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Q&A: Eating Meat on Holy Days; Saving Souls From Hell; The Creation is God's ''Video Game'' and we are His Players; Eating Healthy and How People Lived Before in Time

“Good afternoon Jerome, I have other doubts and I really wanted to clarify if possible:
1. Is it true that you should abstain from meat also on the Sabbath?
2. In the prayer of the Rosary we pray: O my Jesus, forgive us and deliver us from the fire of hell, take all souls to heaven, and help especially those who need it most.
In this part, they told me that it was this way of praying: do you help the souls of purgatory, especially the most abandoned?
What is the true prayer that must be said?
3. What did Christian families eat in the old days? because food makes us so bad because they are transgenic and high in sugar ... I wanted to offer my children a simpler diet, here in Brazil we eat rice, beans, meat, chicken, vegetables ... but with agrochemicals ... including the cost of living here is very high and the products and food are not of good quality, they are food products, industrialized.
How can I live in a simple way? to preserve health, to let go of materialism, to live in silence to sanctify my soul, and to be a good wife and mother to one day be able to save ourselves and enter into bliss.”

Hi Nataly.

1. No you don't have to abstain from meat on the Sabbath (Sunday). You never have to abstain from meats on Holy Days, even on Fridays, such as when Christmas falls on Friday.

2. Perhaps it is about purgatory, but the prayers I am familiar with all speaks of Hell. Perhaps it is just an honest beseeching to the Lord that He shall save all souls from Hell: even if this won't be possible. But certainly, if we beseech our Lord everyday with prayers like this, He will be able to save more souls from falling into Hell. That is the mystery with prayer and salvation: that we many times need to specifically ask Our Lord for the things we want and if you don't ask for it, whatever it may be, such as greater faith, hope, happiness, love, better finances etc., you might not receive it in a greater abundance, for (I suppose) according to justice, God must play this game with the devil and with us souls and they (God and Satan) have their rules like in a game that must be followed; and God cannot do any injustice against the devil just as He cannot do any injustice against man, and God many times need to receive penances, prayers and sacrifices in order to be able to achieve things in the world and in souls (or receive bonus points, so to speak) in this real game of gaining Heaven in order to apply it to others so that they may be saved or gain graces.

In The Revelations of St. Bridget of Sweden, Our Lord Jesus Christ speaks of this eternal justice between Himself and the Devil thusly: “See how hardened the lord of the world is and how mighty he is against me because of my hidden justice. I could indeed destroy him in a moment through my power, but I do no more injustice to him than to a good angel in the kingdom of Heaven. But when his time comes, and it is now approaching, I shall judge him with his followers. Therefore, my bride, may you always persevere in good deeds. Love me with all your heart. Fear nothing but me. I am namely the Lord over the devil and over all things created.” (Book 1, Chapter 34)
            Then Christ spoke to his bride and said: “Tell my friends three things. When I was bodily in the world, I adjusted my words so that good men were made stronger and more fervent in doing good things, and evil men became better, as was seen in the conversion of Magdalene, Matthew, and many others. I also adjusted my words so that my enemies were not able to refute them. For that reason, may they to whom my words are sent, work with fervor, so that through my words, the good may become more ardent in goodness, the evil repent from wickedness, and that they themselves be on guard against my enemies so that my words are not obstructed. In truth, I do no greater injustice to the devil than to the angels in Heaven. For if I wanted, I could speak my words so that the whole world hears them. I could also open up hell so that everyone may see its torments, but this would not be justice, since all men would then serve me out of fear, when they should serve me out of love. For no other than the one who has love shall enter the kingdom of Heaven. For I would be doing injustice to the devil if I took away from him one who is rightfully his, because of sin, and who is devoid of good deeds. I would also do injustice to the angel in Heaven, if I placed the spirit of an unclean man as an equal to the one who is pure and most fervent in my love. (Book 1, Chapter 53)

Important articles and prayers on helping souls in purgatory and gaining an immense merit:

That is why it is important to do all things we do for the Love of God and to apply every action for the Love of God, so that our actions may not become worthless - spiritually speaking. We apply our actions by gaining the habit of offering everything we do, preferably before doing it, such as opening a door, by saying: “For love of you, Jesus.” etc., or such as before cleaning: “For the Love of you Jesus, for the conversion of sinners, and in reparation for offences committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I will do this cleaning now.” etc.

“And she (Our Lady) continued:
“Sacrifice yourselves for sinners, and say many times, especially whenever you make some sacrifice [penance, or work]: O Jesus, it is for love of You, for the conversion of sinners, and in reparation for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.’”

Also, a morning and evening prayer through which we offer all our actions of this day to God is also a valid form and most important to pray, since it is hard to think before every action that we do that we do them for God, for the salvation of souls, and for souls in purgatory etc.

Father Paul O'Sullivan recommends that the first act of every good Christian in the morning is to fall on his knees and make his Morning Offering. It can be done in this wise:

Sacred Heart of Jesus, through the most pure hands of Mary, I offer Thee all the prayers, works and sufferings, all the actions of this day and of all my life, in union with the Masses being offered all over the world, for the intentions of Thy Sacred Heart and for the Apostleship of Prayer. Every breath I draw, every beating of my heart, every glance of my eyes, every step I take, every single act I do, I wish to be an act of love for Thee.”

Father Paul of Moll recommends the following prayer to be said in the morning, and before commencing any work or suffering:

All that I shall do today, I shall do for the love of God, so that all my actions may be actions of love. I unite myself today with all the acts of love made to God, both in heaven and on earth.” Say quite often during the day, when you commence to do something, were it only moving a chair, opening or shutting a door, or any other action, “For love of Thee, Jesus [and Mary].” When you have to suffer anything say, “I want to suffer it for the love of Jesus [and Mary], just as Jesus [and Mary] has suffered all for love of me.” Very early one morning, Father Paul seeing a peasant who had come a long distance through a snowstorm to hear Mass in the church at Steenbrugge, said to him : “If you could see the immense merits which your courage has procured for you, you would be astonished, and you might yet increase them in a incredible measure, by saying, ‘All for the love of Jesus.’”

Even if we are like a “God” so to speak in our own video game (that is, we can do as we wish with all the possibilities available), we still need other players to do things for us in order for us to proceed; and sometimes, if we fail in the game, we make our enemy more powerful in gaining his ends instead. It is the same in this real time earthly video game: since most people on earth do nothing for God anymore, this means God will be less powerful in playing with His creatures and gaining His ends, whereas the devil is very powerful today since almost the whole world and all people is doing his will. That is why God more and more is being eliminated from the game and why it is even considered offensive to have any Christian symbolism publicly displayed in many countries.

Related article:

3. If you want to live simpler, move out to the country side and buy a nice house and start to garden and grow up your own food. In this way, you will always have healthy food at hand with no chemicals added. You could also have cattle, chickens etc.

That is how people lived before in times - although without electricity and other modern stuff - and they growed their own food; and since most people were poor before in time, they did not eat meat or flesh so often. Fish was probably more common.

If you care about eating healthy food and you worry about processing procedures and chemicals, do some research on what foods are more healthy. Also, always bless all the food you buy and bless it before eating (perhaps you can bless the grocery bag also and make all things become blessed?) otherwise, try to bless each item separately that does not lie on the plate you are eating (the whole plate with everything on it can be blessed in one blessing). This should cancel all bad effects such as chemicals etc., and especially any demonic effects if some evil people (such as witches and satanists) do such things in food manufacturing places today. Perhaps much sickness is not only happening because of chemicals or changes in the food and plant buildup, but also through satanic and evil blessings.

If you want to learn how to live in silence and solitude, and be a good mother and become holy (besides living a more natural, silent and detached life in the country side), read these articles: (note especially the "ADVICE TO PARENTS by Saint Alphonsus Liguori (1696-1787)" further down that is recommended for you to read)

I hope this answers your questions!
Many blessings,
Jerome (ejaculation with a seven years indulgence for each recital!)

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