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Q&A: "I keep falling into the same sins again. God has abandoned me. I also don't do any more good works. Prayer too is a burden."

Hello Jerome. I keep falling into the same sins again. Some of them are hatred of my parents for giving me a bad upbringing despite their being Catholic and blasphemous thoughts. I also feel that the number of my sins (as St Alphonsus says in his sermons) is complete and that there is no point in going on since God has abandoned me. I also don't do any more good works for the same reason. Prayer too is a burden. 
Secondly, about evangelisation. I am unable to debate or argue and therefore avoid evangelising others. I also feel aversion towards the effort needed. I live in a country that is anti-Christian and I fear being persecuted if I begin to spread the Faith. I feel I will never be able to evangelise. But evangelisation is a necessity if one wishes to be saved. I could then direct people to your material. Then questions keep cropping up such as, were my dead ancestors saved? I know the answer is no, but I am too afraid to say so and avoid such situations altogether. What do I do in this situation? Christus Rex

Hi Michael

If you fall into sins of impurity, for example, you need to make some changes in your life in order to avoid falling into this sin. Please read this article below and implement the changes necessary (such as the recommendations on media, and internet surfing etc.) in order to avoid exposing yourself to the occasions of sins on the internet and television:

Concerning feeling hatred. If you make a will to stop hating others and be so negative about yourself (your parents, neighbors, friends etc.) you will feel better and have better thoughts and this will help you to avoid sin also.

If you think good about others and about God, you will, as a consequence through grace, have better thoughts about yourself. If you think good about God, God will think good about you and give you better and holier thoughts.
Thinking negatively about oneself and others have a major effect on how one will feel (if you think bad about others, God will punish you as a consequence; but if you think good about others, you will be Graced with better thoughts about yourself). Therefore, make an effort to think good about others and even of yourself, in the sense that you have hope of becoming better and saving your soul.

Try to judge yourself, rather than others, and try to go against your own will, and pray every day to gain the Good Spirit and the Love of God. These are the quickest ways towards achieving the Love of God.

If you fear that the number of your sins is closing in, please, do not sin anymore! It is not hard to stop sinning, provided you ask for help (pray) and do what you can. In order to stop sinning, you also need to have a will not to sin and offend the all good God anymore deliberately. If you do not have such a will, you will never succeed in living a good life. Change your will and beseech the Blessed Mother of God, the Virgin Mary, for help and you will receive a change of heart, I can assure you that -- provided you have a will to change. If you don't want to change and stop with sinning, there is no hope.

God abandons no one until the last moment! Please believe in this with your whole heart. Your salvation depends upon it. Do not offend and sadden God by thinking that He has abandoned you when in reality, He loves you and desires your Salvation. It is only your own negative thoughts which plays tricks on you, making you believe that all is lost even though it is not!

Start to think positive about God, such as that He loves you and desires your Salvation, and see yourself in a better light, such as that there is hope for you and that you will, and, can change your life. You are not abandoned by God until death. Please stop to think that you are abandoned and you will feel a lot better.

Also, do not forget to pray and ask Our Lady for help to sort out your life -- and She will help you. Our Lady is always glad to help us out but we often forget to ask Her help. Pray the Rosary every day, preferably the fifteen decades. Believe me, if you start to pray the Rosary, all your problem will vanish immediately. Sister Lucy of Fatima, regarding the Holy Rosary, said the following words to Fr. Augustin Fuentes on December 26, 1957:

“Look, Father, the Most Holy Virgin, in these last times in which we live, has given a new efficacy to the recitation of the Rosary. She has given this efficacy to such an extent that there is no problem, no matter how difficult it is, whether temporal or above all spiritual, in the personal life of each one of us, of our families, of the families of the world or of the religious communities, or even of the life of peoples and nations, that cannot be solved by the Rosary. There is no problem I tell you, no matter how difficult it is, that we cannot resolve by the prayer of the Holy Rosary.”

See how to pray the Rosary in this link:

We highly recommend that all 15 decades of the Rosary be prayed daily. Our Lady repeatedly emphasized the importance of praying the Rosary each day in her messages at Fatima. She even said that Francisco would have to pray ‘many rosaries’ before he could go to Heaven. You should prioritize reading the word of God (Catholic books and the Catholic Bible) and praying before other activities to grow in the spirit. Praying all 15 decades of the Rosary each day can be accomplished in a variety of ways. However, for many it is best accomplished by praying a part of the Rosary at different times of the day, for example, the joyful mysteries in the morning, sorrowful mysteries at midday, and glorious mysteries in the evening. ‘Salve Regina’ only needs to be prayed at the end of the entire day’s rosary. An essential part of the Rosary is meditation on the mysteries, episodes in the life of Our Lord and Our Lady. This means thinking about them, visualizing them, considering the graces and merits displayed in them, and using them for inspiration to better know and love God. It is also common to focus on a particular virtue with each mystery.

You must pray every day and if you do not pray you will be damned. Pray everyday, do not let a single day pass without praying and spiritual reading. And when I say praying, I do not mean only 10 or 15 minutes a day. But a lot more preferably, such as one hour at least or more, if you have the time. Also, try to read some spiritual book at least 30 minutes every day.

If you want great Catholic books, check out the link below:

Please also look into this article with questions similar to you from a person who was in a similar situation as you are now:

Prayer may feel burdensome for a while, but provided you persevere in prayer and change your heart concerning God and prayer, and approach it with a better intention, it will become a lot easier and even a joy. Also, if you ask for help to pray better, you will receive help. Before beginning the Rosary, make sure to ask for some specific grace that you need in your life. The Rosary is powerful in granting you all your requests that are good for your temporal ad spiritual wellbeing.

If you are burdened with sadness and bad thoughts, ask Our Lord and Our Lady for the help to feel better and to have better thoughts -- and you will receive help. The problem is that we often forget to ask about the things we need, even simple things, such as help in praying better, feeling better and having better thoughts. If we ask them about this, we are sure to receive help.

Also read this article that contains some helpful advices for you on prayer and spiritual advancement:

You don't have to debate or argue in order to evangelise. You can just quickly mention God, the Blessed Virgin, Heaven or Hell, or give them some DVDs or other material, and it would be sufficient. Many people don't care about God or talking about God today, so you don't have to worry too much about it. But when possible, you can try to drag the conversation towards the Meaning of Life and Eternal Life in Heaven (or other topics such as Creation), and that there is a Heavenly Family in Heaven to look forward too, provided one only believe. I my self usually give out some DVDs, or the homepage, or talk about the meaning of life and a Heavenly Family in the afterlife.

Most people want a meaning for life to exist after death, therefore, it is always a good topic to talk about Eternal Life in Heaven and a Heavenly Family.

When it comes to evangelisation, do what you can, follow your conscience, and feel at ease.
And yes, you can direct people to the material as a form of evangelisation. It is easier if you have the homepage already printed out to hand to people. One can make templates with the homepages in a word program and print them out and cut with a scissor (OpenOffice and LibreOffice are two great and free word programs). One often feels bad in one's conscience when one does nothing about evangelisation. So if you feel better by doing something, even if little, gain a habit of doing it. Over time, it will get easier and easier and what felt hard in the beginning, will feel easy with practise.

The Catholic Church and the Bible teaches that the Catholic Faith and dying in a State of Grace is necessary for salvation. If this be lacking, there seems to be no hope. I know it is hard to think about this and I have thought about it a lot my self. At present, we can only try to save our own souls and that of others as best we can.

God Bless
I hope this answers your questions.
If there is anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me.


(Please, pray for me, since I am in great need of prayers currently since I find my self in a spiritual crisis of sort.)

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