Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Q&A: “That's why Hell is not unjust. That's why you are an apostate, anti-Christian Universalist.” My third response to Introibo Ad Altare Dei.

This article is in response to a comment made by Introbio, in which he thinks he answered my arguments or questions and made a proper response as to why damnation is just (according to him), and why I will refute him.

Keep in mind that this persons who refuses to answer questions, is a lawyer by degree and work who is supposed to defend people from injustices (but apparently not from the injustice of Hell!).


You (Introbio) wrote: “For one who writes long screeds and calls names (i.e., "retard" and "stupid" you obviously don't have the mental capacity to understand what I wrote above.” (Cf. comment section of: http://introiboadaltaredei2.blogspot.com/2019/08/hell-under-fire.html)

Response: I used those words in context of this (below). If you don't see that this as stupid or retarded, then what will?:

“Did you know St. Alphonsus wrote about a vision of a 5 year old child that was burning in Hell? According to your idiotic (and unjust) position, you would find a problem with (and even say that God was unjust) if this child was being granted forgiveness and salvation – as you in fact already shamefully, idiotically and tragically expressed to me in your previously retarded comment that I responded too, and that you shamefully ignored and avoided giving a response too (i.e., Introibo wrote in to me in order to say that God would really be unjust if he forgave a damned soul that, according to him, deserves damnation and not forgiveness! Stupid, stupid, stupid...).” (Cf. https://against-all-heresies-and-errors.blogspot.com/2020/04/q-is-the-salvation-of-all-human-beings-souls-and-angels-an-illogical-position.html )

Yes, according to your stupid belief, this child does not deserve forgiveness or responsible parenting in the next life so that he can become good again and converted, but he “deserves” damnation and must always live in a Hell to be tormented forever without ever feeling love, hope, forgiveness or happiness ever again! Do you see now why I called your position retarded, and why you are stupid? That is because you have no sense of justice, and because you are only slaving after a God – and that is all. Instead of wishing and declaring that responsible parenting would be a just judgment for this child in the next life so that we can be friends and love each other instead of hating and tormenting each other, you flat out evilly and heretically declare that he must be damned and burn and be tormented for all eternity in a Hell that is unmerciful and evil.

What if this child was your own child? Surely, you would not want him to be damned, and you would wish there was hope. Think the same of others children then too, and do not evilly declare that damnation is “good” or “just”, because you would never have made such a judgment if you where God, hence, this position is evil, as you know. Because if you had the power, you would make a different judgment of bad people than eternal damnation. Hence damnation is false, and evil, otherwise, if it was true, you would judge the same and send people to Hell if you where God, but you would not. Be honest, ANSWER; you coward! (I already asked you this question, and received no response.

I also wrote this concerning the article: “In this article, I will try to make you respond [by being severe] and make you understand in a grave and serious way that your position is stupid and illogical.” (Ibid.)

You wrote: “All of your objections are answered. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.” (Ibid.)

Response: No, they are not. I have already written two whole articles full of arguments and questions so far just for you, and your articles does not address my questions or arguments at all (otherwise, point out were you go through my writings or comments point by point and answering them as I do with you). Your Hell article may touch some of the topics I discuss, but it was not addressed to me hence it does not actually answer the points I bring up, so how can you say every objection or argument has been answered, when this is clearly not the case, and I can prove to you that you have not answered my questions even in this article, as we will see.

For example, you have not address any single argument on point of true justice in your comments or articles except the false argument “that God says so”, or “that it must be so”, or “we must believe so” but this is not justice, as I explained in the article because justice is not based upon what one man or woman or God says, but rather, it is based on what true justice really is, and God is not just with his Hell, as even you know, since you would not damn anyone if you yourself received the power by God over the damned to do what you want, for then you would forgive them... ANSWER THIS QUESTION NOW YOU COWARD SINCE IT PERTAINS TO JUSTICE AND PROVES THE POINT; THAT JUSTICE IS NOT BASED ON WHAT ONE MAN OR WOMAN SAYS, BUT AGAIN, ON WHAT TRUE JUSTICE REALLY IS, and then explain from your brainwashed Christian perspective “why this would be just” (even though it is not) to damn someone based on justice not seen from a brainwashed Christian's God's perspective WHEN THE SAME CRIME IF IT HAPPENED ON EARTH YOU WOULD HAVE CONDEMNED IN A HUMAN PERSON YOU HYPOCRITE BLIND PERSON, as my articles are out to explain and make you understand, but you just refuse to see it. But trust me, I will make a specific reply to your article also in due time, but not right now. But soon I will, and then, what will you say? That everything has been answered even though it has not been answered and even been refuted?

Besides, my intro continued like this, and what do you have to say about it you avoider of questions and arguments and despiser of justice, you fake lawyer and respecter of persons:

“Had God been a man, or rather, if God had been Hitler, would Introibo (who is a real lawyer) have condemned him and called him evil, not only in a court of law, but also outside of it? Of course he would. He would not, as a lawyer, defend someone like Hitler or justifiably defend their evil crimes against humanity even though Hitler was the ruler and wanted this punishment to happen to those who incurred his displeasure. But the problem here is that GOD ALSO WANTS THIS PUNISHMENT TO HAPPEN TO THOSE WHO HAVE INCURRED HIS DISPLEASURE JUST LIKE HITLER DID! So why is Introibo, who is supposed to be just and not judge according to persons, making a different judgment or ruling when it comes to a God that is different from the judgment he would make against Hitler when they are guilty of the same crime? I will tell you why, and that is because Introibo is a respecter of persons or God rather then a respecter of true justice and true charity which wills good; a justice which defends men and condemns God when man shall be defended and God be condemned.
“I know for a fact that Introibo condemns Hitler for the evil he did and he does not excuse him. He publicly states this as a fact on his blog. So why does he excuse God when God do even worse? If the argument is that God is God and hence “he must always be obeyed” and also, “God wills no evil whatever he commands since he is righteous and just” and so “we must always have faith and believe no matter what” – if one actually follows such evil and unreasonable logic of mere “obedience” (as most Christians do in relation to God) to whatever is commanded (like both Hitler and God demands or demanded from their people) rather than following the truth of always adhering too and following the true justice no matter what even if a so called God condemns you for it, then one is not actually truly defending people or following the true justice of defending real love and goodness (that desires good and happiness upon everyone) or being reasonable or logical at all, but one is rather defending evil and respecting persons and instead of being just, becomes unjust, unreasonable and illogical in defending evil; not only any evil, but the worst evil that has ever existed and been implemented by anyone at anytime! Thus, no greater injustice than Hell has ever existed, yet the fewest people condemn it or defend people from incurring this infinite and infallible injustice. It is really tragic, and sad.” (Cf. https://against-all-heresies-and-errors.blogspot.com/2020/04/q-is-the-salvation-of-all-human-beings-souls-and-angels-an-illogical-position.html)

Answer why you judge God different from Hitler when they are both guilty of the same crime and they both damn innocent people, for God also damns or condemns people to Concentration Camps of Hell for nothing, such as merely being ashamed to confess one single sin! And this is clearly unjust according to all just laws, as even the lawyer you are should know, if you are but honest, because this is not a crime in the world or by the world, but only declared so by “God”.

If you won't answer my argument or questions, then it is because you are dishonest and are afraid to be exposed. Otherwise, answer my arguments and questions, you coward, because I have already answered yours.

You wrote: “You used to be a rabid Feeneyite and even considered enjoyment of the marital act "mortal sin." Now you are a total apostate.” (Ibid.)

Response: What has been is different from what is now. But even so, no, I did not directly say the marital act was sinful, only that excess was sinful. But this “excess” judged by us was too much and we were wrong, and I was also brainwashed by my brother, but I have changed position now and when he moved out, I started to distance my self from his influence. That is the truth with my position, and now I embrace the teachings of Vatican II and Alphonsus on sexual activity.

You wrote: “In your article above you DENY that there is one true Church. Beliefs don't matter, nor do actions.” (Ibid.)

Response: No, I don't deny it, I only explained that Vatican II is this Church since the previous Church was blind and deceived in their view that damnation is just or that only Christians or Catholic can be saved. And God tells us to listen to the Church for a reason, and that is because God also learns from the Church. Since damnation is evil and everyone knows it is (otherwise, if you where God you would also damn souls but you would not do this, please ANSWER HONESTLY!) hence we know damnation is evil and hence, Vatican II follow the true teaching and they even teach to God, and God listen to the Church and hence, changes his positions or understands them better. Hence, Vatican II is the true Church moving towards the right direction. That is my position. So you said wrong, because I don't deny the Church, it is just you who deny that Vatican II is the Church – and that is all.

Neither did I say beliefs or actions does not matter. All I said was that even if people fail in life, forgiveness must be open to them. To argue that those who died in failure must always be damned and tormented because they made mistakes in life is evil, because people change and convert everyday but this conversion would be denied in a Hell where conversion and betterment is not possible, and where salvation and forgiveness is not granted, and that is also why Hell is the worst evil that has ever existed.

Also, even if conversion never happens, still, it is undeniably evil and unjust to torment sick and evil people or souls forever, because if we act like this towards them, then we are no better then they. And that is why evil people on earth is looked up in prison while being allowed to live in happiness in the prison with some form of freedom, and they are not denied betterment or conversion of soul and mind from evil, and if they become good people and role models, they may even be released or will be released in due time.

But still, I do not believe conversion is not possible, because how can love, goodness and truth be resisted forever when love, goodness and truth is true? Therefore, I do believe in hope, and therefore, I always believe total conversion is possible from evil for anyone whatever God in his blindness claims about it, even the devil himself, even if it takes many eternities. (God says a damned soul will never convert, be good or love, but this is false, because it is God whom they hate because he does them evil, and not that they hate everyone, because they had love in them and loved others while on earth.)

You wrote: “Why then did God become Man and die on the cross? What was He saving us from, if not Hell?”

Response: I will give you an answer from another article and person I spoke with. This is my answer:

““If there is no hell, Jesus came and died for nothing.” Answer: God only died for the Saved according to his laws anyway, so yes, in a sense he died for nothing because Christ refused to be truly universal and he lets billions be lost, because they are “unworthy” his graces. Do you know what this might mean? That the true Christ perhaps is yet to come, if this other Christ was no the true Christ. Because why would a true God be selfish, and only apply salvation to those who are worthy according to himself? Salvation must be applied according to justice, and not on any personal motives. And according to justice, everyone is worthy of salvation, because everyone can love and become good and give love [but this is denied by God to ever happen in his evil Hell].” (Cf. https://against-all-heresies-and-errors.blogspot.com/2019/05/q-why-damnation-and-eternal-torments-is-evil.html)

You ask what God saved us from? I answer. From his own selfishness in desiring humans to be like he desires us to be and the grave consequences if we failed, but this is not justice, but injustice.

I wrote about this before in another article like this:

“Rules more often then not is the cause and giver of sin, and not the fact that breaking a law is sinful in actuality when the breaking of it entails no evil to anyone, except for the dictatorial and hypocritical lawgiver, who seems to desire obedience above all else and not mercy and love. For example, if God gave us our will to live our life and have our free will, such as marrying a Protestant or a so-called “heretic” or a relative even if the Church condemned this, then no disobedience would have been enacted, and no “sin” been committed by be so-called guilty person. (Mixed marriages was not always approved by the Church, and marrying before in time against the will of the Church was an excommunicable “offense”, since such disobedience was deemed mortally sinful and damnable, even if you loved the spouse.) The same can be said about many other things, such as confessing our sins to a priest, which is an obligation in the Catholic Church under pain of mortal sin. But if someone were ashamed to confess their sin even though they felt sorrow, they would be damned, according to God's law, even if they were completely honest and good persons otherwise. Hence, it is God's law that creates sin, and not the persons itself, since marrying someone or being ashamed to confess, is not in itself a sin or evil (marrying is even love, as we know, so love is damnation?), but God has only decided to view it as “mortally sinful and damnable disobedience”, even though these are trifling matters in reality even according to the world's standards, since these acts are not judged sinful or as criminal on the earth. Rules, however, that is according to conscience, justice and our hearts, i.e., that is about doing good unto others and ourselves, are true laws and must be followed, but if someone failed to keep these laws, this is still no reason for eternally damning them! No, forgiveness and love must be open to everyone, even evil people, so that they too may have a chance to become good!” (Cf. https://against-all-heresies-and-errors.blogspot.com/2019/05/q-why-damnation-and-eternal-torments-is-evil.html)

You wrote: “Wait Jerome--YOUR "God" doesn't think Hitler is bad or unjust! He's going to Heaven the same as St Francis of Assisi!!” (Ibid.)

Response: False, I never said that, I never said Hitler was not unjust or bad, you unjust, blind dishonest person. How many times did I already mention Hitler was evil, unjust and bad in my articles and in the article you just read? Yet you lie or take me out of context or misunderstood something because either you have nothing honest to say, or you are just stupid and blind (which in fact you also are).

What I said was essentially this: If someone was evil and yet truly repented with sincerity and yet a God or even you would not forgive him, you would be evil and would be worse than even Hitler himself that chose love in the end, whereas you did not by not forgiving him, you evil man if you would not forgive him -- and for all eternity too?! Evil Hell, apostasy doctrine of true heresy from all love and justice for sure! And that is also why every reasonable person (like atheists and other people and religious of other faiths and even Christians who dislike Hell) do not like Hell or even contradicts it or condemns it!

Since you are so blind to conversion from evil and forgiveness and hope even in the afterlife because God has brainwashed you, let me remind you of what I wrote previously to other people about bad people converting and being saved so that you may not take me out of context anymore or misunderstand anything.

This is what I have written, both about the devil, and Hitler:

“Why do you think Vatican II moves away from this evil doctrine of Hell and separation if not because they have started to accept true justice and the law of conscience which desires and wishes good upon everyone, including ourselves? No one deserves damnation, but everyone deserves something better than eternal torments and unhappiness, as even you know. For example, just think for yourself how lovable it would be if the Devil himself finally converted and become lovable and good and like a little child if he was only given the hope and opportunity to do so! That would be amazing and great!! The devil becoming our friend and lover from having been our enemy. What happiness!, what love!, what hope!! -- To have hope and to be able to be forgiven and loved always and for all eternity by everyone! But with the evil doctrine of an eternal Hell and unforgiveness, this hope would never happen and hence this doctrine is the most evil doctrine and thought to have ever existed or been created by anyone at anytime, God or man.” (Cf. https://against-all-heresies-and-errors.blogspot.com/2019/05/q-why-damnation-and-eternal-torments-is-evil.html)


TraditionalCatholic asked: “How could Hitler be saved? Stalin?”

I responded: “You asked me how Hitler or Stalin (who is considered among the most evil people who have ever lived) could possible be saved? I answer: They can be saved and be happy and love and be loved and even be good examples for all eternity in the next life by henceforward always doing good and by having repented from their evil actions!
“And also, did you know that according to a doctrine even you accept, God waits to the last moment for a man's conversion? Hence, if they only changed their evil ways before death and accepted their wrongdoings and wanted to change their evil ways etc., God would have forgiven them and saved them, and if their sorrow was truly sincere and great, they would even have escaped purgatory. This is true Catholic doctrine which you cannot deny, yet you ask me how they could have been saved, as if you did not know this! TraditionalCatholic, stop being dishonest from henceforward, and see the arguments for what they are, i.e., that anyone is worthy of eternal forgiveness and love and happiness, for when they convert and change, it was always worth it, you see. For the same reason would you never give up on your own sick mother or father or child or sister or brother, but you would always hope, pray and work for their well being, and not give up on them. For the same reason then, never give up hope for those who died in God's displeasure, for even if this so-called God hates them and they hate God, we do not need to hate them (I certainly don't) and hence if we do, we will not be hated by them and therefore, we will more easier be accepted by them and share our love with them, which will not be rejected.
“You see, by being open to forgiveness, anyone can convert in due time, even if it takes eternity.! But this so-called God, in his evil faith on Hell and unforgiveness, denies this possibility. Hence, God has denied hope, i.e., the hope that the damned could convert (if it is now his belief that they never will). But since I believe in hope, I will always believe in hope, love and forgiveness for everyone and not deny it like a heretic as this so-called Catholic or Christian God does.
“In fact, what would be more beautiful to behold then to see someone evil like Hitler to truly repent in this life or even in the next and become good and loving and caring for others, even being a good example to others and of repentance and by doing good always henceforward and for all eternity too? If someone was evil and yet truly repented with sincerity and yet a God or even you would not forgive him, you would be evil and would be worse than even Hitler himself that chose love in the end, whereas you did not by not forgiving him, you evil man if you would not forgive him -- and for all eternity too?! Evil Hell, apostasy doctrine of true heresy from all love and justice for sure! And that is also why every reasonable person (like atheists and other people and religious of other faiths and even Christians who dislike Hell) do not like Hell or even contradicts it or condemns it!” (Cf. comment section of: https://against-all-heresies-and-errors.blogspot.com/2019/05/q-why-damnation-and-eternal-torments-is-evil.html)


“If you could only see the damned being converted and being forgiven, and being saved from this torment and fire, you would cry of happiness and feelings of love and forgiveness and hope, and so would they. There are even children in Hell, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, neighbours etc. that all could live a better eternity, but is denied this by an evil God dictator.” (Cf. https://against-all-heresies-and-errors.blogspot.com/2019/05/q-why-damnation-and-eternal-torments-is-evil.html)

So what I said is that salvation must be open to everyone, even Hitler or the Devil or anyone else, because provided one believes in conversation to goodness and never denies it, everyone can convert in due time however evil they have been, but this is denied in Heaven by God – and this is heretical.

You wrote: “As a lawyer the PUNISHMENT MUST FIT THE CRIME.” (Ibid.)

Response: No crime deserves eternal torments. That is why I so much mentioned you being a lawyer and claiming to follow justice, because according to the laws you have learned, you certainly know eternal torment does not befit a crime that was only temporal. Even in the world, repentant criminals are released, and if people could live forever, they certainly would not have been punished forever, if they converted and became new men.

Besides, the world does not torment criminals, but tries to cure them. But in Hell, there are torments so severe so that they can only hate in return, and this is clearly unjust, since it denies love and repentance and love.

And to the argument that people receive life sentences. That is true, but life is only temporal. Had life been eternal on earth, the judgment would have been different. I mean, it is unreasonable to let someone live forever in a prison if the person he killed still lives in another life (if life is eternal and cannot die) and especially if this man also has converted and become good. Therefore, since the laws on earth and eternity are different, different laws applies, but still, the world understands this: tormenting others is evil, which is why the world itself does not do this to her criminals, but again, they seek to cure them, or at least, desire them to die a good deaths so they they may have happiness hereafter.

And this is even more true in the afterlife, because in the afterlife no death exists, and even people who where murdered on earth is alive in heaven, so why then always punish someone when they have already been punished, and especially if they have became new men that are now good? Hence let us forgive each other instead and love each other and be happy with each others goodness and conversion, and let us be like a big family again, like we are meant to be and love each other. For this is the only truth with Heaven, to forgive each other and love each other and to live in happiness and eternal love with each other for ever!

You wrote: “As I wrote above, "Hell is eternal because sin, though finite by itself, is primarily committed against an infinite God; the punishment must therefore also be infinite.” (Ibid.)

Response: Your argument is really not an argument of justice, but it only slaves after a God. That God claims to be infinite, or even if he is, is not an argument for an eternal punishment that never ends. Do you know why? That is because there is no justice behind this argument, which is why such a punishment would never hold up in a court of law.

Besides, God damns many souls for crimes that are not even sinful in the world or according to worldly laws or even according to your conscience, such as marrying against the will of the Church, or simply being ashamed to confess a sin. How does this deserve eternal punishment (or how does our conscience tell us this is wrong like with murder? It does not!) when the world itself does not even judge these acts as sinful or wrong? Hence, your arguments are no arguments according to justice, but you are merely slaving after a God and his evil laws even though he did not have to follow them or implement them just as the world does not implement them, so that we all may live in peace.

Only truly just laws are to be followed, and that is the law of doing good to others, not to steal, not to murder, not to take advantage of others, not to rape, and similar laws to this effect. Such laws are true, but even so, criminals are forgiven on earth, and must be so in the afterlife also.

You wrote: “If you destroyed someone's property valued at $100, he has a strict right in justice to be compensated the full $100. God's 's friendship is infinite in value and the mortal sinner broke that friendship against a Perfect Being. Therefore, the punishment must be equally infinite. Hell is neither more nor less than absolute, perfect justice; it couldn’t be otherwise. "He is the Rock, His works are perfect, and all His ways are just. A faithful God who does no wrong, upright and just is He." (Deuteronomy 32:4).” (Ibid.)

Response: In order to prove that you are lying, try to claim this “justice” in a court of law, and we will see if the judge lets you keep your work or not! If you are honest, you will see that the judge would revoke your license if you tried to implement these laws whom you claim are “just” in a court of law, because they certainly are not just, but to the contrary, if you follow true laws, such as not murdering or stealing, you would be praised and honored.

No one in the world is given eternal torments or punishment for having stolen 100 dollars. They are merely given a fine, or a small prison sentence, but God could actually damn someone for eternity if they died in this sin, tragically and evilly, and this is wrong, and you know it, and judges know it; you dishonest person who are merely slaving after a God whatever he teaches.

Both you and I know and everyone know that it would be better to let someone, in the afterlife, pay back in some way what he stole rather then eternally damning him. But such simple logic is not understood by you, because you are a slave of a God and not a man of justice even though you are a lawyer, and hence this is also the reason for that you are blind, for God is blinding you, when you should rather look to true justice, which the world and Vatican II represents better than God.

Besides, why don't God learn some humility? He felt offended? Well, don't we all get offended? God has no reason to damn someone forever just because he felt offended. Instead, man up God and tell this man or woman they did wrong, and then help them become better men and women again. Don't be an unjust fool and eternally damn them, because that is evil. You can give them a prison sentence, but do not eternally damn anyone. In truth, if you refuse to take your work seriously and do not forgive people their offenses, then let me do it and take your place, because I promise you to work for all eternity for bad people's conversion, even if they are evil, because I have hope that even they will and can become good again.

You wrote: “You see Hell as unjust because your conception of God and Justice/Mercy are both WRONG.” (Ibid.)

Response: No it is not wrong, and that is why the world and Vatican II and our conscience and heart, and also true justice, agrees with me and not with you. Only brainwashed Christians like yourself, says it is wrong, because according to you, a 5 year old child being angry with God and calling him bad names must burn in Hell and be damned if he died like this, and a nun who lived a good life but was ashamed to confess a sin “deserves” eternal damnation and torments, you evil person! This is not how the world or Vatican II judges it, which is why they don't even demand confession anymore under pain of sin. This is wisdom. Instead, they believe in mercy, and that even if someone failed in everything, that there is hope for him or her. This is also my faith and my belief, because it is just. But I go even further then they. But many in the Vatican II also believe as I do, i.e., that all are saved and that Hell is either empty, or does not exist.

You wrote: “Under your idea of God, DEATH is immoral. Why are we being punished by physical death for someone else's (Adam's) sin? If God brings Hitler into Heaven, why not just forgive all of us and make us immortal without death? How can God let a five year old die, Jerome/ Why not just make us happy without the pains and sufferings of death?” (Ibid.)

Response: Death is not so relevant on earth since life continues eternally in the next. Only what transpires in eternity, is really relevant, since justice cannot be had in this life to a full extent. But in an eternity and with the power of a just God that cannot be resisted, justice can be had. Hence that the next life is relevant more then this, because it is there that we will meet each other again and live in happiness and justice.

You ask why bring Hitler to Heaven? I answer: Because he can be or have already been converted. That is why. If he has not, let him remain in a prison or receive some punishment, or even be in Heaven, but not be so liked by everyone and not be welcomed everywhere until he has been converted truly, for then there is hope even for him. And when he finally converts and become just like you and me, then it was all worth it, wasn't it? Of course it was, because we are all brothers and sisters and we must not despise those who choose the wrong path in life, because we could have done it too! Hence that conversion and hope in others betterment is the real truth, and not eternal damnation which is actually evil.

You wrote: “As I wrote above, "people themselves become their own punishment. A person will go into the next life as the person they made themselves in this life. A human being's choice and fate are sealed at death. If someone goes to Judgement as an enemy of God, that individual rejects all that God is; love, goodness, etc. They have embraced hate, evil, and all that is wrong. That's who they will be for all eternity.” (Ibid.)

Response: Even it that is true (which I don't believe) still, I would gladly offer myself to work for their conversion for all eternity. IF God is to selfish to help them, let me do it, and do not torment them, but let us live in peace and let us do them good, so that they too will see the light. That is my faith, my hope, my love for them, because I desire them good, and provided someone desires them good, there is hope.

Also, this is what I wrote on this subject in other places, and this answers all of your arguments above sufficiently:

“I have not renounced the true faith but rather found it and embraced it, since the true faith, even according to God himself, is the Golden Rule and wishing (and wanting) good upon others, and forgiving others, especially our enemies! That is why I want to forgive the damned and work for their eternal salvation and happiness. I do not believe, as I explained, that the damned cannot be good or forgiven. If they hate God or can't forgive him, it is for a reason -- i.e., He rejected them and sent them to Hell. If they can't love God or God love them, then let someone else love them or give them love or be their God (such as Mary, or whomever else has won this title), and all would be well. It is absurd to think that a spirit or soul would refuse happiness and love for all eternity just because we have been taught this is the case. If this is not true with reasonable humans, why would it be true with spirits? It makes no sense. But even if this is true, my judgment would be to send them to earth again and live another life and make them receive a body. No human wants to deny love or live in torments, hence, it is easy to see why there are solutions to the damned and that they can start to love again. That is why I believe in love and forgiveness, and not in hate and God's evil damnation.” (Cf. https://against-all-heresies-and-errors.blogspot.com/2019/05/q-answer-as-to-why-i-condemn-hell-and-god.html)

I also wrote in another place:

“If you read my article you will have read many answers as to why there need to be no Hell, and why they could have been saved and lived in happiness and why God commits mortal sin by not having thought of something better for the damned (if Hell now is real and not only a true scare tactic). Would it be hard to let all the damned live on earth in a human body and hence make them live in human happiness instead of damnation? Of course not! Do humans want to live in torments and unhappiness? Certainly not! So the argument that they are always evil and can't be good is false, because they had goodness in them while they lived on earth. My judgment – which would be shared by all who have reason and love true justice above God's will if his will is evil – (if I had God's place) would be that they could live on earth instead (if they don't want to live in Heaven or we can't get along), but I also do believe that Heaven even is for them and that they can become good. …
“I did not mention devils or demons because it does not matter. They exist, but they have become, or will be good in my belief, since I have given them hope and forgiveness, so they are my friends. Do you think I want even the devil to be damned? No, I wish his salvation and happiness, and I will fight for that all the damned will be saved. And in my belief and in that of Origen, everyone will be saved in the end. Yes everyone, and that includes the devil. What is hard to believe with that the devil himself could make himself become like a little child and start to love if he was only forgiven and was granted happiness and love? How can demons love or have hope if they are only tormented and live without hope? Can't you see that they are forced to hate? If you don't believe me, try to torment yourself or be tormented by someone in insufferable torments, and then tell me what you think and if you are happy with this life or if you start to fell an urge to hate! If someone tormented you and you had no hope and you could not bear it, and you thought this would endure forever and there was no hope and you received no consolation from anyone, you will start to hate. Can one live in insufferable torments and not start to hate when one cannot bear it? Even I would have started to hate God and even Mary if I was always tormented in insufferable torments and I had no hope of being released. Not that I want to hate, but if one is not forgiven or granted love or happiness, it only seems natural to start to hate those who deny you this happiness. Hence Hell is evil, since it forces us to hate. Without love and hope, there is only darkness and hate.” (Cf. https://against-all-heresies-and-errors.blogspot.com/2019/05/q-why-damnation-and-eternal-torments-is-evil.html)

Finally, this is what I wrote specifically for you in the article I directed to you a while back (you never responded):

Introibo Ad Altare Dei asks: “In the strict sense, God does not condemn anyone to Hell. The person chooses it.”

Jerome answers: “I know this argument. I also held this before I got courage to actually blame God instead. I answer: If people truly choose damnation in front of God because their conscience forces it, this is a kind of force, since the conscience follows God's own laws, and not our own well being. I can assure you that I do not want to be damned. If you say I do desire to be damned you would be lying. Therefore, if I desire to be damned in the next life, that only happened because I would be overwhelmed by feelings alien and foreign to me that makes it unjust and impossible to resist. If I do not want to be damned as a human with a human reasoning, I certainly do not want to be damned in the next judgment when I look at everything differently. Since feelings can be deceptive and even can be abused (such as by God), I would guess the feelings in that case must be severe and excessive, and almost impossible to reject. Is that just? Of course not. But then again, nothing is just with a Hell and eternal torments, so the fact that people choose a Hell in God's judgment does not surprise me, since I can see already that there is foul play at hand – because humans with a human reasoning will not and will never want to be eternally tormented or live in a sea of fire for all eternity. That is just common sense and reason. Hence, the argument that people choose Hell by themselves fails and is unjust, since this own condemnation of conscience to an eternal Hell is forced upon the soul with feelings foreign to our current understanding. It is unjust to judge the soul or body separate from each other, or from an understanding different from common human reasoning that looks to its own well being.” (Cf. https://against-all-heresies-and-errors.blogspot.com/2019/07/response-as-to-why-the-doctrine-of-hell-do-not-follow-true-justice-or-logic.html)

You wrote: “That's why Hell is not unjust. That's why you are an apostate, anti-Christian Universalist.” (Ibid.)

Response: You blind fool. What you say is essentially this: “That is why damning children and unconfessed nuns IS NOT UNJUST BUT EVEN GOOD, and I see not injustice with them burning in Hell or being tormented forever without ever being released...”

Do you see now why I called your arguments and reasonings retarded? Because they are.

You say Hell is “just” only because God says so, and because you are forced to agree with this position because you are a coward too cowardly to stand up to true justice – and that is all. Be honest.

If Hell was “just”, the world and our conscience and God's Church and our heart would agree with this, but they don't.

That our heart don't agree with Hell is obvious, because if you where God or had his place, you would not damn anyone but look for solutions for all eternity that the damned may be saved and become good. So you are refuted, and your arguments are pathetic and no arguments at all, since you are merely slaving after a God whom you fear might damn you to Hell for questioning him or thinking of something better for others and yourself. But your actions are cowardism, and not justice or braveism.

Also, and I repeat myself: if Hell was just, this means you would have made the same condemnation and judgment over the damned as God did if you where God, but you would not do this. ANSWER THIS QUESTION! If you where God or received the power over the damned by God, what would you do? Would you try to convert them, or always damn them, you evil person? Hence this question refutes you, because it proves you would not damn the damned if you had the power over them, and hence, Hell is not just, for no sane person would ever to this to others, but if they did, they would be evil. Yet you excuse God, because you are blind and a respecter of persons (or a respecter of God) and not of justice. You are therefore just a blind follower of God just like the Germans (who did evil) was to Hitler.

You wrote: “The fact that YOU can't comprehend that makes you "reason-challenged," not me. I invite all my readers to read your prolix nonsense.” (Ibid.)

Response: I do comprehend and understand, which is why I always answer every single question and argument, but you have never responded to anything so far, but all you do is ignoring everything.

But we shall see what you do, since I did ask you some questions and made many arguments and quotations even in this posts, and we shall see if you actually dare to respond to them. My guess is that you perhaps won't (or?) because if you do answer, you will condemn yourself and your God in the process.

Here is the immediate previous article you also ignored:

You wrote: “You do a much better job than I could in showing why your beliefs are idiotic and contrary to Christ Who was God and clearly taught an eternal Hell.” (Ibid.)

Response: In the judgment day, we shall see who was right. But even now, you are wrong, but since you are not honest, the point is meaningless to argue.

At least we can see who answers questions and arguments, and that is me; whereas you answers nothing and only hide behinds arguments already addressed. That “God said this” “or that” is not an argument of justice, because God has no right to be unjust and command evil. Hence, when God commands Hell, he does an evil and must therefore be resisted, because there are obviously better solutions or alternatives for the damned then an eternal Hell, and this would be a temporal prison where they will learn to become good again and love. End of story.

You wrote: “Praying for your conversion,” (Ibid.)

Response: And I pray and hope that you will answer my questions (because if you do, you will see the truth) and that you will truly start to follow the true justice which you now falsely claim to follow (as a lawyer nonetheless!).

I have written three articles now in response to you, and so far, you have not addressed any of the arguments or questions but only written small comments in response but without actually answering answering anything.

Even here in this most recent discussion between us, I have asked you questions and made many arguments to prove the points of justice which you do not follow, and specifically asked you to answer them. Again, we shall see what you will do about it.

Ville Hietanen (Jerome)

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