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Q&A: Is God absolute Moral Goodness or Holiness? Can we never accuse God of ever being cruel or wrong?

This article is a follow up on the previous article posted here:

This article contains many useful answers and arguments in response to the false position or argument that God is the absolute Moral Goodness or Holiness and that he can never be cruel or wrong (I mean, the cruelty of Hell, which God positively wills for the damned, alone refutes this argument).

Jerome answers Ivan: You wanted me to post it [our discussion, linked below], and so I did. Please read it:

Short intro: “As the title says it, this discussion, in which the reader completely refused to answer any of my arguments or questions and then even wanted to physically fight with me on the mat since he could not answer me, is about the justice and injustice of Hell and whether or not I am really who I claim to be. For those who are interested in seeing me debate with a free thinking Ibranyi adhering Traditionalist [note: he is not an Ibranyi adherent, as wrongly stated, even though he agrees with some of his material], please read this conversation.”

Please, read especially my final words to you in the article after your last email, since this is my last words to you if you do not respond.

Have a good day, and a wonderful life.


Ivan responds: I had a detailed look at the blog post.

As for your comment at the top, “For those who are interested in seeing me debate with a free thinking Ibranyi adhering Traditionalist, please read this conversation.” This is a crock of shit, as I mentioned that I do not agree with Ibranyi on everything. More lies from you. As for you regarding it as a debate, that is debatable as I emphasised that I am simple man and a free thinker , and not a Catholic apologist whom you could genuinely claim having a grand official debate with. Why not debate directly with Ibranyi or the Dimonds for example who are genuinely intellectually gifted? Instead you pick on me. You are an utter wimp, and this is more bullshit from you.
I also understand you added a few other personal comments which were not part of our conversations, this was not correct business dealing. More bullshit from you.

Also I noticed you failed to keep another aspect of business, by editing some of what you said by putting some things in bold text; whilst you did not keep anything that I typed original such as any bolding, underling words or italics. You failed again to keep business dealing. More bullshit from you.

Only cold hard facts were supposed to be published, not just you editing the blog to make you look pretty in your pink dress.

You were looking for a target to bully by saying, if I did not reply to one of your emails that you were going to post it on your blog. This was sheer blackmail, and utterly immoral and unethical.

Instead of me cowering to that threat, I being a Catholic warrior in defiance of your bullying tactics, challenged you to publish all as is, or for you to last one lesson in martial arts class here in Australia. The plane ticket was going to be paid by me, but you declined. That really would have tested your bravado, as you shit yourself at the very thought of it. It really is amazing how tough you are behind a computer screen, but in real life in person you would be pissing and shitting in your pants.

As for your aggressiveness in demanding that I answer your bullshit heretical rhetoric, well I did answer everything, but not in the way you were expecting. All of my answers are hidden in the email communications, it is just that you are too spiritually blind to see them.

Why I never bothered to write you a detailed refutation is simple: Matthew 7:6 – “Give not that which is holy to dogs; neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest perhaps they trample them under their feet, and turning upon you, they tear you.”

By the way, where is your mysterious brother Markus? Does Markus exist? Or is he simply an imaginary invisible friend you have created in your deluded mind? Why has not he partaken in any conversations? Tell Markus if he exists that I want to communicate with him. I’d like an email from him, because I would be willing to discuss topics in depth with him only.

In summary, thank you for being the best you can be, as I understand it is difficult for you being a lying wicked heretic to have full honour to publish everything as is. But perhaps you could surprise me by editing the blog correctly, and publishing this too being our final email communication.

After all, we are not friends, we are supposed to be enemies doing a simple business deal. Better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t know.

Stop being an asshole, and just correct the blog to be natural per our email writings, and let this be our final communication, as really there is nothing more to be said. I eagerly await your blog corrections...

If you do not edit this blog of yours to be correct as is, then I will simply place this email in the comment section of your blog.

If you delete my blog comment then, I will visit you in Sweden for Swedish Schnapps when you least expect it.

I sincerely hope you are a hospitable host, as I expect nothing less than full reimbursement of all my costs associated in visiting you. This includes plane ticket, hotel accommodation, spending money, etc.

Is this your address?

Yes, if I was Irish my favourite name that I would like to be called is Shamus, because it sounds like Shameless. You played dirty, then I will be totally Shameless in defeating you.

Wishing you a very long time in Purgatory.

Ivan “The Terrible”

[Note, just to be clear, this is what Ivan wrote later concerning our discussion: “I am happy with all of this now, as you at least made one change, namely that I do not adhere to everything that Ibranyi believes.” Hence, his severe accusations of me of not posting it honestly, is incorrect. I simply misunderstood one thing, the Ibranyi part. After I made the correction, he was happy.]

Jerome answers: Hi Ivan “the terrible”- I have already corrected the Ibranyi part, and forgive me for not getting it right to begin with, but you gave me the impression of adhering to his teachings, although, not perhaps all of it.

I also asked you clearly to state your belief, but as with everything else, you do not like to answer questions or make your belief clear as I do.

If Ibranyi or Dimond want to debate, that is up to them. And besides, I asked you to be clear with me and answer questions, but this you did not do. This was about you and me, not them.

Our conversation concerned the topics of justice, which every sane human is gifted on, even you, but still, you did not answer my questions nor answer them, and this for a reason, and we both know why.

My intention was not to pick on you, as you stated, but rather, my intention was to make you see the truth and to answer simple questions, but with this you where not interested.

And yes, I added personal comments in brackets and also a comment in the end addressing you, [and some other small corrections] because I am not afraid to express my mind and answer questions (in contrast to you) and being reasonable, which you, sadly, where not in in our discussion.

I did not keep your bolding because I copied everything into text format so all bolding was removed, and besides, all your bolding was not so important, since to my memory, it only included whole messages and not important points to cover.

Also, your obsession with our conversation being posted 100% as it transpired has nothing to do with the points of our arguments (answering questions and writing logical arguments, rather [has], but here you did not do your job properly), and I don't really understand why you make such a big deal out of it, unless perhaps you try to hold unto to something.

I have all the rights to edit my blog and add more information. You may not like it, but there is nothing wrong with what I have done, and you are grasping at straws. I find it quite amazing that you find time to complain about these small things while in our conversations, you completely ignored all my questions and arguments.

And no, I did not say or threaten you with publishing this text if you did not answer. You simply misunderstood something. I have posted many people's conversations already on my blog and this has nothing to do with them responding or not. If ever a conversation is good enough of being posted, then I will post it, and that was all. And this is also what I said, that I will post it. I never said: respond, or I will post. You simply misunderstood my intentions, and that is all.

There is no reason for me to fight you, because I would probably loose anyway, since I am not a strong person, but I am sick but even a sick person could win if he is lucky, or graced, if you are not, and you should not think too much of yourself, because pride comes before the fall, as you should already be fully aware of, being a Traditional Catholic and all.

It also amazes me how instead of arguing with words and being theologically and judicially reasonably as out conversations was all about (but in which you failed miserably, since you did not answer a single question or argument that I asked you about), you make this about physically fighting each other, as if this has anything to do with the points of justice that was brought up. Well, it has not.

You talk about being tough behind a computer screen, yet I have done nothing in order to attack you or threaten you. Who is acting “tough” behind a computer screen. You or me? Who is threatening who by even claiming to visiting me in order to fight. You or me? It is you, my friend, who is doing this. Not me!

All I did was asking you questions and being hard on your for not being honest or just and for not answering, and that was all. But what did you do? Perhaps you should re-read your rants once again, my friend.

If you don't want to answer, just say so instead if ignoring my questions. Also, I asked for answers for a reason, because their where relevant to the points of our discussion. What is the point of having a discussion if not being honest? Hence, you answering the questions had to do with honesty, and nothing more or nothing less, and that is why it was important.

Such as the question: Would you just let someone most dear to you be damned if this person happened to be damned if God now wanted this? This is an important question in order to see your morality, I would not, but what would you do?

Also the most important argument and question you ignored: “Why can't you see or admit that justice stands above even a God if this God be not truly just? Wake up! Please, answer this question honesty: Does justice stand above God or not? ANSWER!”

You ask why Markus do not respond. He is most sick and lies on his bed all day long with nothing to do except listening to audio when he has the strength, and also answering emails and doing some light work and writing. If you are lucky, and if he feels the need to answer you, he will, but it might take time. Even I have to wait very long time sometimes in order to receive a response and I know him, so you need to be patient. But even so, do not expect a response, because he do not respond to everyone, and he certainly do not respond to those he may deem to no purpose. If our conversation is such to him, that can only he judge (and he do not agree with me on many things).

I can always edit my blog, but feel no need to do so in so far as my own words. But if there are edits to your own words you would like to add, just ask me, and I will add it.

If you want, you may add your comment in my blog. But expect an answer from me.

I will not delete your comment.

I don't have the money to pay you, but if you visit, I would be happy to receive you, not with fighting, but with brotherly love and understanding.

And yes, that is my address. If you want, you could give me your address as well, and I can send you some free Rosaries, Scapulars, and Books [and perhaps DVDs, but they are against Vatican II, and I have changed views], but I understand if you won't give me your address, but either way, this question is common and is something I ask from many people, because I like to be charitable with these things and give to people freely.

Also, one should not wish anyone a long time in purgatory. Your whole view set is wrong, and you should seek humility and compassion. If you only knew how it is to burn and suffer, you would wish this suffering upon no one. Please reconsider your approach, because it is wrong, and uncharitable.

Wishing you all the happiness in the next life, and in Heaven, my impulsive friend.

Good bye, and peace out.


Ivan responds: Hi Ville!

I am happy with all of this now, as you at least made one change, namely that I do not adhere to everything that Ibranyi believes.

I am glad you now describe me as a free thinking Traditionalist only. This is my intention to get people to think outside the square.

As for all of what I expected to be in the blog, well you are going to do whatever you are going to do or not going to do, no matter what I say. So I now accept it the way it is.

No ,I did not mention any violence in my future visit to Sweden, only that you will cover all costs involved, so start saving. Moreover, my original challenge for you to enter the martial arts mat was for a lesson, not a fight as you incorrectly mentioned in your blog. You would have been partnered up with me, where we have turns on doing techniques on each other. However, yes I would have given you a very hard time if you decided to train for a lesson, to teach you some humility and respect. This beautiful humbling experience would have been so profound that it would have changed your life.

I am a follower of the Bushido, which some who bear the Catholic name have incorrectly demonized as something evil and un-Christian, yet how did Catholic Knights of old gain their military prowess? Was it mere prayer alone? Or perhaps they had their own form of martial arts? Of course they had their own system of practising the way of the warrior with unarmed or armed self defence techniques.

This is why I ask you to look into practising martial arts. Choose a form that has a spiritual aspect to it, such as Jujitsu or Aikido. Do your own studies. If you are sick and weak, become strong through eating and drinking the right stuff, and further enhance yourself by trying a few martial arts lessons. You might actually learn to love it.

Yes, I understand that martial arts bamboozle the minds of many people who are religious as when practising them there is involved the two seemingly paradoxical ideologies of dualism and non-dualism.

In my personal experience through the many decades of practising the martial arts, I have been to the top of the spiritual mountain. Once a person has been up there they discover why everything is the way it is, and why it is not. Frankly speaking, I was able to understand Catholic truths like never before, and a very personal experience of God’s love.

It is a dogma of Faith that God is absolutely simple. People complicate it by their personal opinions. For example I once had a priest try to scare me, by stating something along the lines “that you never know when God is going to go “Pow”, and cast you into Hell, so you better wear a Scapular.” This is not the spirit of primitive Christianity. Yes, we must avoid sin at all costs, but God is not a cruel tyrant waiting for the first chance to throw us into Hell.

God is actually infinite in every perfection, which is another Dogma. Thus, God is not cruel or tyrannical in any shape, manner or form.

God is absolute Moral Goodness or Holiness (De fide.), thus again we cannot accuse God of ever being cruel or wrong.

I also discovered a ridiculous lack of Catholic warrior role models. Where in the world are the canonizations of the many countless number of Catholics who died fighting the enemies of the Faith with sword in hand, so that those monks, nuns and priests could breathe easy and live their lives behind the front lines in relative comfort? This is a terrible injustice to truth and history.

Why were the Templar Knights suppressed and persecuted? Why was that military right hand of the Church obliterated? Both the French King and Pope at that time are guilty as Hell for their crimes against the Templars.

The reason for so much suffering in this world is due to bad Catholics, especially those in power be they temporal rulers or Church officials. They hold the balance of power. Why did various so called Catholic rulers go to war with their neighbours who were Catholic? Power hungry greed I’d say. Why has not the world been totally evangelized into the Faith? A lack of Faith by the clergy.

What is the remedy for all of this madness? A return to the Apostolic times Faith of the primitive Church, where in the first few centuries there was a sense of brotherhood and charity amongst early Christians, a desire to preach the Gospel to all mankind, and a willingness to die as martyrs instead of deny the Faith.

You may never understand the reality of Hell, because you are desensitised to true charity. For it is difficult to know of evil, unless you have encountered evil on the battlefield of life. You are soft and easily give in to what others demand from you, thus your standards of what is expected of being charitable, are the standards of the world.

The demands of Christian charity are set at a much higher level, where we are all called to perfection, because God is perfect. You cannot state that you love someone or God for that matter unless you are willing to die for them as a martyr.

This is why I encourage you to study martial arts because it will strengthen your will, soul and body, so that you can become the best person you can possibly be. As we know grace adds onto to nature, so if you perfect your nature by training martial arts, then you open yourself to an immense amount of grace.

Rather simply, being a warrior martyr is essentially is the highest type of archetype in the spiritual world. Jesus died for our sins as a willing martyr, Mary suffered intense spiritual martyrdom seeing her son suffer, and Joseph was the warrior protector of the Holy Family, who had to endure all the evil in world around him.

So essentially, once you become a warrior who actually believes in universal qualities such as kindness, gentleness, humility, benevolence and resoluteness for defending the truth, then God will work within you a hatred of evil. Once you have seen evil in the eyes of some people then you will understand the reality of Hell, until then you are currently defending evil as good, and good as evil.

There you have it, I have written to you this particular email explaining about the reality of Hell without actually throwing scripture quotes at you left, right and centre. I am challenging you to be a man, and get on the mat to strengthen yourself because you fall far short of God’s expectations, thus you have landed yourself in a living Hell.

I now ask for us to part ways officially, by you editing the blog to add our most recent emails too including this one, without having me post my email in the comment section. That way we all go away in a win-win situation for all, where you have said everything you need to have said and so did I.


Best regards,


Jerome answer: Hello Ivan, I accept your explanation about the fighting comments you made, but still, I am not interested in fighting with you even for training or “learning” something, but I digress.

I also agree with your comments on Catholic knighthood and martial arts. I have no problem with this, but if this make you feel good and spiritual, go for it. There is nothing wrong with it, and this view is also shared by Vatican II, but not by some Traditionalists who can't see clearly. Not everything is evil, and even if something has “pagan” elements, that does not make it evil or un-Christian. Also, a Christian or Catholic should have no problem to see a spiritual meaning for himself, hence that something is foreign or worldly in nature is no hinder from directing it to God, or making of it some spiritual work as you have done. I encourage you to continue with this mindset of seeing good in everything that is not inherently evil even if it is foreign in nature, because I do too.

It is a dogma of Faith that God is...”

You talk about dogma, but it is also a dogma that God is just and that he cannot deny justice. Why then believe that God could have a right to make up his own justice, denying true justice, and actually eternally damning souls, when this is evil? That dogmas says God is perfect etc., does not equate that God has a right to do anything he pleases. That should be obvious to you. And in fact, if God told you to steal or murder or rape someone, you must reject him, because God has no right to be unjust or command that which is evil. The same applies with Hell, and that is what I have been trying to make you see, i.e., that Hell is evil and that there are better alternatives to this situation than an eternal unforgiving Hell, such as a prison where souls can have a chance to become better persons and angels so that we can come along in eternity and love each other instead of hating, suffering, and fighting with each other.

For example I once had a priest try to scare me, by stating something along the lines “that you never know when God is going to go “Pow”, and cast you into Hell, so you better wear a Scapular.” This is not the spirit of primitive Christianity. Yes, we must avoid sin at all costs, but God is not a cruel tyrant waiting for the first chance to throw us into Hell.

Yes for those who don't see God as a tyrant, he certainly appears like this. But it is also true that Saints teaches that God has a limit for every soul, and that when this limit has been reached, God kills you and sends you to Hell to suffer. This is what Alphonsus mentions in one of his writings, that when our maximum sin has been reached, God is angry with us, and ends our lives. This he wrote to us as an incentive for us to stop sinning, but as can bee seen, this can also be seen in the way the priest you described it did. And if you asked a worldly person, or a just person, what do you think he would say? That God is either a monster, or a fool who do not know how to parent his own children in order to get along peacefully.

we cannot accuse God of ever being cruel or wrong.”

You also say God is not cruel or wrong, as if Hell is not cruel or wrong where souls, humans and angels are to suffer for all eternity in torments so severe that not even all the torments on earth combined can be compared with it! If this is not cruel and evil and wrong, then what is? Was Hitler cruel and evil and wrong when he sent people co concentration camps? Yes or no? Why then is God not more cruel and wrong when he sends souls to Hell to suffer for all eternity, when this is evil? Do you understand why I told you that you are a follower of men (or one God) and a respecter of persons even if they do and teach evil and not of justice? That is because you judge things unjustly and different from true justice; and whereas you would have condemned Hitler, you refuse to give the same judgment to God even though he is the worse criminal here and guilty of the same or even worse crimes, if you are only honest.

God is absolute Moral Goodness or Holiness (De fide.)

To say that God is absolute moral goodness after knowing what he teaches and does to humans, angels and souls, yes, even children, is equivalent to saying that Hitler was the absolute moral goodness or holiness because of what he tried to achieve.

Yes, Alphonsus wrote of a five year old child burning in Hell for dying in blasphemy, as if it would be so hard to forgive this child and let him be responsibly parented in the next life instead of burning, but this burning in Hell instead of responsible parenting in the next life is, according to you, “just” and “good”, “noble” and “right” according to you, because God wants it!, and hence, God can never be wrong, even if he damns children or even nuns for the only “crime” of having been ashamed to confess a sin...! That is your evil position, and that is the truth, that you believe in and follow evil even if you don't believe you do, because you are blind.

we cannot accuse God of ever being... wrong

To never be wrong is the equivalent of always being just and always giving just judgments. Tell me, what is the justice, or the moral goodness of God, when he damns a nun for the only crime of being ashamed to confess one sin? Yes, one sin. How does the shame to confess a sin equal or deserve an eternal torment and suffering in fire in return for this one sin? Only just answer: It does not. (What God says or thinks is irrelevant, because he is not just on this point, as even you knows and understands in your conscience, if you would just dare to answer this question, as you will see in your conscience right now that I am right in what I have written.) Hence God is unjust and does evil, and this should be obvious to you, but you don't want to see it or admit it, and instead of condemning evil, you approve of it, only for fear of displeasing a God that must not be pleased on this point, just as Hitler is not to be pleased or approved of by us, since he did evil. If you approved or praised Hitler for sending people to concentration camps, you would be hated, and rightly so, but when you praise and defend God for doing the same, you think you are doing a good deed and that God is “just” and “good”, and in reality, only blind foolish Christians will defend this position – no truly just person or most non-Christian persons, will not.

An atheist have no problem to agree with the point that God can have created a temporal prison instead for bad people, and they think this is a good and just solution, because in this solution there is hope even for bad people in the next life. Only unjust and blind Christians don't see it in this way. Do you know why? That is, again, because of the only reason for their fear of being “damned” for rebelling or disapproving or questioning what God does. But this is wrong, and is not how justice works, because a just man must stand up to true justice even of a God condemns you for it. Only through this will a truly just society even in the afterlife – without any dictatorial rules – be accomplished and created.

So yes, I can and do teach and tell and accuse God of both being cruel and wrong, in opposition to what you claim. Do you know why? That is, again, because damnation is evil. If you truly love your neighbour, you do not want him to be damned, even if God wanted this. Do you know why. That is because you care about him also just as you care about God, and not only caring about a God that does them evil in return.

God is absolute Moral Goodness...”

To say that God is absolute moral goodness when he refuses to forgive souls for all eternity is in reality shameful and evil, but you don't see it in this way, because you don't see clearly and don't want to see clearly, and I don't see a point in continuing our discussion if you won't answer my questions, because it is in answering them that you will be forced to either follow justice or deny it, to condemn an evil God on the points in which he has been evil, or continue to defend him. What you have done so far, is obvious, as is seen from your shameful comments about God being perfectly just and good, when in reality, he is not and as far from it as anyone possible could be, yes even further then Hitler, since he do more evil then Hitler since he murders more souls and for all eternity too. Think about that.

What is the remedy for all of this madness?

You ask what the remedy for all the madness in the world is? The remedy is true brotherhood and sisterhood in which we accept each other's differences and religions except for evil and injustices, and when this is accomplished, peace will follow.

I've already written a little about this. This is what I wrote:

“In fact, as the crazy conspiracy theories goes, Vatican II was even created in part because of the actions and deeds of the Freemasons etc.!, and so they did a good thing for changing the world to become better with their good thoughts of desiring and wishing Universal Peace, Love, Brotherhood and Understanding amongst all peoples and all countries – instead of there being separation, hate or unworthy feelings for others that repressing and evil teachings such as “that only Catholics or Christians can be saved”, creates in people! And to prove the point to you, I will ask you this: How often have you yourself perhaps personally, as a Christian (or other religious), judged your fellow human brothers and sisters as not being saved or that they will be damned, or even, as not being worthy of being saved, only because he or she was a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Catholic, a Protestant or even a Sinner, such as a Gay or Homosexual? (Forgive me, I too have judged and condemned you before, but not anymore and from now on I will judge you based on the moral life you lead and if you actually love and do good to your loved ones, neighbours and strangers since it is in this where true love and goodness is shown in people, and not in whether they are Catholics, or Muslims, or even Gay since homosexual people also can truly love others and be completely unselfish, even if they are not accepted by every Christian or religious person for their lifestyle, sadly; and instead of being given love, understanding and acceptance for who they are, they are given hate, rejection and even nonacceptance even if they hate no one and are good persons spreading love, and this behavior will of course only breed more hate, contention and ill feelings not only in us if we keep fighting with them, but also in our beloved homosexual brothers and sisters that are human beings with feelings too that needs to be respected!)
“Now, as we can see, if one actually believes in this logic or follows this faith and reasoning in life of condemning and judging others based on mere faith instead of actual evil acts, then one is not actually believing in Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood amongst our respective halves (our fellow human beings that does not yet share the same faith, beliefs or lifestyles as we do), but one is rather believing in and following repression and seclusion and of providing an ultimate good (such as eternal salvation) only for one's own – and that is clearly wrong! And that is why I admire all the good now that every human being does for our fellow human brothers and sisters today, whoever they are or whatever groups they are, such as the Vatican II, the World, the Catholics and Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Jews, believers and unbelievers alike, even Antichrists and every other Religious peoples and groups and even Gays and the Freemasons, for all the good they do and believe in, who follow their conscience by loving everyone and unifying everyone into one similar and likeworthy family, so that we all may be friends and love each other and see each other in the next life instead of being separated, as sadly was formerly taught and believed in by the majority if people both in and outside the Church!”

You may never understand the reality of Hell, because you are desensitised to true charity. For it is difficult to know of evil, unless you have encountered evil on the battlefield of life.

You also say I do not understand the reality of Hell and evil and that I am desensitized, and used this as some kind of excuse to justify Hell and God in the process? That is completely false, and yes, I do understand the reality of Hell and evil, and that is that beloved humans and angels and souls would suffer there for all eternity, like in a concentration camp, if God be not stopped – and this is truly evil. Because Hell is evil just like a concentration camp and infinitely worse, I condemn Hell and God as evil, because I do see evil for what it is, whereas you do not.

But who in reality is desensitized, you or me? Is it not you who would be happy with your heaven if you only where saved, even if you saw your beloved damned humans, angels and souls burning there in Hell forever, suffering? whereas, I would not do so, but would be unhappy and hate God for what he has done to them, when something better so easily and obviously could have be achieved for their salvation and forgiveness! So who is desensitized? It is you, my blind and selfish friend.

God is perfect.

So a tyrant that murders souls for all eternity with a will to never forgive them, is perfection according to you? Your selfish faith is truly hateful to me.

Trust me, if you where God or had the power, you would never damn the damned but you would work on forgiving them and make them good. You know this is true, BE HONEST. ANSWER! Why then excuse a God who does the opposite? Wake up! Stop being dishonest!

God is not perfect in this, but what I speak and write about is perfection when it comes to doing something better (something better which even you have in your heart).

You cannot state that you love someone or God for that matter unless you are willing to die for them as a martyr.

In Heaven, you will see what I have done for the damned and been willing to do for them. So if anyone is capable of understanding true love in respect to not being selfish and only thinking about oneself, it is me, and this also shows, because I do care about everyone, and mostly the damned, and the true Heaven will not be a selfish place, where the “saved” will see the “damned” burning and yet be happy, since this is selfishness. True love desires goodness upon everyone, even the damned, and this is what we who think the same are trying to accomplish not only in this life, but also in the next. That is why I admire Vatican II, because they are moving towards this direction with their teachings of Universal Salvation and forgiveness for everyone.

This is why I encourage you to study martial arts...

And I encourage you to answer my questions and study justice and true love, because it is therein that you will find truth and goodness, and hence, the true God.

So essentially, once you become a warrior...

Haven't you understood yet that I am already a warrior? I battle everyday with God for the salvation of the damned and for justice, and this is what makes a person a real warrior: i.e., to fight for justice sake.

who actually believes in universal qualities such as kindness, gentleness, humility, benevolence and resoluteness for defending the truth,

You can't defend truth while defending Hell or a God who created it, or wants it to remain so, for this is inherently unjust, but if this is your belief, then you are not actually believing in “universal qualities such as kindness, gentleness, humility, benevolence”, because you are rejecting it. How can you be universal, when you are clearly not? Your current faith is selfish, because you do not want the damned to be saved or fight for them to be even if God damned them, because if God wants them to be damned, you would do nothing about it and you would not hinder God or question God on this point, either in this life, or in the next. Is this correct? Is this your current faith? I have asked you about this many times, and I have never received an answer from you, and that for a reason, because we both know what such an answer would lead to: That you either agree with me which would be fine, but since you do not want to oppose God and risk being damned, you remain silent (there are no risk of being damned for being just and following justice and conscience). Hence your silence convicts you – that you are guilty.

then God will work within you a hatred of evil.

I already hate evil, and God has already given me this grace, which is why I hate God for all the evil he does and why I hate his evil Hell. But even if I hate God for the evil he does, I also love him. But I can never accept the evil he did, and when we who are truly just comes to him in judgment, we will condemn him for it, mark our words!

Once you have seen evil in the eyes of some people then you will understand the reality of Hell, until then you are currently defending evil as good, and good as evil.

No, that is completely evil and wrong. Just because some people do wrong, does not justify eternally murdering them in torments that even God describes are intolerable, and hence, unmerciful.

What you are saying is this: This man who did wrong did evil, and therefore, let us never forgive him, and let us always murder him in a concentration camp and torment him always, without the possibility of parole [or conversion even if it happens, and let us torment him for all eternity without mercy] or even a moment of rest.... Do you see how evil this would be? Yes, clearly, you do not understand what you are talking about, because you defend an evil Hell and an evil God, and therefore, good has become evil to you (which is why you condemn me) and evil good (which is why you defend the evil I just mentioned).

because you fall far short of God’s expectations...

God is a God of justice, so how can my justice, which is God's justice, fall below or fall short of God's expectations? The truth is, rather, that I am acting precisely as I should be doing, since I actually am adhering to this justice without wavering, whereas, you do not, since you defend injustices, but I do not do this. That is the difference with you and me.

I now ask for us to part ways officially...

That is fine with me. But if you continue to write to me wanting something to be posted, then you must expect a response, and then the discussion will continue. That is fine with me, because I do not fear the truth or fear making it clear, and neither do I fear answering questions or other people's arguments. That is the difference with you and me.

add our most recent emails too including this one...

Yes I agree to this, and I will add our most recent emails including this one in a new article, with a link to it from the older article. This is what I am going to do.

I will await your response.



You did not answer any of my previously asked questions also, but danced around them. I asked you to answer specifically, but you did not, once again.]

Ivan's final response: Hi Ville!

Thank you for your email response.

Also, a big thanks for reminding me of the Dogma that God is infinitely just. Many people seem to forget about that.

As for anymore long winded communications, I am not interested in pursuing this no longer. I am rather happy that you have stated your opinions, and have stated mine I have decided to let it be.
Please do post all our communications including this too, so that we can give viewers of your blog some entertaining reading.

Many thanks.

Best regards,


Jerome or Ville: Again, no answers from him to any of my direct questions or arguments whatsoever.

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