Friday, November 11, 2016

Best Ad-Block, Image & Flash/HTML5 Block Microsoft Edge, Safari and Others

Best ad-blockers, image blockers, and flash/html5 blockers for Microsoft Edge, Safari, and others

I have not tried every other webbrowser, so I cannot tell how good they are or how well they work with every extension. But in all likelihood though, none of them will be as convenient or user friendly or safe as Google Chrome or Opera, provided one follows the instructions and installs the same extensions as described in their detailed instruction, and for these reasons, I cannot recommend any other webbrowser to be used except for Chrome or Opera.

If you still want to use any other webbrowsers (which I do not recommend since they may not be safe), the recommendations and detailed descriptions already mentioned above will probably apply to the same extensions for any other webbrowser. For instance, AdBlock is the same in Opera as in Chrome (and I presume in Microsoft Edge and Safari); AdBlock Plus is the same in Google Chrome and Opera and almost the same in the Firefox version (and I presume in Microsoft Edge and Safari); uBlock Origin is the same in Chrome, Opera and Firefox (and I presume in Microsoft Edge); and Fast Image Blocker is the same in Opera, Firefox and Chrome (this image blocker does not seem to be available in other browsers at present).

Note: If Microsoft Edge or Safari do not have Flash blockers, html5 blockers, and image blockers, no one must use these webbrowsers as their main webbrowser since they would be unsafe to use.

However, it sometimes happens that people have no other webbrowser to use besides from Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer (and I presume Safari for Mac users), such after a clean install of Windows 10. No problem. Internet Explorer can still be be found and used in Windows 10. Just search Internet Explorer and it will show itself.

See the Internet Explorer section above for information on how to block images manually and change homepage in this browser.

Explorer is much more safe to use temporarily than Edge since Edge can’t block any images manually at all as far as I know. Edge’s start page is also more dangerous since it shows large pictures that I fear can be immodest.

Open this browser with caution if you have not changed its start page yet. Try to avoid looking at the screen or only looking at the address bar with your head tilted upwards (this works well if one has glasses and has poor near sight), and just type anything into the address bar and press enter in order to escape their site. When you have done so, you can safely enter options and change the start page. To do so, click the three dots “…”, go to “Settings”, then go to “Advanced settings”. Here you can change the homepage to or if it redirects you to some other language.

Note: Remember to press the save icon just to the right where you are typing when finished (shown in the red circle).

Also change “Open new tabs with” to “A blank page” in order not to be exposed to any lascivious material from Microsoft. To do so, click the three dots “…”, then go to “Settings”, here you will find “Open new tabs with”. Change it to “A blank page”.

Any other extensions that are different for various webbrowsers, such as different flash/html5 blockers, or other image blocker extensions should work in the same way as already explained in the Chrome or Firefox sections. But then again, it is highly likely that the same problems as described on the Firefox section applies to every other webbrowser on the net, since none of them probably have the same kind of convenient and easy to use Image Block extension as Google Chrome has, which means that more people may grow tired and disable the Image/Flash Block extensions frequently unless they use Google Chrome.

Again, read the information about why Google Chrome is so much more recommended and why I want everyone use it as their main webbrowser before any other.

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