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Best and Safest Image Blockers for Google Chrome and Opera

The best and safest image blockers for Google Chrome and Opera webbrowser and detailed instructions on how to use them

Note: Since these links will show some images I advice you to disable images temporarily in Chrome/Opera browser settings first (click on the three dots on the right upper side of Google Chrome or on the menu tab in Opera, then enter “settings”, in settings search “images”, go to “content settings”, click “do not show any images”, press “done”. Now all images are disabled. To activate the images again in order to use an extension instead for blocking images, follow the same steps.

Wizmage Image Blocker

Generally and for most users I will first recommend “Wizmage Image Blocker” since it is the most convenient and user friendly image blocker that I know of which means that more people will likely be encouraged to continue using this image blocker and not give up.

Direct download link for Google Chrome:

Note: Most browsers that are based on the Chromium source code, such as the Vivaldi browser, should be able to install extensions directly from Google Chrome Web Store.

In order to install this for Opera, you must first install this extension below which allows you to install Chrome extensions on your Opera webbrowser:

After having installed the above extension for Opera, visit this link and you will now be able to add it into your Opera webbrowser:

Note: You will have to enter your extensions after having added to Opera in order to manually install it. Opera should notify you about this and if you click on the notice, it will take you automatically to the extension.

The benefit with Wizmage Image Blocker before all others is that it gives the user an option to easily enable and show any or all images on a webpage. To do this, simply hover the mouse over any blocked image and when you are doing this an “eye” icon will appear and if you click it, you can make the image that was blocked appear in a convenient and easy way (you can also hover with the mouse over any blocked image and press alt + a in order to unhide the image).

Note: You can hide the image again by clicking on the back icon appearing in the same place (or just hover with the mouse over the image and press alt + z in order to hide it again):

Similarly, if you press the extension’s palm icon there is a large button on the menu which says “show images”, and if you press it all the images will be shown temporarily on the site until you leave it or update the site (this is not recommended to do on any site you are unfamiliar with).

Also, if you click the palm icon and check the “pause” box as is seen in the image above, the image blocker will become paused or disabled for all webpages until you unpause it again (not recommended). A more safe pause option is “pause for this tab only”, which means that only that tab will show images but no one else and when you close it, images will be blocked again.

But the program can also add exceptions for entire websites and all its pages. To do this, click on the image blocker icon and then check the box “exclude website” as seen in the image above. Now the program will show all the images on this website every time you enter it.

But the program can also add a specific exception for a single page only, such as a mail inbox:

If this direct link is added as an exception, it means that this exact link only will show images and everything else on will continue to be blocked.

To enable this feature, click the extension’s palm icon, click “options” (see image above), then add the direct url link you want it not to block images on, then click “Add Exception”. It will now not block any images on that exact url but block images everywhere else on the same website.

Note: If you need to remove an exception you made, click on the (X) button seen in the image before the url. If you want to add several domains or delete or change the address manually, click the box “Free Text”.

In order to make this program block as many images as possible, it is important that you change the “Maximum Safe pixels” from the standard “32” to “1” as seen in the image below.

If you don’t change this setting to 1, every image with a pixel width of 32 and below will be shown and not hidden, such as youtube comment thumbnails, and many other similar small images.

Note: If you don’t want Wizmage to show colorful patterns for hidden images and instead use the default white overlay, press the box which says “Don’t show pattern for hidden images” in settings as shown in the image above.

Note: If you don’t want Wizmage to show the eye icon when you hover over a hidden image with your mouse, click the box which says “Don’t show the Eye in hidden images” in settings as shown in the image above.

Fast Image Blocker

Important: It is highly recommended that you install Fast Image Blocker for Google Chrome and Opera and have it activated on Google Chrome and Opera webbrowser at the same time as “Wizmage Image Blocker” since wizmage does not always block all images on certain sites nor does the programs always block all the images immediately, which means that on some websites that you enter, you will occasionally see the image content for half a second or less before they disappear when you move back and forward in your webbrowser. Also, the advantage of having “Fast Image Blocker” installed at the same time with “Wizmage” is that the wizmage features (of easily displaying the images) will still work in most cases!

Note: You must use this extra image blocker in addition to Wizmage if you care about your salvation and about avoiding the occasion of sinning since you will loose nothing from doing so!

Here is the direct download link to Fast Image Blocker for Google Chrome:

Here is the direct download link to Fast Image Blocker for Opera (it is recommended to use the native addons for Opera rather than the Chrome versions when they are available):

Note: After installing it, click on the camera icon and remove every single site already put into the “exceptions list”. This image below is my own example I did so you can understand what to do (I would not put these sites in exception otherwise):

Note: Press the X icons in the circle in order to remove a website. There are a lot of websites put into this list as exceptions as you will see after having installed the program (not a smart move, since it makes people think the program doesn’t even work!).

Only add exceptions (the + icon with the address already inserted) that are absolutely necessary or needed, since it won’t block images on that site if you have it added.

Note: The right arrow is pointed to where the exception button is located.

Also, when clicking the camera icon, if the camera icon in the menu is colored, this means the image blocker is activated; if it is grey, it means it is disabled for all websites.

Note: The down arrow is pointing towards the activated and colored camera icon, which means that it is activated. If you press on the colored icon, it will become grey and disabled.

Remember to remove exceptions if you need to avoid seeing images on a site if you added an exception you should not have added.

Solutions to some known problems when using the extensions

Problem: When I enter a PDF file with Google Chrome or Opera the PDF file won’t open or load and the screen remains black.

Solution: Temporarily disable Fast Image Blocker, reload the page and the PDF file will load and show itself (don’t forget to enable the image blocker again afterwards!). This problem happens because Fast Image Blocker apparently blocks Chrome’s and Opera’s internet images of the PDF file when looking at it from the webbrowser. This problem does not happen in Firefox since Firefox uses another approach in showing their PDF files.

Problem: Youtube videos won’t play with Fast Image blocker enabled at all.

Answer: You must do the following fixes mentioned below for Google Chrome and Opera if you want to surf youtube safely, since it is not safe to put Fast Image Blocker as an exception on youtube (or almost anywhere else for that matter), since youtube’s comment avatars don’t get blocked unless one changes the Wizmage’s default “Maximum Safe pixels” from 32 to 1 (see information above), and Wizmage in general don’t block as many images as Fast Image Blocker does; also the bug of the thumbnail images not being blocked immediately by Wizmage also happens occasionally (Wizmage is just not safe enough to use by itself!). YouTube, of course, is known for its notorious immoral thumbnails and hence no one is allowed to surf this website (or the internet generally) with images enabled, or with an unsafe image blocker.

Solution 1: You may have an extension forcing youtube to play their videos in flash format rather then in html5 format. Fast Image Blocker blocks all flash content and hence that must be the reason why youtube videos won’t play.

Look through your addons and delete the following kinds of extensions:

YouTube In Flash [and those with similar names]
Disable YouTube HTML5 [and those with similar names]

This should solve the problem.

Solution 2: Install the following extension which you can activate in order to force youtube to play their videos in html5 format:

Here is the direct download link for Google Chrome:

Here is the direct download link for Opera (it is recommended to use the native addons for Opera rather than the Chrome versions when they are available):

Note: The above extension can force youtube to play videos either in html5 or flash format. After you have installed it, flash is on by default. Click on the icon, then select the html5 icon on the right side and change it to the html5 format. The program should now say in the text below the flash and html5 icons: “YouTube HTML5 Player is Active”. You can now right click on the extension and click “hide in Chrome menu”, or enter Opera extension and check “hide” so that you don’t have to think about it anymore.

Solution 3: If it still don’t work then you must have more addons causing problems. Delete one after another of those you think are suspect until it starts working. If nothing works, delete all addons and start over, there must have been some conflict. If nothing works, then contact me and I will try to help you, since it is important to surf the internet and youtube with a complete image blocker and flash blocker enabled.

Solution 4: Surf youtube and other video sites with Firefox, since this is also totally safe if you follow the instructions as detailed in the “Firefox Image Blocker” section.

Note: The reason I mention these solutions when it comes to watching or playing youtube videos is because I don’t want people to stop using the extensions completely if they don’t work as intended; otherwise I would prefer that no person watch youtube videos and only download them as mp3 or only listens to the audio. Watching motion picture media is an occasion of sin when we do not know what the video or film contains, and this shows us that God requires us to only listen to the audio of a video if we want to please Our Lord, since one may not risk one’s soul just because one wants some entertainment or fun in watching motion picture media. It is easy to just scroll down and see nothing of the screen while listening to the audio, or downloading the audio, or following our instructions.

Problem and Warning: If some websites show images despite that Fast Image Blocker is activated, it may be because you have added a subdomain of that site into the exception rule, and the latest version has a bug that shows images on if or is put into the exceptions list. It is the same with the subdomains such as and perhaps other websites as well.

Solution: Always use Fast Image Blocker at the same time with Wizmage Image Blocker and add the subdomain (for example: that you want to see images on into the exception list in both image blockers. Wizmage will then only show images in but block on all other websites.

I have emailed the developers about this problem and feel confident that it will be fixed shortly (or so I hope). So hopefully this will not be a problem for most people reading this and it is not good to put exceptions into Fast Image Blocker if the main domain becomes unblocked as well since this is not safe to do, and if this is the case and if this problem persists and sites shows you images, you must have to use one more additional image blocker since God’s law of avoiding occasions of sinning demands this of you.

Another easy solution until they have fixed this problem would be to just not put any exceptions in Fast Image Blocker on dangerous sites and that you just disable the program temporarily for a site if images are needed or necessary (just do not forget to activate it again!). You could also add an exception temporarily (just do not forget to remove it afterwards!).

Note: Facebook is not a safe site and people who think they can surf this website with images on are blind and crazy since this website is filled with immodestly clothed and sensual looking women.

There is also another more advanced solution but that works very well that has to do with blocking all google, yahoo, bing etc. images and thumbnails with an adblocker. Please see the section “Codes for manually blocking google, yahoo and bing content with adblock filtering rules” further down for more information on that.

Pros with using both blockers at the same time:

  • It will block close to 100% of all images on every website.
  • The Wizmage feature to manually enable the image by hovering with the mouse and clicking the eye icon is still working, and the program will show the image.
  • When clicking on the palm icon and pressing the “show images” button, the images on the site will be shown even if the other image blocker is enabled.

Cons with using both blockers at the same time:

  • In some cases some images may not be displayed properly when clicking the eye icon when Fast Image Blocker enabled.
  • In some cases not all images will be shown when checking the “pause” box or pressing the “show images” button in Wizmage when Fast Image Blocker is enabled.
  • In some cases, not all images will show the Wizmage feature when Fast Image Blocker is enabled or even be visible at all.

Solution: In order to fix these problems, it is enough in most cases just to put that specific webpage or website into the exceptions list in Fast Image Blocker. But this is not recommended to do at all unless the website is perfectly safe since Wizmage blocker by itself is not safe to use. It is better to pause Fast Image Blocker temporarily and then put it back on again. Exceptions must only be added rarely and when absolutely needed.

Note: Even with only Wizmage installed, not all features of how images are displayed will be working properly as long as the program is activated. To my knowledge, this mostly affects a website’s image zooming ability (mostly purchasing sites use this feature). But that is not a problem, since if you right click on the image instead and press “Open image in a new tab”, this might lead you directly to the larger image instead. In order to make this zooming feature work, one would have to pause the image blocker temporarily for that site or tab (not recommended).

Note: This feature does not seem to work with Wizmage enabled. If you use a normal image blocker, however, this feature will work.

I have tried to give as much details and solutions to every known possible problem with these image blockers in order to encourage people to continue using both of them at the same time since this is so much more safe to do.

Also see: Why you should completely disable images in Internet Explorer even if you never use it.

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