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Q&A: Is “God is omniscient, omnipotent, omni-benevolent”? Is my own written words condemning me? My fifth response to Introibo Ad Altare Dei.

This is my response to Introibo's most recent comment to me, in which he again avoided my questions and also, he did not post my comments in his blog even though he claims not to be afraid of a challenge.

1. Introibo, you did not answer any of my questions once again. This is the fourth time you ignored all my questions. And we both know why: you are afraid to be shown wrong, and to see that I write reasonable, because then it would mean you are wrong, and that your position is unjust (which it also is) and that is the point. That is why you cannot and will not answer the question as to what you would do if you were God and if you would damn people if you had the power of God, or if he lent you his power to do as you please with the damned, what would you do? Would you not forgive them and work on their betterment for all eternity then instead of damning them I asked repeatedly? You never responded. Never! But we all know the answer you would give if you would answer. Hence, God is unjust, because you would not damn anyone yourself because damnation is evil and unjust.

Again, if you were God, you would not damn anyone, but you would work for all eternity that evil people may become good. I know I am right on this, hence you do not even agree with your own God on this, but you only agree with him silently because you think you have to, and because you fear being damned and you are afraid to stand up to true justice because you fear a God who must not be feared on this point.

2. You also took me out of context in order to make me look bad and then you attacked me. This is a common tactic of cowards who have nothing to say, so instead they look for something to take out of context and then give a false reply that is not true or itself taken out of context in order to make the opponent look bad, and then they hope that they can shift the discussion to some other topic or that it will just end, while ignoring the arguments completely, and that is also what you did, for you neither posted my comments on your blog nor answered any single argument or question I asked you except for taking me out of context, and you only make yourself look all the more stupid and dishonest for doing that.

This is how my comment continued, and which you did not show:

You say God and Hitler is not the same? False, we are all the same, and we all originated from God, and we were all created in his likeness, and besides, my argument was that they are the same in relation to the crimes they perpetuated or still perpetuates, because God, just like Hitler, damns innocent people who have made no real crimes except for transgression against his own will.” (Cf.

So as everyone can see, I merely stated in my comment that their similarity was in doing evil, and not that a man is God in actuality or that they are exactly the same. However, I did point out that man and God are the same in the sense that we came from God, and that he created us in his likeness, but that does not mean I said we are like God or similar to him, because I simply cannot know what God is. But that is not to say I believe God is good of perfect, but neither do I think we are like unto God, unless we think for justice sake, for men can be and are more times more just then God (such as men who do not will or desire the damnation of others, are more just than God).

Also, even if we are not God, that does not mean we cannot be something else more powerful then God, if not by our own justice that exceeds his own, then at least by having received this power from God. For even if God has all the power from himself and we have nothing of ourselves, if God is not completely just and someone is better then him, then it is only right that God shares his power with this other person and makes him more powerful than himself. This is both just and reasonable, for when God is such an unjust God that damns grown ups and children, then it is only right that someone better then him who does not damn others rules the Heaven in true justice, so that no damnation anymore may happen.

So you simply took me out of context, and your intention when doing so was despicable, for all you were after was to make me look bad, and then you hoped to avoid answering my questions and arguments by this tactic, which is truly pathetic.

And also, God is not so good as you know is my position and as you should see if you only understood and was honest about that damning and tormenting others is evil, and you know I don't think highly of God, so no wonder I don't see much difference from God and man when truly just men are better then God and more just, and this argument is true even if God is all powerful and has all the power in himself which man has not, because it is not our fault that man was created by God and that God happened to be unjust. Again, it is not our fault God is unjust, and therefore, it is neither our fault if we in actuality are powerless against God, but if God is just, as he also claims to be, then God is a slave of justice, and hence, God cannot resist justice, and therefore, God cannot truly resist me or those who think like me, since I speak justice and for justice sake in doing our neighbours and loved ones and even enemies well but which God does not, since he not only damns them and does them unwell but also torments them or allows them to be tormented and hence he has become unjust and lost his place. Deposing of unworthy rulers also happens on the earth and this is justice, because it is right, noble and good to protect others from evil people or even evil Gods and their evil influence.

This is what I wrote about this in another place:

[God] Don't be an unjust fool and eternally damn them, because that is evil. You can give them a prison sentence, but do not eternally damn anyone. In truth, if you refuse to take your work seriously and do not forgive people their offenses, then let me do it and take your place, because I promise you to work for all eternity for bad people's conversion, even if they are evil, because I have hope that even they will and can become good again.” (Cf.

3. “There is no need to waste an hour of your life there, nor do I need to waste my time, because Jerome's OWN WRITTEN WORDS condemn him!”

Answer: You don't want to debate with me, be honest. Otherwise you would take time, even if an article took months to create. Am I right on this?

Besides, you also ignore my questions and arguments all the time. This is also an indication that you do not want to be honest with me or debate this issue honestly and truthfully.

It is easy to debate with others when it goes well for oneself, but in this case, you have not much to say in defence, which is also why you avoid all my arguments and questions and to your own shame, you did it again for my fourth article! That means you have ignored and not answered the same arguments for four articles straight even though I have asked you repeatedly in all of them to be honest and answer, you coward!

Also, try to show how my own words condemns me without taking me out of context, or without just forcing the argument that I call God evil and such or that Christ was a failure and therefore I am deceived etc. (for that is more of a religious issue, but I tried to make this about justice with you instead, but this you ignored), because it is obvious I do this (attack God) from my writings but for a reason, and that is because God is unjust and evil when he damns humans, souls and angels that he could so easily have forgiven, for if he did forgive them and if he did work on their conversion instead, he and all of us would have received their love instead, and not their hatred, which is a better solution then damning them and not wanting to forgive them.

Besides, Criminals on earth are not denied conversion and betterment or forgiveness or even to be released from prison, hence the same rule must be true and be implemented in the next life. Anything else is clearly unjust.


Answer: There is nothing wrong with this statement if taken in context (which you did not), since “as God” only implies similarities and God also says we are created in his likeness and that we can (and should) become like unto him – so he himself gives similarities. To me it just looks like you wanted to find something to attack me with so that I could look bad, and so you could avoid the discussion with me and then go into hiding, hoping I won't respond, or at least if you do, you just want to make yourself feel good so that you can justify not responding to me, for if I can't get that right, why waste your time, right? But we shall see if you continue debating with me and if you finally answers my questions and arguments.

5. “God is omniscient, omnipotent, omni-benevolent, and eternal. People are NONE of these things.”

Answer: Neither is God any of these (except perhaps eternal and knowing the future), for a God that damns others and torments them is not perfect, is not kind, is not all powerful (such as in justice) but rather the definition of imperfection. Hence God is not perfect, and your argument fails. <b>Just because God claims to be perfect, does not make it true. How can you be so blind and NOT see that this is the truth here? AND YOU ALREADY KNOW THE ARGUMENT THAT SOMETHING IS <i>NOT</i> TRUE JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE CLAIMS IT IS, RIGHT?</b> And then when I also prove God is imperfect, since he damns people such as Children and unconfessed nuns for nothing, you ignore it.

To you, God can be a dictator and murder souls for all eternity in a Concentration Camp even though he easily could forgive them but he does not, and yet he would remain and be perfect to you. You are brainwashes by God and the Bible and the Saints' teachings on God. End of story.

6. “Being made in God's likeness means we have a rational spiritual soul.”

Answer: Yes. But being made in God's likeness means, rather, I would say, that we can share in and take parts of God's glory and power. Hence, God could actually make someone else more powerful then himself by giving his power to him, and even if God could take it back, if God is just and this person deserves this power more, this means God will not do it, since God is undeserving of it. And God does not deserve to rule in his heaven or hell, since he desires to do others evil and damns them, hence, someone more worthy than him will take God's place and be the ruler in the next life, since this soul or person, whomever it is, desires everyone good, even the damned, but which God did not. Therefore, God has fallen from his place, and someone else more worthy than him will receive it. That is my belief, because it is just and follows justice. And the world also depose unworthy rulers, and as in heaven, so also on earth.

7. “Jerome's "God" cannot be the Christian God BY DEFINITION. He cannot be the Supreme Being.”

Answer: Being God or not, he is still unworthy of this title and honor and glory and power, because God does others evil, and desires them to be damned always in a sea of fire and tortures too horrible to even imagine, yet in your blindness, you think this is “good” and “just”, and that God is “perfect” even though he positively wills damnation and that our beloved humans, angels and souls shall remain damned for all eternity, since he never forgives them!

8. “If he can't get that right how can he get anything else right?”

Answer: We shall see if you use this as an excuse to ignore me completely and then end the discussion. Otherwise my answer is that I have not gotten anything wrong, it is just you who take me out of context and ignore my meanings, and you also ignore my questions and arguments, because you have nothing good to say in response to them.

9. “JEROME'S "GOD" IS EVIL (!) … "God" is evil--is it any wonder that Jerome is clueless? His God is not the Christian God.”

Answer: I would answer this argument as Pope Francis answered it: “And I believe in God. Not in a catholic God; a catholic God does not exist; God exists.”

I believe Pope Francis point was that God exists, but not a God that desires others evil or that is not truly universal. That is why, in my belief, Francis made this distinction, and I agree with him. However, I would say I believe in the “Catholic God” (wherever he or she is), because I believe in Universality, but I do not exactly believe in “God” or the “Catholic God” strictly, because when God has such problems to be truly Universal, then he cannot be a “Catholic God”, because “Catholic” means “Universal”. And that is why the only God to me is this God who is truly Universal.

And this is what I wrote to prove the point (and this is the quote he used to show I say God is evil, as if it did not show this!). The quote is extremely good and powerful to bring out this point:

No, God is not infinitely perfect. How can someone be perfect when he eternally murders souls that all could love, if only given the chance? There exists nothing more imperfect in all eternity than what God has done, and that is a fact. When all the damned converts and starts to love, you will see this truth for yourself, you blind person.”

The fact that the last bolded sentence did not sink into you is really sad, but when they (the damned) do convert and do love even you in the next life and we all are best friends, then you will finally see the truth that damnation was evil and unjust.


Answer: True, Christ died for nothing, since he died in selfishness and only for his own. You even quoted me, and I will re-quote the same quote, since it is good:

God only died for the Saved according to his laws anyway, so yes, in a sense he died for nothing because Christ refused to be truly universal and he lets billions be lost, because they are “unworthy” his graces. Do you know what this might mean? That the true Christ perhaps is yet to come, if this other Christ was no the true Christ. Because why would a true God be selfish, and only apply salvation to those who are worthy according to himself? Salvation must be applied according to justice, and not on any personal motives. And according to justice, everyone is worthy of salvation, because everyone can love and become good and give love [but this is denied by God to ever happen in his evil Hell].” (Cf.

11. “So there you have it folks! Jerome's "God" is evil. Jerome's God is equal to His creation--so why can't we create things out of nothing--and how did we get here if God is not all-powerful and HE couldn't create us? … If we are the same as God people should be all-powerful. But we are not. That means God is no more powerful than people--but then how did God create the universe and Hell/Heaven??”

Answer: Yes, a God that damns others is evil. No, I did not say exactly that God is equal to creation, because I just can't know this. But I do believe a true God do exists if our Catholic God is not this God, and I have no problem to say that this Catholic God is imperfect in every way and inferior to just men due to the fact of his incredible injustice in damning people to eternal torments. That is a fact. That is why this Catholic/Christian God is just as undeserving as Hitler was, and why they deserves the same punishment.

We also don't know yet what we can do when we are dead, or what power the true God will give to us, so perhaps we will be able to create even from our own power after death. Who knows? Do you know everything about the afterlife? I think not. Therefore, we cannot know everything yet except that God is the originator and source and the creator of us (at least, that is what he claims), and that is all.

12. “The fact is Jerome thinks HE is just and God is not--HE knows better than God. And if his "god" is evil and imperfect then how can Jerome believe there is no Hell? If God is evil, there would be Hell (according to Jerome), yet Jerome claims there is no Hell. (If your head is spinning it should be!) … The fact is, the Christian God Jerome rejects is all good, all knowing and all powerful--the Creator of all. We are imperfect and finite we can never understand His ways because we are NOT His equal, so things will work out for the good, even if we don't understand how because of our limited intellects.”

Answer: I have already showed you many times why God is unjust on the question of Hell, for I gave you several questions in order to prove why God is unjust with his hell, since an honest answer would show that what God does, is not needed or the better solution to do towards damned people, and that is why I asked you several times what you would do if you were God, or if you had power over the damned with God's permission to do as you want. Would you then forgive them or would you torment them and damn them? I said it is obvious you would not damn anyone, but try to convert them to become better men and women again, and hence forgive them. That is only reasonable, and this argument also proves something, that Hell is unjust and that it does not need to be in this way. If you would only answer, you would see the truth for yourself, but so far, you have avoided this argument for fear of offending a God which you must not fear offending, since he is imperfect and commands evil and hence needs to be corrected and rebuked.

I also gave you another argument which also proves the point that God is unjust with his Hell and I am not unjust in condemning him. It was the following:

ALSO, IF GOD CHANGED POSITION ON HELL, SO WOULD YOU. SO THE ARGUMENT THAT HELL IS “JUST” FALLS FLAT WITH THIS ARGUMENT ALONE. God could not change position on murder or rape, for example, for that would be evil and even you would condemn God if he did that, but with Hell, it is different, for Hell is not a good or just doctrine in itself, but is actually evil; and that is why if God changed position on Hell and this was proven to you, you too would immediately change position – you blind, unjust and evil person!”

Hence, my arguments stands, and they have never been refuted by you.

You also ask how God is evil yet there is no Hell? Do you want to know why? That is because, if you want to believe this, God removed Hell and Limbo because I demanded and commanded him to do so, since I battled with God every day and still do for the salvation of all the angels, humans and souls, and all other living and non-living creatures, such as animals and even stones and trees! Hence, God told me finally that there will be no Hell, and that I was right in my thinking, and he also said that this was just as test in order to see who among his children wanted to be truly just, and who would not want this.

But since I cannot be certain of that this is the case, and since I talk with many spirits, I have also heard this: that it was not a test, and that God was wrong in creating Hell, but that he did not change his position, apparently, until I condemned him and debated with him so much so that he was forced to change position, because when my justice and my thoughts was so good and noble, how could God resist me? He could not, hence he changed and humbled himself.

Now I have answered your question.

Someone could ask why I condemn God as evil if he has changed position. First, I am not sure he has, I am just hoping he has done so, but this cannot be proven or known definitively until we have died, and therefore I continue to call God evil, because God, the Bible and the Saints teaches Hell, and even the Church of Vatican II teaches there is a Hell to some extent, so until the Church actually declares God has changed position, I cannot be sure of this, and that is the reason for why I call him evil, since his doctrine on Hell is still evil.

Second, I must also live in the fear of myself being damned after death, and not only me, but also all other persons that would be damned including all the fallen angels and also those in Limbo who are secluded, and this is evil. Therefore, I call God evil, because I cannot know for sure he has actually changed position, but I do believe and hope he has done so, because this is what I have been told.

Third, I also call God evil because of his former evil actions of damning people even if he has changed for the same reason as one could call Hitler evil for what he did and that he did evil even if he had converted and ended in goodness in the end. But again, I cannot know for sure God has changed position, even if I am quite certain and do believe he has done so, since this is the only just position, and since I believe God is just and must adhere to justice, this means he must have changed position. That is my faith, which I believe in, since it is just.

Forth, I also call Hell and God evil because blind people such as yourself defend Hell and God and call it “good” and “just”, but this is not true, hence I must condemn it as evil, for if I did not, I would approve of evil and call evil good, but this I won't do, hence that I condemn both Hell and God as evil, for that is what it truly is.

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