Friday, March 9, 2018

Traditional Online Mass Options for Sedevacantists and Traditionalists

For those who have no Mass and don't go to Mass on Sunday due to there being no acceptable Mass available or near to them, I will give an easy solution to this problem.

For starters, the best option available would be to view a Mass online -- whether pre-Vatican II or modern. There are many Traditionalists and Sedevacantists Masses streamed online every Sunday and Holy Days, and for those who find such Masses acceptable, they could watch those Masses online in order to receive the graces of Mass.

For those who don't find modern day masses acceptable by Traditionalists/Sedevacantist priests due to doctrinal differences, there are many pre-Vatican II masses available on youtube that can be viewed instead. For example:

I recommend this pre-Vatican II Mass especially since it is not so long and because it also has commentary by Mgr. Fulton J. Sheen so that the viewer will have some understanding of what is happening during the Mass.

"If we only knew how God regards this Sacrifice, we would risk our lives to be present at a single Mass." -- Padre Pio

The Mass gives tremendous graces and it would be tragic to completely miss all those graces. Therefore, have faith in God and pray for the grace to receive the graces of Mass even by watching an online Mass! I believe that if you have faith in God on this point, He will give you the graces of the Mass. After all, if you do watch the Mass already, you are in fact showing to Him that you are intending to go to Mass, or at least, desire it and that you try to do something.

Since it may become boring to watch a Mass online, especially if it is the same Mass you are viewing week after week, it is recommended to pray throughout the entire Mass. I can complete about two Mysteries of the Rosary during the above Mass, and if I did not pray I would perhaps not have the patience to sit through the same video-mass week after week. So not only do you pray more by following this easy advice, but you also (so we hope) receive the tremendous graces of the Mass which otherwise would have been lost!

For those who want more masses, here are two links to two other pre-Vatican II masses:

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