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Q&A: On evangelising and falling back to a sinful life. On loosing hope and feeling envy and on having no priest or sacraments etc.

Hello. In my previous email I wrote how I was incapable of evangelising. I started off talking to my parents who go to the Novus Ordo, and told them about how it was invalid. They continue to go there and they also believe all religions have some truth in them and so I feel it a pain or even useless  to talk to them about the deeper things like heresy, but then a part of me says try harder and I am afraid to do so because I am scared of starting a blow-up argument. That is my own family. As for others you suggested briefly mentioning God and the Blessed Virgin and I am afraid of doing it out of human respect and I also don't know how to find  the opportunities or openings to do so. All this is on the outside. Internally, I tremble when I think I could fall back into sin. I omit the sins of impurity or rash judgement but then spiritually envy people who were brought up Catholic. I omit bad language but I do not take interest in my work which is sloth. That is why I lose hope and feel I am already lost.  I believe my so called half hearted conversion is not true or of God. I am tempted to let go because I am not getting better. And I neither have priests for guidance nor sacraments. What should I do? Cordially 

Hi Michael

You don't have to do much in order to evangelise, therefore, do what you can and stop worry. Over time it will become easier as all things become easier with practise.

If your parents don't want to embrace traditional Catholicism, you could mention sedevacantism or the problems with Vatican II when an opportunity arrives. If people don't want to listen about sedevacantism, you could instead focus on making them live a better life, such as praying more and thinking more about God. Many people don't understand anything about sedevacantism or agree with that they teach anything wrong, and then one can talk about other things first, and make a mention about Francis or his heresies also. It is always good to have papers with important information at hand, so you could write down all things important and all the proofs and hand out to people. For the same reason, it is good to have dvds to give out to people about all the important information, such as on Vatican II.

Give your parents the dvds, perhaps they will watch them and learn, I can send you more dvds if you give me your adress. You can also buy things from MHFM ( on Vatican II and give out to people, such as information on Vatican II and Francis heresies, both in book form and dvd.

All religions have some truths in them, such as that one should do good, or belief in higher powers, but their faiths can't save them and they need to embrace Catholicism; but there might also be hope for unbelievers, in that they can die with a perfect contrition and an illumination of the true faith through a special grace and intervention by Holy Trinity through the Blessed Virgin Mary.

I understand it may feel useless to talk about deeper things with parents or friends or others that don't want to talk about it and that don't understand or believe in sedevacantism, that is why it is better to talk about a Heavenly Family and God and Jesus passion and the love of God. But one could also mention about Francis heresies and Vatican II and deeper things whenever an opportunity arrives. For the same reason, you don't have to worry when or how you should talk to people about God, just remember that there can come opportunities for you to talk about God with people provided you have the intention of wanting to talk about God with them, and if you have this intention, God will direct the conversation so that an opportunity may arise to talk about God. I have learned this from personal experience from time to time, namely, that opportunities to talk about God or some other divine truths often comes in a discussion. That is why you can always try to look for opportunities in any conversation to mention something, and you don't have to worry about always talking about God, or that it must be about God immediately in your conversation. 

If you want to be saved and do not want to sin against God and have a will not to sin against God, you will receive His help to avoid falling into sin. So trust and think about God and the Blessed Virgin Mary, and they will trust and think about you in a stronger and more intimare way than before. The same is true of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who always desires to help us, provided we only ask Her help in a more intimare and close way. God always helps us, but if we do more for God, we will receive more aid from God, such as the intercession, closeness and protection of the Blessed Virgin. If you perform the consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary, you will also have Mary in your soul and body in a more intimate way. If you have not performed the consecration to the Blessed Virgin in order to find Jesus in your body and soul also, please considering doing so as fast as possible. The more faith you have, the more you will receive, so believe in the consecration with your whole heart that what it teaches is true.

If you start to think good about everything and all people and pray for peace in your soul and body, then the envy thoughts will disappear. One often feels envy when others have something one don't have oneself. So if you stop to think negatively about others being brought up with the Catholic faith, you will feel better and have better thoughts. You should rather be glad and thank God for giving people the Catholic faith through being born into it. And if there are things you don't understand, you can always pray about it and ask God why, and you may be inspired to know the truth of what you are thinking about.

If you are active in other ways then you are not slothful in those ways, but if you believe you are slothful in the spiritual life (or corporeal work), then you need to start doing more in order to come out of this slothfulness, such as reading more, praying more, working more, and thinking good about God and others more, and evangelising more. If you have a will always to proceed in your spiritual life and you actually do something, then you are not slothful.

If you feel lost only because of the evangelising problem, then do something about it. You don't have to worry too much about others if it makes you loose your peace. It is more important firstly to save one's own soul. And the more you advance yourself in the spiritual life, the more easy will evangelising become, but also fastings, penances, mortifications and sacrifices for the Love of God and souls. But one needs to pray also for the help in becoming better in everything, and if you feel you have defects in areas, pray for the graces of being cured. Also pray the Rosary and pray for the grace before the Rosary to receive this or that grace in order to do that or this better.

What are you tempted to go back too? If you don't tell me what you are tempted about, I can't give you any exact advices. But you can always pray for help from God and the Blessed Virgin Mary to understand your vocation in life, whether it be living a more worldly life in the world with work and family, or of living more secluded in one's home.

I also don't have a priest for guidance, but one can always pray for all the help and guidances one are in need of, and one can even talk to other people about one's needs (such as a religious person you think is a heretic but that still can give you good advises, such as Vatican II priests, your parents, friends, or even a psychologist), and God may give you the answers though them. For God often works through other people in order to make us understand things; so consider when you talk to people and they tell you things about your own life that you might need or do, if this came from God, and them makes the changes necessary.

I hope this answers your questions.
If there is anything else, please let me know.

God bless,

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