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Q&A: “Jerome has continued his apostate, illogical rants, and you are free to read them.” My sixth response to Introibo Ad Altare Dei.

Introibo, since you delete my comments and do not show my responses to your direct comments to me, you have forced me to abridge this comment to you as much as possible in the hopes that you will approve of it and post it on your blog, with the hope that you and your readers will visit the link and read the whole response for yourself.

(The comment below is the full article.)

Introibo wrote quoting me:Answer: Neither is God any of these [omniscient, omnipotent, omnibenevolent, and eternal] (except perhaps eternal and knowing the future), for a God that damns others and torments them is not perfect, is not kind, is not all powerful (such as in justice) but rather the definition of imperfection.Introibo responds: Therefore, if God is evil, we should ALL be in Hell. If God is not all-powerful, He could not create the universe and call it "good" as He did in Genesis. Hence, Jerome's "God" is not the Christian God.”

Jerome answers: To claim that God must be good because he does not damn all of us is equivalent to saying that Hitler was not evil because he did not murder all of us. But that is wrong and Hitler was evil because he did evil and did injustices to many even if not to all. The same with God. Hence your argument is false and not to the point, because God is guilty of injustices with damning many of us or even most of us, as even he claims in his bible is the truth, i.e., that most are damned: “Narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and few there be who find it.” (see Matthew 7:14; cf. Luke 13:23-24).

Also, just because God created the universe does not equate to him being “good” or all “powerful” by default as even you should know, since this is not proven from anything except his own words, and when his actions so clearly contradicts this notion of all powerfulness, one cannot but dismiss this notion that he is all perfect or all powerful, because as I said, a human or divine being cannot be all powerful or perfect when he is imperfect in many ways, such as in justice. And God is clearly imperfect in his justice when he damns billions of children and grown up men and angels. Hence God's all “powerfulness” or “goodness” does not extend to his justice and love because he has almost none (at least for the damned), and therefore, the argument that God is all powerful is false. That God created us in itself does not prove anything. Actions and words prove something, and we have seen what God's actions and deeds are: eternal damnation for billions of humans, angels and souls, including the eternal damnation and separation of damned children and separated unbaptized children. These are God's fruits, and they are evil.

So God is imperfect as we all are even if he is more powerful than us since he created us. But since we are his children, who knows what we can become when we go to Heaven? What Father or mother is greater then their own son or daughter? Are we not all the same and can we not even surpass or become greater than our ancestors in justice and righteousness and mighty deeds? Certainly we can, and the same with the afterlife, because even if God is who he is and nothing can be done about that, he could still share his power with us, and make us stronger then himself through justice.

But I also believe that it is true justice and and true love who makes a human, angel or soul or even a God truly just and powerful in the next life, and that this justice and power can be created in oneself through being righteous, and that just as God have power, so do we, and since God was not perfectly just from eternity, his power is not all powerful, but only powerful, and that when someone more just and better than God comes, this person will become even more powerful than God is from the moment his eternity starts. This only makes sense since it is unjust that only one person can be the strongest if this person also is unjust because if this person is unjust, injustices could rule for all eternity and that would be unjust and unreasonable, since in Heaven justice was supposed to prevail and no more injustices occur.

Introibo wrote: “Hence, Jerome's "God" is not the Christian God.”

Jerome answers: False. Whose God between you and me is truly universal (Catholic) and Christian, if not mine? My God is the Christian Catholic God, because wherever or whoever this God is, he or she is truly just and does not damn anyone. Hence this God still not yet known to many of us, is the true and Christian God, but this false God who damns children, grown ups and angels, is not. However, even though this God who is truly just may be unknown to us, she is, in fact, not totally unknown to those who believe in her. And many in the Vatican II have started to find this God including me whom we call merciful and love and true justice, since this God does not damn anyone, but rather, seeks to forgive us.

Introibo wrote quoting me:That is why you cannot and will not answer the question as to what you would do if you were God and if you would damn people if you had the power of God, or if he lent you his power to do as you please with the damned, what would you do? Would you not forgive them and work on their betterment for all eternity then instead of damning them I asked repeatedly? You never responded. Never!Introibo responded: “Here is my answer. I cannot know the INFINITE MIND of GOD. "For My thoughts are not thy thoughts, neither are thy ways My ways," declares the LORD. "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than thy ways and My thoughts than thy thoughts." (Isaiah 55: 8-9). "How unsearchable His judgments, and His paths beyond tracing out. Who hath known the mind of the Lord?" (Romans 11:13-14). If I were God, I WOULD DO THE SAME AS HE BECAUSE HE KNOWS EVERYTHING, KNOWS WHAT IS BEST, AND CAN CARRY IT OUT. People are only lost THROUGH THEIR OWN FAULT. THEY ARE INCAPABLE OF REHABILITATION AFTER DEATH. Since this ordering of the world is the best, then I WOULD DO THE SAME, since this is the result of an all GOOD, all Loving God. THERE IS THE ANSWER FROM ME.”

Jerome answers: So you finally answered the question, but your answer was not what I was expecting to hear from you, and your answer in fact saddens me a lot, because what you are saying essentially is this: If I were God I would also damn children, grown ups, angels and souls to torments so unmerciful that one would wish to have never existed, and where they will live in a fire like fish in water, and where the torments will be so great that one would die immediately upon even beholding them, and where they will never feel the feelings of hope, love, friendship or happiness ever again, and where they will be sawn asunder in two while still alive etc., and eaten alive and mangled to dust all while still living etc... All of this, and even worse, you would let befall upon children, grown ups, angels and souls you say, only because God did it! This must be the most stupid and evil arguments I have ever heard from someone like you who is a lawyer and who is supposed to defend and protect people and do them good!, for what you say is no different from a German who would have said: Hitler murdered Jews and children in concentration camps, and because I believe and trust in him, I would do the same. I believe his actions where the better for mankind, and therefore, I would follow him.

Do you know what the problem with this person and yourself is, Introibo. That is that both of you have lost faith in hope and goodness, for if you had any hope, you would have chosen to believe in and hope in goodness instead and that they (the damned) can be converted and can become good, and not believe in murder and eternal evil and hatred for our fellow brothers and sisters, or that there is no hope for them. Even if God have lost hope in the damned, this does not mean you would have to do the same. That is the difference with you and me and God, for I will never loose hope, so help me God and Mary, but God lost hope, and hence he have given up on them, and so have you, you blind fool and murderer. But I will never do this, so help me God and Mary!

But your answer was also unjust, you murderer, because there was no justice in it, because you certainly know better, and that you would do better for them than God does. But if you would object that you do not know better, then I would say you are lying, because you certainly know that we are not to treat others such as our enemies evil, you murderer.


Jerome answers: How many time must I answer this argument? I have repeatedly said that I do not believe this is the case, because humans while living had love and goodness in them, and also most of them are willing to be rehabilitated on earth. Hence if humans while in a human body are willing to do these things and also do love others, why would a spirit never want to do this, as God claims? This sounds impossible to me, and also unfair, because if spirits are so obstinate in choosing evil, it is unfair to judge a human separated from his body, for if a human have a body, there is always hope for him, since humans do convert and become better all the time. But I also believe spirits can be converted, however obstinate they be, because as I have said, I believe in hope and will never loose faith in hope or in others goodness and conversion, and therefore, I will always work on that evil people may be converted. In heaven, I will not be lazy, but I will always do everything I can, help me God and Mary, that souls, humans, and spirits may be converted, and I will never loose hope that this is possible, because when hope is lost, all is lost.

Introibo wrote quoting me:But being made in God's likeness means, rather, I would say, that we can share in and take parts of God's glory and power. Hence, God could actually make someone else more powerful then himself by giving his power to him, and even if God could take it back, if God is just and this person deserves this power more, this means God will not do it, since God is undeserving of it.Introibo responds: “If you have exactly one million dollars, how can you give someone MORE than a million dollars? His position is self-refuting. Further, He denies the Christian God and even (approvingly) quotes Bergoglio: “And I believe in God. Not in a catholic God; a catholic God does not exist; God exists.”

Jerome answers: No, my position is not self-refuting. As one example demonstrating this shows: How could the government give you more money then one million dollar, if it only had one million dollar? Answer: by printing more money! Hence, God could create more power, and give more power, but if God is just, he won't give this power to himself but to the person deserving of it, hence the surplus power would be given to someone else, and not to himself.

And yes, I agree with the Bergoglio quote and my explanation of it: “And I believe in God. Not in a catholic God; a catholic God does not exist; God exists.” I wrote: “I believe Pope Francis point was [to say] that God exists, but not a God that desires others evil or that is not truly universal. That is why, in my belief, Francis made this distinction, and I agree with him. However, I would say I believe in the “Catholic God” (wherever [or whoever] he or she is), because I believe in Universality, but I do not exactly believe in “God” or the “Catholic God” strictly, because when God has such problems to be truly Universal, then he cannot be a “Catholic God”, because “Catholic” means “Universal”. And that is why the only God to me is this God who is truly Universal.”

Introibo wrote quoting me:ALSO, IF GOD CHANGED POSITION ON HELL, SO WOULD YOU. SO THE ARGUMENT THAT HELL IS “JUST” FALLS FLAT WITH THIS ARGUMENT ALONE.Introibo responds: God CANNOT change. Hebrews 13:8, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." God is perfection. He IS JUSTICE. HE IS MERCY. HE IS EVERYTHING GOOD AND KNOWS ALL. Therefore, He cannot "change His mind" since He already KNOWS WHAT IS BEST FROM ALL ETERNITY. Theft is unjust, God is just. Therefore, theft is wrong. The Ten Commandments aren't right because God commanded them, rather they were commanded BECAUSE THEY ARE GOOD AND REFLECT THE ALL JUST GOD.”

Jerome answers: You did not exactly answer my argument, and the argument continued thus: “God could not change position on murder or rape, for example, for that would be evil and even you would condemn God if he did that, but with Hell, it is different, for Hell is not a good or just doctrine in itself, but is actually evil; and that is why if God changed position on Hell and this was proven to you, you too would immediately change position – you blind, unjust and evil person!” So the argument stands, my friend, for if God did change position and this was proven to you, so would you change position, hence that this is a good argument and proves the point, i.e., that Hell is evil! (If you don't agree, why don't you say that you would change or not change position if God changed position? Then at least you make your position clear to us, instead of just hiding behind the evil argument that “God does not change”.) Or are you going to argue with God about Hell, think you -- if God now desires to forgive the damned -- and say in his face that they must not be forgiven, and always tormented, and that your will is this? I hope you would not do this, because if you did, such a an evil deed would be incredible dark and evil and heretical.

Concerning the argument that “God change not”, this is what I wrote in response in my fourth response to you: “But God can change, and whether or not you believe he will, is another question, but if you don't believe in this, then tragically you must believe in an unjust God that also is obstinate with being unjust. So which position is better? Mine of course, i.e., that God was wrong, admitted to being wrong, and changed!” (

With your position God would not only be obstinate in evil, but also unrepentant and unwilling, and this is evil. But with my position which is the true position since it is humility and entails justice, even a God can be wrong and hence can change for the better, for whenever one has found out that one was wrong on something, it is only natural to change if one is but just and honest. And if you are but humble, you can understand that this applies with God as much as with man, for if God ever was wrong on something (which he in fact is with his Hell) then it is only natural for him to change. To not change when one is wrong would actually be evil, and if God did not change, this would only mean that he was even more imperfect and evil, for being obstinate in evil is the worst crime there is since then there is not even repentance or anything of the kind. Obstinacy in evil is darkness, and God is light, right? Hence, God must change, and already have.

Introibo wrote quoting me:You also ask how God is evil yet there is no Hell? Do you want to know why? That is because, if you want to believe this, God removed Hell and Limbo because I demanded and commanded him to do so, since I battled with God every day and still do for the salvation of all the angels, humans and souls, and all other living and non-living creatures, such as animals and even stones and trees! Hence, God told me finally that there will be no Hell, and that I was right in my thinking, and he also said that this was just as test in order to see who among his children wanted to be truly just, and who would not want this. But since I cannot be certain of that this is the case, and since I talk with many spirits, I have also heard this: that it was not a test, and that God was wrong in creating Hell, but that he did not change his position, apparently, until I condemned him and debated with him so much so that he was forced to change position, because when my justice and my thoughts was so good and noble, how could God resist me? He could not, hence he changed and humbled himself.Introibo responds: “Jerome is therefore mentally disturbed or in communication with demons. That's where his un-Christian, illogical and evil doctrines come. I will not bother with this man who needs psychological help, an exorcism perhaps, or maybe both.”

Jerome answers: I find it tragic that you called me and my position evil and illogical, because doing good to others certainly is not an evil position or illogical you blind person, and I do desire them good, as you know, and I do wish and fight for that they should be saved and not damned! But to the contrary, it is understandable if I call you and your God and your position evil and illogical, since your position actually does eternal harm and evil for our beloved damned brothers and sisters that all can love if only given the chance – since you advocate and defend unmercifully tormenting them in ETERNAL torments worse than any Concentration Camp – you blind, hypocritical fool!

Also, I don't know if I talk to demons, but I do talk with God, the Virgin Mary, St. Gemma, St. Theresa, St. Rosa of Lima and many others, and provided I desire to talk with someone, I will hear their voice and I can talk with them, but if I talk to demons, I don't know, but even if I do, I would consider them my friends.

Introibo wrote: “After publishing all six of his comments, I saw all Jerome did was reproduce his insanity from his blog and post it here. The comments are not for reproducing other blog posts. Go to his website and read it in full if you want.”

Jerome answers: What do you expect me to do, write two different articles just in order to please you? If you had any honesty and if this was according to your rules, you would allow my posts to stay, but since it does not seem you are so inclined to debate with me, you delete my posts; and you did not even put up a link to my response of your comments to me so the readers will have no way of knowing my answers to you, unless they read all my articles or even visits my blog (which is not even certain).

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