Friday, November 11, 2016

How to Block all Ads with an Ad-Blocker, Remove all Ads, Disable Ads

A lot of sites like Breitbart have any number of advertising disguised as news articles and oft times herald by a grotty little picture. Those sponsored links don’t seem to get blocked by basic adblocking tools. Now one thing that annoys me a bit where there are ads for a fortune teller on Cath-info who is dressed as a priest. A person can right-click and say the ad is offensive or just change adblock settings.”

There is a solution to the problem of ads being shown despite having an Adblock installed and activated. Please read the following instructions carefully all you who need to start using an adblocker or need help to get rid of all the ads.

Also remember not to disable your adblocker for any website ever, for just because some website tells you to do so does not mean that you should do it, or that you need to do it. Why? Because it is not lawful for you to expose yourself to potential bad and lascivious commercials or advertisements just because some website is after a profit!

Optional but may be necessary for some: Search for and download “Malwarebytes Anti-Malware” and do a scan, you might have malware giving you ads. This link should work for direct download (I hope):

Also uninstall your adblock and reinstall it. Then click one or several of the links below for the Adblock and webbrowser you want to use (I recommend uBlock Origin before all others):

Note: You need to use Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari (mac only) for the above adblockers. Microsoft Edge do support extensions now with the new anniversary update of Windows 10 and AdBlock and Adblock Plus is available in their store, but I can’t tell you if they are any good. Internet Explorer is almost completely useless and has poor support for addons and no one must use this webbrowser as their main webbrowser since God’s holy law demands that we must do what we can in order to avoid exposing ourselves to occasions of sinning; and this obviously includes surfing the internet with Adblockers, Flashblockers and Imageblockers.

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