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Q&A: “How do you explain faith healings in Pentecostal denominations? or any denominations? Are these also fruits of the divine?”

How do you explain faith healings in Pentecostal denominations? or any denominations?
Are these also fruits of the divine? if so, how are they bad? If we relegate them to the works of evil, then we can't distinguish between the divine and the evil based on fruit any longer.»

Hi Dave

Faith healings and seeming miracles in heretical sects, denominations and churches are either hoaxes, power of suggestion, or by the devil. It is also possible, since they have faith in God on this point, that God rewards them with healing in this life. But even if it's true that the healings are divine in some cases, that does not mean that they (who received or performed the seeming miracle) are in a state of grace, are pleasing to God or that they will be saved, since there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church.
If this is not true, then it is the devil who is performing all these “miracles”. The devil can have control over our bodies and if God permits it, he can manipulate it to perform seeming miracles (although, all the devil really does is to manipulate things in the body so that healings will occur). But if the devil is behind it, it is not actually a true miracle, but rather a natural process known to the devil and the demons, and that can be performed through their cunning.
I have also wondered about how heretics seemingly can perform miracles and heal people. My conclusion was that perhaps God has something to do with it in some cases but that they as protestants, won't be saved anyway if God grants them some healings. (Healings and miracles in themselves are not proof of God's acceptance or of being in state of grace or pleasing to God.) God can reward people, whether believers or unbelievers, in this life and hear their prayers. But suffering is also a grace and it is not always a good thing to have health, since having health may lead people into committing more sins and living a worse life. Patient suffering is one sure way of reaching heaven, provided one have patience and faith.

I believe God can and do hear heretics' prayer, and that if they pray for good things they might receive what they wish for and have their reward in this life – instead of the next. If they are truly of good will (i.e., protestants and faith healers), then they will be converted to the true faith before their death. Otherwise they are eternally lost. Most protestants seems to hate the Catholic faith and some also talk derogatory of the Virgin Mother of God. If they don't have Mary as their Mother, then they don't have God as their Father (St. Luis de Montfort).
With protestant missionaries that seemingly perform miracles in favor of those they try to convert, I have thought that if it's not the devil in all cases, that God grants them their prayers (miracles) sometimes for the good of the people who are to be converted. If newly converted people in the jungle die with belief in the Catholic faith and baptism (i.e., with faith in Jesus and the essential mysteries, such as the Trinity and Incarnation), they would actually be saved. I don't know how common it is for protestant ministers to impose anti-Catholic doctrines on newly converted people – hence such newly converted people might be saved if they die before having embraced heretical and damning doctrines against the faith or natural law. So even heretics can be used by God to save souls.
Some saints teach that God can't perform miracles in heretical churches (since such miracles would seem to approve of their faith). If true, then it means all “miracles” of heretics are of the devil. I have wondered much though how the devil could have so much power over heretics if it's truly the devil doing all these apparent miracles. But the bible did say that there would be many false miracles, false prophets and false Christians before the end of times – and I do believe we are currently living in the end of times today.

For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders, insomuch as to deceive (if possible) even the elect.” (Matthew 24:24)

I hope this answers your question.

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