, or through the media, or in the Church!

Remember to live a good life to its fullest in love and happiness, that you spread love and happiness to everyone but especially those most in need, that you think good thoughts about yourself and others but especially your enemies that can become your beloved friends again, and that you are kind and charitable to the oppressed and poor people and everyone else, for if you do so, you will receive great love and happy eternal rewards from God, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the whole of Heaven in the next life, where we also will meet our beloved dead once again and everyone else that has ever lived! Pray, live your life in goodness and happy thoughts, have faith and hope in love and goodness, and be good, and do not worry about anything!

Are you familiar with Saint Bridget of Sweden and her Revelations, and have you read them? If not, Please visit the link below or search for them with the title: “The Revelations and Prophecies of Saint Bridget (Saint Birgitta) of Sweden” or “St. Bridget Prophecies about the End Times and birth of Antichrist” so that you may read this treasure online and if needed, receive a book for free before you die.

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