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Q&A: Answer as to why I condemn Hell and the unjust God according to conscience and follow a true justice above the unjust God's "justice"

Short introduction: You would not damn or allow your own children to be damned or tormented on earth for all eternity or even for a time in insufferable torments, neither would earthly justice accept such a thing but they would persecute you if you did such a thing and the whole world would have hated the evil you did (and many would even have hated you for the evil you did even though we should love and forgive) -- hence from this can be concluded that human justice is above God's justice on this point since no human judge or just person would condemn another human being or soul to such unmerciful torments and damnation, and it also shows that our conscience and that of others disapproves of this. However, when it comes to God, these rules are suddenly forgotten and God gets away with being an eternal dictator who condemns and allows to be condemned his own children (which is our brothers and sisters and fathers and mothers and children and neighbours) and no one says a thing and everyone just accepts it without complaining and remain silent. (Mostly atheists and such complain rightly and justly, and some Protestants who deny Hell, and also some doubting Christians, whether Catholic or Orthodox but that is about it.) Well, I will remain silent no more, but I will gladly and willingly fight for true justice and conscience, which even goes above God's own laws. No law is a just or true law if it is unjust, and who can argue against that Hell is unjust? Only pre-programmed Christians who do not dare to question God, the Bible, the Church or the Saints, will somehow excuse themselves with that Hell is just even though they themselves would never have damned anyone however much they hated each other, since they know in their conscience it is evil to wish or allow (without hindering it) eternal evil upon others!

According to Wikipedia, the "Golden Rule" (which even God himself teaches in his Bible) teaches this: "The Golden Rule is the principle of treating others as one's self would wish to be treated. It is a maxim that is found in many religions and cultures." "Therefore, whatever you want people to do for you, do the same for them, because this summarizes the Law and the Prophets." (Matthew 7:12) Too bad the hypocrite God does not follow his own rules and laws about doing good upon his own enemies and other people, such as the damned: "But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven." (Matthew 5:44-45) If you who are reading this were damned, you would not like to be damned nor would you like to remain damned, neither would you like the concept of being forced to hate. Why then do you think damnation is just, if this really is your position? What is just with being forced to hate through being tormented with insufferable torments and fire and by being deprived of all hope, happiness and love? There is no justice with Hell! Hell is evil! And a God who allows damnation or sends his own children there to be tormented forever just because he wishes so because they died in his "displeasure", is evil, not only according to me, but also according to your own and everyones conscience*, and also according to all human law and justice!

*If you and they are honest, that is, which can be hard if you fear men, "God", hell and damnation for standing up against an injustice, even if it be God that teaches this injustice. Should a man fear God or to follow his conscience or an eternal justice above God's "justice" and "conscience" when God himself teaches an obvious injustice and wishes eternal evil upon those whom we wish to see saved? No! Therefore, fear not, and neither fear damnation, for no one will be damned for wishing good upon his neighbour.

Now unto the email and my response.

Nataly Ferreira: “Doubt...and worried. Save Mary. I read the last article of the site, and I was confused and worried. Clarify my doubt, what happened to Jerome? Has He renounced true FAITH? and adhered to the Vatican ii.? Is God a bad person now? Could you please explain to me what really happened to Jerome? because I'm Brazilian and I need to translate the texts for me to understand. and I was shocked by the last article. or did I understand and misinterpret? Awaiting return.

Jerome: Would you think you were a good person if you damned your own children in the worst torments possible always and for all eternity just because you wanted to do so, and they died in your displeasure?

If you would be bad for doing such a deed of damning your children to unmerciful torments (or if you simply allowed this to happen without hindering it), why would not God also be bad? It is false and wrong and hypocritical to judge God different from yourself or from your brother and sister. If you are evil and bad for condemning and damning or allowing to be damned and tormented your own children unmercifully, then so is God.

I think I have expressed my self clearly in the previous post, but much more will be said about it in the future.

Is it really hard to believe that Mary will have Her will in the end and save all her Children? or that all children will become good in the end and hence Hell will be unnecessary? If God gave Mary power over even himself, why would She allow damnation to exist when it is an evil thing and She could will it not to be? Why would The Blessed Virgin Mary not overrule God and his Hell doctrine when a Hell is evil and unmerciful? Does a mother like Her own children to be tormented always and for all eternity? Of course not. Therefore, know for certain that there will be no Hell in the end, since Mary will claim all her children for herself and save them.

Is it hard to believe that God wants us to follow our conscience even if we get persecuted for it? or that Hell is a test to see who wants to be truly just and follow his conscience (of not wishing or desiring or accepting such eternal evils upon others), even condemning God if need to be, in order to truly follow justice and our conscience, which condemns doing evil upon others? It is not hard to see that this may be the case, since the true God is said to be in our conscience.

I know the “God” we suppose is “our God”, the Bible and the Church judges you a heretic unless you accept Hell and damnation, but is it hard to see that it would be an honor, and something honorable, if you were really condemned for this reason (not that damnation is a good thing): i.e., that you wanted to do more good than God himself and save even the damned from torments which they cannot bear? I also explained myself clearly that no one will be damned for wanting to save all souls (you may believe in this if you want), or even if you fought with God about Hell and that he must stop damning souls, since it is an evil doctrine to damn someone or let them live in unbearable torments. You know in your conscience that it is an evil thing to let others live in unhappiness, without love, without hope and with insufferable torments, such as in a sea of fire. Yet this is supposedly the punishment God allows to be inflicted upon the damned.

Why does not God himself follow the “Golden Rule” of doing good unto others, of doing unto others as he himself would like others do unto him? Does God himself want to be damned and live in eternal torments and unhappiness, or would he like to have hope?

I can easily believe that Hell is just a test. Conscience is true, and our conscience condemns a Hell or that we should be doing, allowing or wishing eternal evils upon others.

There is a reason for why God, the Bible and saints tell us to follow our conscience, or why Vatican II happened. When we are not forced anymore to strictly follow the Old Church doctrine, it is easier to follow our conscience. (The Old Church doctrine and pre-modern world restricted people from following their conscience due to the fact that they just blindly had to follow or submit to whatever the Church taught them, otherwise they would have been punished, excommunicated, or worse, burned at the stake.) If we had lived before in time, we would have been forced to embrace the Church's position on many things -- today it is different, since many other positions is being taught and embraced (even by the Church, if you accept Vatican II as the true Church, that is) and the world have become different, especially thanks to media, which have united people around the world in thinking and wishing good upon others.

In short, if God truly damns souls for all eternity in torments only because he desires this and never forgives, and if there is truly no hope, then yes, he is evil on this point without a doubt. And I think you would agree with this easily, or at least you would easily do so if I was the person who punished someone in this way, but then this only shows how people judge men different from God himself, which is hypocritical and false and against true justice -- for if you judge me evil for doing this or for punishing my brother or sister or father or mother or children in this way, then so is God evil for doing the same or worse, and I will gladly die with this opinion -- and then both you and I and God will see who is right in the judgment. I can clearly see an honor in my position, since I want to do more good then God himself since I despise eternal damnation and I wish all souls be saved from my heart -- and I suppose even you agree with this. Otherwise you judge men different from God, but doing so is unjust. To just excuse oneself with that God is God and that we just must submit and be blind, even if what he does is evil, is itself evil and wrong.

However, I do not condemn anyone as evil for not condemning God, since I understand it is a long process to make in changing position, and I also understand the fear of being damned and of loosing the grace of God, and of Mary and their friendship. But I can assure you, you will not loose their friendship if you fight against God on this point, rather, you will gain their love and especial friendship, since you show true love for their (supposedly) dammed children.

If God only made a Hell as a test in order to make people fear and serve him, that is excusable, and then he was not evil in the sense if he really wished this evil upon others, but his doctrine led to much evil nonetheless (such as bad consciences and the evil opinion that damnation is just or that it is just to torment one's own children in insufferable torments and fire just because God said so), but this Hell have also led to much good, such as people loving souls and wanting to save them from the bottom of their hearts. I can believe God wanted to make this happen, i.e, wanted to draw out this goodness in people. The thought of damnation also helps many live a more moral life, obviously.

In short: if I damned my own children or tormented them without wanting to forgive them, and without wanting to be merciful to them (such as denying them love, hope and happiness for all eternity) then you would easily and infallibly condemn me as evil, as a terrorist, as a mortal sinner, as unworthy etc. But when it comes to God himself who in actually does this to our brothers and sisters (which is his own children nonetheless!), then all is “well”, he is “good” and “holy” and “lovable”, even though, in truth, he is the worst of terrorist and a hypocrite that damns and torments his own children and allows this to happen without hindering it.

Sure, God is lovable and such, and I have experienced his sweetness and love (and still does) but his Hell doctrine have made me fall away from him considerably (with justice) since I don't find him the most worthy to receive my worship. The Blessed Virgin Mary and the Saints have taken his place, and it is Her!!, Gemma!!, Theresa!!, Rose of Lima!!, Birgitta!!, St. Philomena! and Mechtilde!, Eva!, Catharine of Sienna!, Catharine of Sweden!, Catharine of America! (the native Indian), Mary Magdalene!! (Oh Mary Magdalene, help to me to love you even more as you deserve, as I did before when I thought more of you, before I fell away from you and do not any longer think of you as much!), Saint Rita! and Zita! and Gertrude the Great!, among many others, I love and worship the most. Not that Mary was God or was for all eternity (but perhaps She is the true God or will become God by taking God's place? but has not revealed it or come to know it yet?), but I believe that Mary (or someone else who must rule in God's place -- even if this person is not God -- in order to avoid something as terrible as Hell ever to happen again) may take this so-called God's place, since God is unworthy of his Godhood or power, which he abuses. Mary is more good than even God himself (that is why it is Mary that save souls in Catholic examples, and why God shamelessly complains about how he wants to damn* this soul Mary desires to save), so wouldn't it be fitting then that God renounces his Godhood, and gives this to Mary? I think so! (As I explained in the previous article, when a person does evil in the world and is a danger to others, then is this person punished in such ways so that he can inflict no more evil upon others. For the same reason it is only just that God be entirely deprived of his powers, so that he can no more hurt anyone for all eternity by inflicting unjust punishments, such as Hell.)

*I also want to add that it is possible such scenarios recorded between God, Mary and a soul wishing to save a sinner may be a lovable play in order to make people wish and desire the salvation of souls. God may play reluctant, but in the end, he gives way to Mary's pleas and pardons the sinner that was about to be damned.

The law of conscience demands that you judge God truly and justly in the same way as you judge other men, therefore, if you follow your conscience, you would have to condemn God for the evil he does. Otherwise, you become a hypocrite.

If you believe what I have written, you can believe that God has changed his potion, and that there will be no Hell since he has admitted that he was wrong in his thought about Hell. That is one explanation I have received even from Himself, if you dare to believe in my explanation, that is. (I have also thought about that he never created Hell but only scares us with it in order to make us wish to love and save souls and live a more godly and moral life.)

It is easy to believe that God himself is or was unperfect even from the beginning, why else did he want his own children to be damned and live in insufferable torments? Why did God make such an unjust judgment as eternal damnation when all justice on earth abhors and condemns such an injustice? Is men more just than God? Hence, if God is truly just (as he claims) then it is only natural he would be converted and that he would humble himself.

It is also easy to believe that Hell would cease to exist eventually even if God did not humble himself since Mary is in Heaven, and since she is more good than God Mary would have forced God to submit in the end, since She wants to save the souls God's terrible "justice" wants to condemn. It is my belief that Mary will wish away even Hell, and that She has done so already.

Mary have received the power to overrule God for a reason, and we will see in the last judgment why that is. I believe with Origen, Hell will cease to be and that is mainly because of Mary (and those who wanted this doctrine to cease) because they will make God change his position.

But even without Mary, if God is just, he would have to humble himself also and cease condemning because it is evil to follow one's own opinion or justice above other peoples just justice. If men or men in the world don't condemn or damn forever, why would God be allowed to do so? It won't happen. God would be evil and unjust if he made himself an eternal dictator and just ignored other people's opinion about forgiveness and how to punish. If God is just, he needs to follow also human justice (in what they teach rightly), and one such justice is that one should not torment someone unmercifully. There is death penalty in the world but also hope in a good afterlife, but no torments. And even in prison, there is love, happiness, friendship, hope and a good life available to you, if you desire to live a moral life.

So no, I have not renounced the true faith but rather found it and embraced it, since the true faith, even according to God himself, is the Golden Rule and wishing (and wanting) good upon others, and forgiving others, especially our enemies! That is why I want to forgive the damned and work for their eternal salvation and happiness. I do not believe, as I explained, that the damned cannot be good or forgiven. If they hate God or can't forgive him, it is for a reason -- i.e., He rejected them and sent them to Hell. If they can't love God or God love them, then let someone else love them or give them love or be their God (such as Mary, or whomever else has won this title), and all would be well. It is absurd to think that a spirit or soul would refuse happiness and love for all eternity just because we have been taught this is the case. If this is not true with reasonable humans, why would it be true with spirits? It makes no sense. But even if this is true, my judgment would be to send them to earth again and live another life and make them receive a body. No human wants to deny love or live in torments, hence, it is easy to see why there are solutions to the damned and that they can start to love again. That is why I believe in love and forgiveness, and not in hate and God's evil damnation.

I can write much more. If there is anything, please let me know.

I hope this helps and that all is well with you, that you are happy over life (which is a gift), and that you think well about others and have hope in the afterlife with eternal happiness and joy with our beloved dear and loved ones, but also with our neighbour and brother and sister in those whom we do not yet know, but whom we will then start to know!

Sincerely, and may God Bless you!
Ville Hietanen (Jerome)


For my response to Nataly to my email, see this article:


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