Thursday, February 27, 2020

Some recent updates, comments, articles, objections and my replies [as of 2020-02-27]

Even though I have not posted many articles recently on the topic of Hell and damnation and its justice, I have, however, posted a lot of comments on this topic answering objections of angry or concerned Catholics during the past months in the articles already posted, and for those who are interested, I recommend you to look through the comment section on the following articles below, since the comments essentially make up many more/new articles on this topic of Hell and damnation, and on the objections thereof, and how to answer them etc.: [comments from real people begin a little further down in this article]

In all instances, there was never any real debate, because when the answer was given by me, the debate ended and I never more received an answer to my arguments or questions that actually addressed what I wrote, because how can one argue against the truth that Hell is unjust and a too severe a punishment that damns love and hope in us humans and angels if we happened to be damned when we so easily could have been forgiven and hence have loved instead? It is not possible, of course. And that is also why no one can say anything conductive on this issue who is arguing that Hell is "just" or that it needs to be this way "because God said so", and why I admire the stance of Vatican II who more and more is moving towards a truly Universal Salvation, and why some in the Church even openly teaches that Hell is empty and that no one is damned (including Judas and the Devil), since God is infinitely merciful -- and this is also my position among many others, as you can read in the articles and comments.

Now if anyone wonders about anything, have any criticism or objection or advice on how to handle things better, please don't hesitate to drop me a comment or email, and I will try to answer you as fast as possible.

Thanks for reading, and God and the Virgin Mary bless you abundantly!